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Updated: Jun 11, 2018
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CFD1000 is a forex broker. CFD 1000 offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. CFD1000.com offers over 45 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, bitcoin, commodities, gold, silver and other precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Jun 11, 2018,

Scammers continue to remain loose. Be Aware

It is quite interesting to see despite so many negative reviews this bunch of scammers still hold the website and continue to run business as normal. Never invest with this company and don't allow them to trade on your behalf. They will show you profit for first month and then in a wink of an eye take a massive position to give you margin call. Then they ask you to invest more funds to recover and the cycle continues. Please read all the reviews, everyone cannot be lying. People have lost good money by this scammers and the international authority should ban such organisation whose only motive is to scam unaware investors.
Fyn, Denmark,
May 23, 2018,
Registered user

Scam company, avoid at any cost.

Never, ever deposit money at this company - you will never see them again.

Impossible to withdraw.
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 26, 2016,

CFD1000 does not exist. I am shocked how can those criminals get away with stealing peoples money so easily. where is the authority to catch them. They ask you to deposit money with them, and they will keep asking you to deposit more. and if you want to withdraw small amount, they will not allow you. I think those criminals are based on Israel.
Poland, Poland,
Apr 19, 2016,

CFD1000 = SunbirdFX = SCAM
It is 100% scam. They call me on phone number that I used only once - about 1 year ago to contact SunbirdFX (well known scamners) - so they have to be connected with that scamners.
CFD1000 Scam,
, Spain,
Dec 29, 2015,

Complete Scam Artists.Please Stay Away. I have been in the markets for more than 10 years as a broker, trader and financial adviser and this is the first time a broker has stolen my money.

I used to be an IB (introducing broker) for this company and they are not processing my clients withdrawals (€5,000 and €40,000).

We have tried to contact them for more than 6 months now and no reply. If there is a reply they give us vague answers and just pass you on to another call center representative (have spoken to Paul Miller, Franklin Martinez, Jenny, Charlie Perkins).

We have even gone to their offices (88 Wood Street, London EC2V 7AJ , United Kingdom ) and surprise, surprise they do not have an office at this address. It is all a Lie!

Guys, if you do not believe me just search "CFD Review" on Google and see the comments of other people that have used this broker.

These type of scaming companies have to be stopped as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time.
, Mexico,
Aug 21, 2015,

My name is Gloria, I lost $20000 dollars with CFD1000, they showed me fake return charts, kept bugging me for more money, I went with there Algo because I am not good trader, every contract they did was a loser, everyone when i looked at my account. They gave me no updates about account, and finally I asked about my investment, they said it was all gone, I asked to speak to the three people who, I talked to at beginning and they told me they all quit, and that it was there fault. Do not do business with them, they are not regulated, they told me they where, $20000 wiped out, almost all my savings, I was fooled by there promises, and fake return charts. Please stay away from them people.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 14, 2015,

Review this link for a comprehensive view on CFD1000.com . I will continue to update it with facts to alert the existing and potential clients of this esteemed organisation to ensure they are not victimized.


2015-07-28 1Star CFD1000.com is a complete scam who stole $5,000 of my money. They simply have no concept of money management and position sizing. They are full of false promises and will ensure you part with your hard earned money. I was approached by Rose Guion who was the Sales Agent at CFD1000.com and she promised some fascinating returns with their so called Algo Trading. Do not trust the same as they will open big positions and cause you a margin call. I have burned my fingers more than once with them and every time they mentioned please investment more for your investment to grow and recover the losses. I simply do not understand how they can exists for so long and would urge the financial authority of the country in which they operate to penalise them and close their operations. If you have investments with them they do not risk it for too long else it will be gone in the thin air. Be warned and be protected. Listed below are some of the sources which provide the proof of their reliability:

Some more proof of them being dishonest includes:

1) http://www.scamadviser.com/is-cfd1000.com-a-fake-site.html
There site is classified with Low Trust Rating and identified as unsafe to use. It is based on Russian Federation with safety level as little as 25%.

2) http://www.blacklistedbrokers.com/warnings/search.php?mots=cfd1000
CFD1000 Ltd / 1000Trading Group Corporation is in breach of French law and is not required to follow the basic rules of investor protection, good information or claims processing.

3) http://www.tradecomplaint.com/trading-reviews-complaints/India/cfd1000-com-reviews-complaints/forex/fx-broker/fraud-fund-mangers-of-broker-cfd1000-com_i12930#.Vbew1vmqpBc&gsc.tab=0

4) http://www.tradecomplaint.com/trading-reviews-complaints/India/CFD1000-com-reviews-complaints/forex/fx-broker/cfd1000-com-cfd1000-broker-are-a-fraud-service-provider-in-forex-market_i13164#.Vbew3PmqpBc&gsc.tab=0

I will share more information about them in near future so that other investors are not cheated. I urge all the investors of CFD1000.com to withdraw your funds before its too late. If they turn out to be genuine broker and if they do refund my investmest I will keep you posted.

Ron x,
israel , Israel,
Apr 12, 2015,

cfd1000scam! coming soon .....

Hi all I will leave my identity out of this I am a part of this industry for about 10years working for brokers in Israel where most scam brokers are coming from!
Much have changed in the past 10 years when I have started there was only 3 brokers available to choose from now there is about 250 so called brokers where at least 30% of them are plane and simple a scam!!!
In the past 10 years I have seen and even been a part of these operations and it's time to get clean.
These scams are destroying this business and its time for me to do what I can to stop this!
I am about to expose these brokers one by one in a surgical way in Arabic/Italian/Russian /English
Where most of their business is done
I will dismember each operation by exposing its true identity and location
Number of sales stuff real names (for they are all under stage names) and are knowingly
A part of the scam
Real identity of owner's personal phone numbers and residence and even pictures.
I have seen in the FPA many scam brokers exposed what they all have in common is that all investors never got there money back
Hopefully it will be a different story with the ones I am going to expose here with my help
And my experience there is a very good chance some of the investors will see their money back
This will be an ongoing post where in the upcoming month the majority of their clients will realize and approve in this post they are working with a scam broker

Philipp Kreuscher,
Parana, Brazil,
Feb 20, 2015,

During the Last few month and during the dead zone trading hours of our risk monitoring system exam arbitrage spreads in EUR / USD,&GOLD also we were able to see inside your account and your trading style is
intentionally inflicted by exploiting the gaps to take illegal profits!!.

If you want to continue to trade with us, we ask you to stop to take advantage of these gaps and to trade legally. Binary 1000 send it from your risk management team
www.binary1000.trade Forex, CFD, Indices & Commodities trading and Asset Management

I want make a withdraw, and now I receive these email. The broker always have a thing. Easy to make deposite but withdraw than your trading style is
intentionally inflicted by exploiting the gaps to take illegal profits!!. Better is deposite make no profit in binary, when you lose than is no problem. I can not send image from the account , only in gmail. jpg. Profit- U$ 15520.30 Now close the site for me.