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Updated: Dec 3, 2019
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 January 2016:  There is a third FPA Traders Court case guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends against doing business with AAOption until all of these issues are resolved.

If you have money with AAOption, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw it.



November 2015:  There is another FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with AAOption until this issue is resolved.

August 2015:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with AAOption until this issue is resolved.

June 2015:  If you have been told by AAOption that your trades are insured by Lloyd's, this information is false.  Lloyd's has issued a Consumer Alert about this claim by AAOption and asks anyone who was told that Lloyd's was insuring trades at AAOption to contact Regulatory@lloyds.com  CLICK HERE to verify.

May 2015:  Multiple fake positive reviews submitted.

Website is down. One less scam company in business.

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1.024 · 41 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

West sussex, United Kingdom,
Apr 1, 2017,
Registered user

They are total Scammers. Brainwash you into investing with good returns with their friendly chat then when you want to withdraw they go silent. Since January 2017 I have been trying but my account Manager Max Barkley seems to have gone silent. It is now CFD Stocks and no longer AAOptions but still the same Scammers. I have contacted my credit card company in the hope they can alert the Fraud team and prevent others falling into the same trap. I know I shall never get my deposit back of £2250 but just want them booted out. The thieves.
United Kingdom,
Nov 22, 2016,
Registered user

Mine is much the same story with AA Options. From January till now I can't with draw my money and now I am blocked from the site. Is anyone going to get any money back? Is there anything we can do? I deposited £500.00 and they said I had to spend the equivalent of £250.00 being my first deposit so I did. The balance should be £300 + but I can't go on line to confirm.
jubail, Saudi Arabia,
Oct 1, 2016,
Registered user

it is scam company , i deposit 1100 and make 2700 , i request withdraw scince 1 month but still not received. when i contact with them they said ok just wait .more than 3 times i contacted them but without solution. they are delaying.
GÄVLE, Sweden,
Sep 5, 2016,
Registered user


I am deeply frustrated with AAOption i have been scammed by them they are not giving my withdrawal of 13,250 EUR, which i have deposit and i invested 25123.30 EUR with them. they knew how to mislead and lied to me with all the guarantee paper that they showed me. all i want from them is to withdrawal me the money that i have deposit. i started with 250 EUR after one month my account manage give me a plan structure of 10,000 eur this means if i deposit 10,000 eur, i´ll be paid monthly 5000 eur, which i have deposit. after 3 month he email me saying that he has been promoted and that he will not be working in the office and he will send someone to manage my account. so when my new account manager called me i told him that i am waiting for my monthly paid money he told me that he doest know anything about it and that he has a new plan structure for me. he told me in order for you to withdraw 25123.30 you need to pay us 2500 and thats for the company insurance which will not take more then 10 working days, after 10 working days passed and im still waiting for my withdrawal i tried manys ways to contact him but he does not answer back and when i call the office they always tell me that his busy or not in his office and that he will call me back and he never does and now they blocked my account. More than that, AAoption is actually not located where they say they are, they are in Israel and all their workers are not even licensed brokers. I have a contact with an Israeli lawyer and about to take actions and prevent them from keep scamming other clients.

If you have been trough the same issue and know you got scammed, contact me, together we can do something!
Aug 31, 2016,
Registered user

AAoption.com has the worst customer support in the history of Binary Options. On the live chat the only thing they can help you with is to tell you to contact your account manager and when you try to contact your account manager he never answer and never call you back.
USA Senior Citizen ,
Retired in South America, Ecuador,
Aug 24, 2016,

Small test withdrawal 3 months ago is now being ignored

This is a caution/concern .... I have had an account over a year with AAOption ... I decided it was time to do a small test withdrawal almost 3 months ago .. and still nothing except excuses ... My broker was in China for 3 months on business .... the request was being processed ... to be patient ... that the request had to be approved ... that I would receive a call ... that the management was alerted to the problem ... that the agent was concerned and would personally talk with a supervisor to elevate the release of my withdrawal request .... that someone would call with the problem causing the dalay ... and still NOTHING .... the request was for $5,000 ... and the account balance is many times greater than the request ... all suggestions are appreciated !!
Forex Peace Army
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United Kingdom,
Aug 16, 2016,
Registered user

100% SCAM - do NOT open account - choose licenced broker instead

Hi Good people of FPA community!

Bit of a long one folks- but if you are considering AAoption, have current dealings with AAoption or if you feel you may be able to help me in my plight you may wish to read on.

So I am in a bit of a state in my dealings with AAoptions. I'm sure you guessed it, yes, sigh, they are holding my withdrawal....yet another lamb to the slaughter I hear you groan! ;)

Important information : the withdrawal was requested end of May 2016 (yes MAY) including i.d submittance and acceptance, with no bonuses on account. - it is now end of August 2016!!!

My personal broker Larry Cambell has vanished from the face of the earth, and all emails to his address are now postmaster returned. Each time I contact their UK office, I am (rather rudely) told go into their online chat. When in online chat, I am ALWAYS told, "we understand, we are working on it", etc...now this has changed to "only your account manager may authorise a withdrawal" - When I enquired as to who my manager was the name changes each time I speak to them, it was Jason, now Anna.....never a surname, they refuse to issue their contact number and instead simply tell me, "they will contact you next week in the afternoon sometime" or "as soon as possible" and refuse to commit to a time or even a day I will be contacted - this has been going on now for SIX weeks....each time the same. I am yet to receive a phone call or even a simply 1 line email from "Anna" or whatever name they have come up with this week.

It gets even better folks ; NOW they have blocked the account so I cannot even log in to check status of withdrawal!!! - I have reset password numerous times myself, the support team AND chat have all reset it...to no avail. I'm told to clear cache and use different browser etc...to no avail. The account was sent to tech team and nothing changed - the account is blocked despite their endless and suspiciously overly defensive refusal to entertain that as even a possibility.

I am at my wits end but completely refuse to back down until my money is paid or somebody goes to jail. Folks, I have learned a lot of lessons (the hard way) in poor research into unlicensed brokers and flog myself each time I speak to somebody regarding this, but am seeking out a kind soul in aiding me to collect my £587 and closing the account. I have gone past my time allowed to contact card issuer fraud department, my legal advice was it would potentially cost far more than its worth so am left wandering is there another avenue I could explore? If worst comes to worst I will action my solicitors into a case against them just purely out of dumb determination to cost them more than it would cost to pay my account out or even the hope criminal action could be brought against them - which I doubt. - a sadistic kind of satisfaction. THREE MONTHS the withdrawal has been pending and unpaid, I just want it paid so I can chalk it up to a huge learning curve and move forward and a continue my successful trading experience with my current broker.

Irrelevant info to my case but more my own experiences for those who are considering AAoptions as their broker: When you wish to deposit you will have a new best friend. Your broker will email you opportunities on investments and guaranteed trades, even email you just to wish you a great day or weekend, Monday emails, did you have a good weekend, lets make some money this week Sean etc. All fine and dandy.....BUT when you call them to question an issue much like I'm having with withdrawals, they become incredibly venomous, rude and blunt. You are made to feel like YOU are the problem, you will be spoken over when trying to make a point or ask a question, you will be made to feel like you are being a pain in the ass, you will be told to stop calling, you will be told to go to chat so you can be told the same thing only in text form. Heed my warning, I would strongly advise you to consider this when deciding who to allow to deal with your hard earned money.

I am aware I am just one of many who have this stress on their shoulders, and some online forums chats pointed me in this direction.

Any advice from you guys who know just that much more? Where can I turn? What can I do?

My warmest thanks for your time in reading this. Have a wonderful evening,

Dorset. , United Kingdom,
Aug 8, 2016,
Registered user

Back in February I put £250 into an account with aaoption and was told they would put £250 in too and put me on a automatic service. In the first month I earned £117 and was fine with that but since March I've not earned a penny. So I tried to withdraw just my £250 and it said pending and stayed like that for two weeks. So I called them and got through to one of the most obnoxious guys I have ever spoken to. He told a manager needed to confirm it and so I said put me through to someone and he said he couldn't and that I wouldn't be getting a call that day either. He was very very rude and just found it hilarious. After I finally hung up, a manager rang me a couple of hours later. I said I wanted my money back but he said I couldn't and I argued that it was my money and entitled to it back. Then he said its all gone and that I can't have it back. I said my account had over £600 in and only want my £250 back and he said no and was I some kind of moron, and then I got a little angry and he said he would kick my ass. I won't say what I said back but it wasn't very pleasant as I think I was well in my right. So still no money in my account. These people are scum of the earth and deserve nothing good in life.
Chesterfield, United Kingdom,
Aug 5, 2016,

I was called and deposited £250, which was easy enough. My broker then traded on my behalf and improved my account. I then deposited more amounts and the account has grown to a significant amount, treble of what I initially deposited. I initially asked for a withdrawal which was cancelled as they needed more paperwork. I then asked for the paperwork and if there was anything else I needed to be able to withdrawal and I have not had any response, even though I mail as often as I can. I'm not actually fussed about the profit but I would like to get my initial deposits back
Tai Duc Pham,
Huddersfield, United Kingdom,
Aug 1, 2016,

I have invested £250 with AA option under ID 501647.

today, 1st Aug 2016, I have just received a call from the number 44 20 3769 2023. Person on other line kept persuading me to deposit more money in order to get rich. I told her that I just want my money back, only my money which I have already deposited. She took excused, that I need to make trades with AA option in at least two months before I can withdraw any money.

2016-07-29 1Star I have invested £250 with AA option under ID 501647 and requested a withdrawal of £870 on 29 July 2016 and still did not receive any withdrawal even after several requests, e-mails and calls