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Updated: Apr 8, 2019
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Consumer Reviews

Athens, Greece,
Jul 30, 2017,

Scammers, asked me for "back office fee" to prove my training skills with a 50k "INVESTMENT ACCOUNT" which is a demo. clearly, a scam wants to run away with your money. Stay away, please...
Nov 23, 2016,

waste of time

To Whom, this may concern
Do not waste your time and money for the funded trader of 50k equity, 3 trades a day max with a fixed lot position with 100k, there are many fault's with their business, thus include you do not get a physical trade software which you can manage the execution of the order, the intra day crap is not good for Forex which runs 24/7 from Mon-Friday. while placing an entry orders, you have to type it physically in to an go to meeting window to an execution trader on the other end - point being if he doesn't see your order you will get a late fill on the price that you don't want. Their broker is crap with variable spread plus the commissions on top. Support for training do not exist, And to really top it off your not even managing a 50k account, because you get a trading number for your trades when it executed to keep track of if your buying or selling, they have 2 accounts of 50k 1 for buying 1 for selling.
If an investor said to you here's 1 million, but you can only risk 10k would you take it? of course not because they don't understand the profit potential of money management of 1% of the equity.
Chrysanthos Demetriou,
Nicosia, Cyprus,
Nov 11, 2015,

I attend the In-house traders 7 positions 'training which you can find online for FREE i also paid the amount of 4500euros for the ''successful'' trading system which one of the quy who is going to sell it to you don't use it at all for trading. You are not going to receive any further education as they claim only 2months. If you are unexperience trader you are not going to reach the goal of 3000euros in 3 months with the education and 'succesful' system they provide. You are going to be unpaid for 5 months unless you reach profit at the end of the 3 months probation.
Limassol, Cyprus,
Mar 21, 2015,

Don’t attend the lessons of YesFx for the STA diploma. YesFx act as broker from the site https://www.sta-uk.org/ where you can buy all the lessons in much lower price. They also don't teach everything for STA exam.
Also don’t pay €5000 to teach you “profitable trading system” because is a fraud. Nobody there from the junior online traders earn money. People who have profitable trading systems to buy-sell currencies, commodities, stocks or indices they don’t sell for only €5000.
You can also search from Google , type keywords like “Yesfx reviews” before to pay anything to this company.

I also know more bad things which i can write here because maybe i will have problem. I can assure you that i have worked in YesFx so you know this from first hand.