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Updated: Nov 14, 2018
1.458 · 12 REVIEWS
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The FPA has seen evidence linking TitanTrade to the scam company NRGBinary.

The FPA recommends against placing funds with Titan Trade.  If you have placed money with Titan Trade, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it immediately.  If you have trouble withdrawing your funds, please follow the same instructions that apply to NRG Binary here.


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1.458 · 12 REVIEWS
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Joseph Sungura,
East Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of,
Sep 18, 2018,

I joined you in April 2016 with $750 expecting profits of $2,000. Can I get it back.
Joseph Sungura
Account number 1162104.
I beg to know.
Aug 27, 2017,

Titan are scammers, pure and simple

Titan is a complete scam
Please Google to see other evidence
People claiming to be Charles Goldsmith, Florian Schulte and Daniele Evans took my money, traded it up and then vanished.
THey have refused to answer emails and my account is locked.
Stay away from Titan!
Titan Trade/Trade-Financials Managed FX Scam,
, South Africa,
Aug 1, 2016,

I had a binary options account with Titan Trade when the account manager David Fisher told me that they could make a more constant return in their Forex managed account department. He told me that he was a Certified Financial Advisor (CFA).

For a period of 8 months they made 15% per month, but kept on pushing for more deposits. I couldn't understand this.

When I said I was not going to invest more and asked for a big withdrawal, everything came tumbling down. I told David Fisher to stop trading on the account, but he ignored me. He continued and lost $59 000 in 5 days.

After this they told me that David Fisher was fired. I was told to work with Michael Vinyard and instructed him to stop trading on the account. Again, I was ignored and they proceeded to lose a further $47 000 in two more trades.

In total they lost $106 000 in less than 2 weeks. They are also somehow connected with the MT4 platform Pro Active Trader. proactivetrader.com

Don't trust these brokers to trade on your behalf. They win if you lose.
Hans Mattsson,
Lund, Sweden,
Jun 1, 2016,

My account manager at TitanTrade succeeded in loosing my entire deposited funds in two (2) chunk trades. He agreed on reimbursing me, but instead deposited two bonuses, which has locked me in. This is also why they refuse to let me withdraw.
18 Tamar , United Kingdom,
May 11, 2016,

(Stay away from lan baker from titantrade)
I was conned for $20000 from Titantrade I moved on but found I am really
angry, I sent them an email expressing my disappointment and asked that
my account be closed, they replied with a whole lot of speel, when I
have finished unloading my frustration here I will reply with a huge
broadside and finish on saying that I have been veiwing articles said
about Titantrade on Binary option watchdog which I have added a few not
so pleasent comments myself.They got my account up to $15000 and said we are going to make some big
money now, promised to make $30000 from this trade made only $2000My account is now $17000 they made 4 trades $5000, $5000, $5000, and
$2000 all on gold I was told money in the bank lost all, funny thing is
when I placed the trades on there recommendation the payout came up as
zero on all previous trades you can see the payout amount if the trade
was successful I ask amount this and they told me not to worry this is
normal I thought ok you trust themTitantrade scammed me and I wish I knew about you guys before joiningCheers guys keep up the good work
, New Zealand,
Oct 28, 2015,
Registered user

Just had a cold call (well, someone's circulating my contact details around) from Elizabeth of TitanTrade. After listening to the opening spiel, I asked if they were regulated. I had to ask about 4 or 5 times before she addressed the question, and then said that they were regulated by Spotoptions.com, who provide the online platform. This didn't smell right to me, and I said that I was ending the call and to not ring me back. 10 minutes later she rang back and I told her again to not call me again and hung up. Anyway< I checked the spotoptions website. She had had lied to me - at the bottom of the spotoptions.com homepage website it clearly states "Disclaimer: Spotoption is solely a technology company, which provides trading software to brokers in the online binary options/forex industry.
SpotOption is not a broker, and does not engage with the end-users of the brokers that license their software.
Therefore, all regulatory issues and activity concerning the broker is entirely under the responsibility of the broker, and in no way related to SpotOption.
Please note that I do not have confirmation that SpotOptions are involved with TitanTrade, but even they are, it seems irrelevant as far as regulation goes.
, USA,
May 27, 2015,

Titan Trade is unethical, refusing to return more than US$10,000 deposited. My account is 157850. My account manager is John Goldman. I have sent multiple emails to support, and to John Goldman more than a month ago. I also sent them again pictures of my ID documents, address, all credit cards, and asked they redeposit back to original credit cards. Last response from support was that the account manager would contact me to "assist". I tried contacting John Goldman again today, it has been more than a month, since that last email from support.

In Dec 2014, they pressured me to deposit more and more money. I gave them several credit card numbers. They "accidentally" charged the credit cards twice ($1000 - $2000), in early January 2015. They said with the managed account, I would be making enough profits to meet the bonus requirement, and I could get that "accidentally overcharged money back in about 2 months.

John Goldman sent out an email with this promotion for managed accounts.

He made a few trades, but nothing at all close to his email promotion. in mid-February 2015, pressured me for more money. My account (with bonus) was about $21,000. He said it was hard to make big money. That is very strange, if you can't make money/trades with a $10,000 or $20,000 account....then something is really wrong.

He said I would ONLY need to add US $10,000 to top up the account, Titan trade would give a bonus, and I would become a Diamond member. See email:

In April 2015, I sent several emails to support and John Goldman, asking to withdraw the funds. I told them I also had family emergency and needed the funds. I stated I would forgo the "bonus", as we would NEVER reach it at the rate we were trading. As mentioned, I sent in multiple emails to support and Mr. John Goldman, and also sent again in all compliance and credit card documents to withdraw back to original credit cards.

Please do NOT deposit any money with Titan trade.

Any advice from fellow traders appreciated

, USA,
Mar 20, 2015,

TitanTrade is a SCAM. They promised me in writing that I could withdraw all my funds and then later refused when I attempted to withdraw the funds. They are liars, thieves, and fraudsters. See my video proof here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IE4vV9MMd8M
Oslo, Norway,
Jan 16, 2015,

Trading with TT for 2 months also using 60 second trading. Negative: their consultants push you to invest more and more and to trade for you. Stick to your own systems and plan, and you will be alright. Withdrawal came through without problems.
California, USA,
Dec 27, 2014,

Scammed me for $5000. THey consider 'deposits' as their 'profits' it seems. And their live chat operators shamelessly keep saying "they'll contact their finance department" .... and the scamming department never responds. Just "next 2 business days"...and again "next 2 business days" till you give up.