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Updated: Jun 1, 2018
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March 2016:  There are now three FPA Traders Court guilty votes agains this company.  The FPA now considers No1Options to be a Scam.  The FPA recommends against dealing with No1Options unless these issues can be resolved.


Feb 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with No1Options until this issue is resolved.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Court cases

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  • Guilty3
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2016-0612016-03-07buddhaju vs No1options.comguilty
2016-0592016-03-01amal2885 vs No1options.comguilty
2016-0022016-01-04Teresa Bebb vs no1options.comguilty


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1.083 · 20 REVIEWS
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Apr 26, 2018,
Registered user

Yes Klots, they are thiefs big time and gone. I am sure they have another scamming business now.
Feb 14, 2018,

The site of No1 options is not available anymore, also no mail contact possible. Are they just thieves? Does anybody know what happened with them.
Feb 25, 2017,

Lost big money

I lost big money to No1options, I have talk to Sean Davis and Jacob goldstein.
They promised that i would get my money back, but no.
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 17, 2017,
Registered user

No1options is a Scam

Like many of the white label scammers from the Provider Spot option. London address/phonenumbers and Chris Martin, Jim Adams, Sean Davis, William Goldberg are all fake names and operate from Israel just like all other binary options scammers and are ruthless and definitely not human. I was very clear right from the start with these scum bags that I do not want even a penny of mine tied to bonus/turnvover requirements for any trading with them. Of course they did exactly that on various pretexts and conditions and I was forced to do half a million turnover. As the rest of the options to get my deposit back involved giving them more deposits!!!!!!!

I did manage to do a turnover and of course they messed with the wrong guy. Obviously they were not expecting that, they thought I would loose the money whilst trading. I made a profit of about 70K on top of my deposit. They started with excuses of needing an investigation based on some TEST trades I had done, duh!
Test trades amount were low and I lost them, whilst the winning trades were big amounts. duh!!!!!! That's how trading is done!

I threatened them with complaining to spotoption, Israeli Police and a law suit. Ok then they budged to give me the deposit back only.

No Profits returned and Jim Adams has advised me in writing that he will not return any profits. SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF TRADING WITH THESE GUYS?
THEY SCAM YOU FIRST, THEN WASTE YOUR TIME IN THE TURNOVER LOOP AND THEN NO PROFIT TO BE RETURNED!! DEC 2015 -Jan 2017, that's the time it took my deposit to come back, not to mention the frustration in dealing with these scammers.

I have all of it documented and currently working with Lawyer. If anybody has ANY info on these crooks, i'd be delighted to receive that. I am looking into info on Photos, Cars,addresses and personal numbers, bank details , basically every detail. Been to TelAviv on work and to meet some specialists looking into this specific matter. These guys really need to be taught a lesson and I will go after them no matter what!!!Anybody want to join?.
Brighton, United Kingdom,
Feb 9, 2017,
Registered user

I lost my hard earned money £5000 to these criminals. I was a fool......

No1 Option brokers are Criminals. They are there just to steal money. The website is just a trap like a spider web. They never keep their words. They do whatever to get the money from your pocket. They use fake names, phone numbers and social media profiles. They are cowards hiding behind some places and extending out to cheat innocent people who want to get a little bit of financial freedom. Alex Trazer, Sean Davis, Jacob Goldstein, etc are all FAKE names. They use virtual addresses are pretends as that their office. Never Trust them. The worst sociopaths online.

I joined No1 Options in July 2015. They provided signals and all of them were winners in their platform. They persuaded me to deposit £5000 in November 18th 2015 and promised that the money can be withdrawn by the end of the month. All overdrafts and credit card moneys were added to it. Trades were winners. But they didn't keep the promise. Didn't give me the money back. Moreover they withdraw another £700 from the credit card, the number which I trustfully gave them at the beginning. I claimed through the bank and got that back. But lost £5000. This is the greatest tragedy in my life. I am very sad about it. Still depressed. No1Option company and the people who uses many fake names and address are criminals. I hope 'karma' will pay them back real hardship in this life. I curse them.... I do not believe any more binary option brokers although there are good ones.
Angela Sedran,
Sydney, Australia,
Jul 31, 2016,

No 1 Options put over $100,000 through my credit cards - $90,000 of which were unauthorised. They are fraud artists, claiming your trades are covered insurance. DO NOT USE THEM
Rod Taylor,
Brisbane, Australia,
Mar 21, 2016,

No 1 Options would have to be one of the most dishonest brokers around. Robbed by Alex Trazer originally then along comes Jacob Goldstien trying to get me to deposit more money to convert to a cash a/c so I can withdraw previous deposit + winnings. Must think I have rocks in my head. The only way is to get a class action against these people and have them up on fruad charges. Any other suggestions.
Rod Taylor
Glenn morgan,
bournemouth, United Kingdom,
Mar 12, 2016,

I first started trading with these awful people about 5 months ago.
I was cold called by them,and after all the sales talk and promises they said they could manage my account and make me money.I then deposited $250 As all trades were insured,and no bonus needed i though sounds good.
They put me with Alex Trezer, he sounded very honest we talked about the pitfalls of taking a bonus and he said that we wouldn't need one.He also promised me that his trades would be mostly long term
safe trades,
over the next 2-3 months the trades went well so i deposited more money $7,800 in all, but a couple of trades failed ,but not to worry they are all insured as i now had a gold account all covered.Well the next time i looked at my account it said i had taken two bonuses,when i contacted Alex he said that was the only way the could show a insured trade on there system,but don't worry they no its was not a bonus.
well one day he contacted me to say there are 3 trades that couldn't loose but i needed more money, like a complete fool i borrowed $3000 from my brother,I asked him on skype are these trades insured as i am risking my brothers money, he said all these trades were covered but i wouldn't need it as these were very good.(I have most correspondence in writing )
Of course they all lost and Alex got lost as well, he was no where to be seen they would not communicate at all what ever i tried,
About a month or so i decided to try a credit card claim back,so i sent all the proof that would show they had scammed me into toTSB,they refused a claim back as i gave no1 options permission to take my money for these trades After a little wile Jim Adams took over via skype saying if he could now help contact him,so i did, i explained that Alex insured my trades.He said he was no longer there and i had no proof he said that,(I have) All he could offer me was to deposit more money and trade my way back as i took at least 4 bonuses ha ha very funny. These people are the lowest,how can they sleep at night ? I always though most people were good people well i don't think so in no1 options.
Julia Ridsdale,
Devon, United Kingdom,
Mar 5, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court buddhaju vs No1options.com | GUILTY
I invested $1000 dollars on A "risk free" and "insured" deal. I was assured that I would be able to get my investment money back at the end of the deal of approx. 4 weeks duration. When the money was credited back into my trading account, it was credited as a "bonus" along with $500 other dollars that had been added previously in the form of a bonus. The original broker I dealt with was on the point of sorting out my payment of funds back into my actual bank account (he was supposed to ring me back) He never did, and then had heard he had left the company.. Since then the company will not pay back my money unless I invest at least the same amount again into my account (or separate account) claiming it's a way to get around their terms and conditions and thereby get my money back,, Am poorer as a result of my dealings with them.. Not impressed as current broker I have been dealing with admitted to me (in negotiations to get my money back).. that no-one at their company cared about my money.. His name is Dave Rosenberg.

2016-02-02 1Star These guys are dishonest and unfair, I deposited 1010$ on the brokers advice who said I would be able to get it back and it was an insured deal, therefore no loss when the trade expired...Numerous calls, emails later on trying to withdraw my money, being told that the money back from the insured deal was "kind of a bonus" not what I was told on the phone... in order to get my money back I need to add at least the same again.. was told no one cares about my money except me.. would love to know if this is definitely a Cypriot or UK company as they refuse to tell me, though I have put in a complaint to CySEC although it seems at this moment they are not regulated... There rules and regulations are unclear on the website and unfair to consumers, I wouldn't go near them again.
Amand Murad,
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Mar 1, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court amal2885 vs No1options.com | GUILTY
I'm writing review on behalf of my Father ans he doesn't know English.He started relationship with No1options.com on August 2015 was working with broker Alex Trazer . At first he invested 1000$ without being aware of bonus policy as all agreement is in English. Although webpage has Russian version agreement is only in English. Alex assured him that he can take his money anytime even if he receives bonus. He can't take bonus amount. Also he can take the profit. Account had a "risk free" options which promises to return you the money that you lost while trading during month period. He lost around 12000$ during this period and was returned this amount to his account. But his amount was returned as bonus for some reason although this was not indicated anywhere. After seeing that he is earning money in his account he was proposed by Alex to upgrade his account to "Personal broker" and invest $10000 because it has risk "free option" for 2 months and trading signals are more frequent. After trading for some time and investing some more money he gained and lost money. But when we asked for insurance amount to be returned to our account there was no answer and Alex said that insurance company has problems therefore insurance amount is being late. By this time we had over 40K insurance amount to be paid. In November seeing that no insurance is paid my father tried to withdraw $8000 from his account. Alex said that money is transferred to his account and he should wait. But after waiting nearly month no money was transferred to his account and also Alex disappeared. And we are not receiving trading signals also. Company is not doing its obligations.

After several mails and complains to support, broker Max Levontin come in to stage and said that he will help and he wasted our time around a month and also disappeared.

We finally decided to contact our Bank and issue a charge back. Our bank fist tried to contact broker and resolve issue. We received asnwer from No1options that we have received bonus and can't take our money until we reach trading limit which is 1 million. At this time new broker - Jack Stone come in to stage. He said that he will help. He said that we should open a cache account and deposit $10K and we can withdraw money. We refused to do this as this is very big amount. He said that he talked to his boss and he agreed on amount $5K. We asked them to send us written letter proving this. We received a signed letter by CEO Chris Martin (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/chrismartinno1), CFO and head lawyer that we should receive $37360 to our account in hours if we deposit $5K to cash account and we can withdraw amount in cash account any time in future. In parallel i tried to contact someone from their LinkedIn page. Someone by name Sean Davis also said that i can withdraw money i i open cash account. We opened cash account and deposited money. But although over one week has passed we didn't received any money. No one is answering our mails and provides evidence of money transfer. At the moment we have over 40K in our fist account. Now the broker from LinkedIn Sean Davis says i must invest 10k instead of 5K ot withdraw money.

I now understand that this company is like trap. They are giving you bonus also the risk free options is also a trap because trading is risky by its nature and you will always loose some amount and even if they return you the money you lost they are doing this as bonus (this is not mentioned anywhere) which is increasing you trading limit and thus means that you can't withdraw any money anytime because as you are trading you are loosing and gaining and when every loose is returned to you as bonus your trading limit increases and you should trade more to reach it. But you will never reach it because if they want, they return you money like bonus and you should trade more. And on and on. This trading company is scam and fraud there is no way of taking money from them according to their rules. They were wasting money every time so that charge back time passes and I can't do charge back. I'm attaching some of evidence that i have.