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Updated: Jan 11, 2016
1.526 · 4 REVIEWS
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1.526 · 4 REVIEWS
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DIJON, France,
Jan 10, 2016,

I have tried Mikes signals and auto and lost all my money, BIG SCAM , STOP IT
chris king,
myrtle beach sc, USA,
Mar 30, 2015,

i tried this software it is NO better than any of the scams out there!!! i invested $250 and LOST THE WHOLE THING in less than 2 days!!! my results were 4 wins and 9 losses!!! sounds like cr** to me!!! i followed his auto system and it sucked!!! i would advise EVERONE to stay away from this guy!!! i will be giving him a cr** rating!!!!
Longreach, Australia,
Feb 15, 2015,

Make sure you review all his linked Brokers before even considering risking your money!! I got fooled into donating money, which is completely fine, but don't get fooled into using any of his systems! Do your research first. He uses the worst type of marketing strategy, tries to point out all the flaws in other systems whilst subconciously luring you in with his "honest and caring" approach. He doesn't give a rats. Its amazing what greed does to people.
Arne Larsen,
Trondheim, Norway,
Jan 2, 2015,

I was hearing a lot of good things about Binary Options so i decided i would try it out. After a few days of searching i came across this seemingly honest and helpful fellow with the name Michael Freeman. After watching a lot of his videos on Youtube and doing some searching around it seemed he was held in high regard by the community and people was getting great results (70-80%ITM) using his methods. I found several sites with great reviews of his methods and his new auto trading software. There was in fact not a negative thing about him to be found, or so i thought. So i bought in to his ideas and opened a new broker account chosen from a list of his affiliates (a requirement for using his "free" software). I funded it and sat back letting the software do it's job thinking I've struck gold. I was pretty excited for the first result to come in. [0-1] (win-loss). Oh well i thought, if the average is 70-80% all i have to do is keep on it and my luck is bound to change. I put in 4 more trades. Now i was up to [2-3]. My luck is changing i thought. I entered 5 more trades. [3-7]. This is not at all was i was promised in his numerous videos and other promotions. How could i be so unlucky when seemingly everyone else was getting such great results? Was i doing something wrong? Maybe i just haven't traded enough yet. If it top up my account again my luck is bound to change.

Before committing more money I started doing a more thorough search looking for a discussion board with more reviews or experiences. How could everyone be getting so good results? After a while a came across this forum at Binaryoptions.net. I started reading and it turns out all the sites with great reviews and endorsements was either operated, affiliated or getting paid by Michael some how. It turns out people were getting paid to leave favorable reviews (check out Youtube user "April O"'s inbox in the video). All negative comments on the videos was getting deleted quickly and negative reviews on his sites never got published or deleted very quickly. Turns out he is a scam artist ripping people off while pretending to be the exact opposite.

My final percentage was 30%ITM. I've now read about people who have gone through over 100 trades with Michael, and people are not getting more than 55%ITM if they are very lucky. It turns out the manual signals he send out to his "private group" is equally terrible, and causes a lot of hurt.

Stay away from this terrible service or you will lose your money, just like i and so many others already have. If you are still in doubt, read up on Michael Freeman and his scam here: