Updated: Apr 12, 2019
1.357 · 3 REVIEWS
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The MyScalper MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The My Scalper automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on a live account by the Forex Peace Army.

Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
MyScalper Pro EA+5.43162.6+543,259

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1.357 · 3 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

India, India,
Feb 1, 2016,

He was Very rude while I asked Information about scalper EA. He said he doesn't want to explain details. Also he doesn't show any performance report by Screenshare & not sent any statement. He used Very bad language to me while inquiry. He said he don't want to sell EA to people who ask question. Beware & don't buy EA from him. Look Suspicious.

MY Skype Chat:

[04:30:56 PM | Edited 04:30:56 PM] Exchange: Hello
[04:31:21 PM] *** my scalper has shared contact details with Exchange. ***
[04:31:25 PM] my scalper EA ( welcome
[04:31:42 PM] Exchange: I want to know about your EA.
[04:31:53 PM] my scalper EA ( is scalper
[04:32:07 PM] Exchange: how it works?
[04:32:21 PM] Exchange: what strategy it uses?
[04:32:43 PM] my scalper EA ( Check website, i don't have time.
[04:32:51 PM] my scalper EA ( its using personal strategy
[04:33:02 PM] Exchange: only using one pair?
[04:33:12 PM] my scalper EA ( yes
[04:33:15 PM] Exchange: can you show some of performance
[04:33:21 PM] my scalper EA ( see in website, I don't share
[04:33:32 PM] my scalper EA ( you is EA buyer? or profesional investor?
[04:33:44 PM] Exchange: Yea, I am both
[04:34:51 PM] Exchange: there is no any statements to view its working strategy. Can you explain how it works?
[04:34:59 PM] Exchange: I want to see trade history
[04:35:20 PM] Exchange: provide me investor password of any real account for review of its work
[04:36:17 PM] my scalper EA ( see i FPA
[04:36:21 PM] my scalper EA ( and no
[04:36:26 PM] my scalper EA ( we no send investors or anything
[04:36:55 PM] Exchange: atleast say what strategy it use? how to review its work?
[04:36:59 PM] Exchange: Please explain
[04:37:04 PM] my scalper EA ( buddy
[04:37:12 PM] Exchange: how to buy your EA if you don't explain anything
[04:37:12 PM] my scalper EA ( follow our website only
[04:37:17 PM] Exchange: I followed it already
[04:37:21 PM] my scalper EA ( this is not academy forex. We can't explain anything
[04:37:25 PM] Exchange: there is not a detailed info on website.
[04:37:30 PM] my scalper EA ( buy, send , install. easy
[04:37:53 PM] Exchange: what is price?
[04:37:59 PM] Exchange: what is payment method?
[04:38:09 PM] Exchange: what brokers to be used?
[04:38:19 PM] Exchange: what strategy it uses?
[04:38:25 PM] Exchange: what type of account it need?
[04:38:33 PM | Edited 04:38:33 PM] Exchange: where are these answer>?
[04:38:56 PM] Exchange: Will it required 2 MT4 to run the EA or It get feed from some other software?
[04:38:57 PM] my scalper EA ( stop ask stupids ok
[04:39:05 PM] my scalper EA ( Price check in website
[04:39:34 PM] my scalper EA ( sorry, my keyboard is in japanesse
[04:39:59 PM] Exchange: what strategy it uses? what type of account it need? where is answer of this question?
[04:40:34 PM] my scalper EA ( good account in good broker if strategy is scalper need good conditions
[04:40:46 PM] my scalper EA ( logic
[04:40:52 PM] my scalper EA ( sorry i cant lose more time. bye
[04:40:58 PM | Edited 04:41:11 PM] Exchange: so it get feeds from fast brokers like arbitrage?
[04:41:15 PM] my scalper EA ( ARB no work in real markets
[04:41:21 PM] my scalper EA ( all people know this
[04:41:39 PM] Exchange: ohh good attitude before selling EA, how about support after sales? you are supportive person. How will anyone trust you?
[04:41:48 PM] my scalper EA ( stop to ask stupids
[04:42:00 PM] my scalper EA ( we no need sell EA
[04:42:05 PM] my scalper EA ( see my performance
[04:42:08 PM] my scalper EA ( bye
Colorado, USA,
Jul 16, 2015,

Of course this is a scam system.

Take a look at the statement. Trades last minutes. Some last longer. There is no chance of this working, especially from a trade copier.

Come on. Think!!!!
, Germany,
Jul 10, 2015,

SCAM. He killed my 4k account within 10min. I asked about adjustments, but he said it is ok. Not even one win in the 10min but used only 2 an 3lots.
, Switzerland,
Jun 26, 2015,


I've been scammed by him: -27800 $

He has blown his account in one night!!!