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Updated: Mar 1, 2017
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California , USA,
Jan 30, 2017,
Registered user

Let's unite together to go after this scammers

Until now I cannot imagine this people are still there ripping off people scamming everyone all over the world. I'm hoping the Law Enforcement will catch this crooks and put them to jail.

Jan 21, 2016 - No Rating We have to stop this crooks. They are still out there continue to scam more people.
New Jersey 08106, USA,
Mar 7, 2016,

Investingci is not a good company they said they withdrawal my money of 1548,00 it was in December of 2015 I never received it
Brian A'Hearn,
Ohio, USA,
Feb 24, 2016,

ICI have outrightly stolen my money. Never intended to return it with a profit or otherwise. I can't believe that this goes on. Damn those british people.
Michelle Harris,
New York, USA,
Jan 13, 2016,

These guys are such crooks.They took my friend for 1000. Luckily, they only got me for 500.00, which I attempted a month ago to get as a withdrawal. Every I call, his secretary Ashley, says he's busy. It's not a real operation. My friend cashed in his 401K and hired a private investigator to find these guys and make them pay. It's so disgusting how they are robbing people. They have an account out of the country but one bank here, Bank of America. The account has no money in it and is only used to receive transfers from their victims.
John Dorris,
Tampa Florida, USA,
Dec 16, 2015,

These guys are really little petty thieves the guy named Ben Daniels bulls*** me around for over 2 weeks about sending my money back then of course they send a email saying that I had an $800 trade couple of weeks before this guy named Andrew Klein tried the same thing and tried to get me to send him $50,000 Ben Daniels is going to end up in the penitentiary
Daniel Farhat,
Texas, USA,
Nov 12, 2015,

InvestingCI.com is a Scam Binary Option Broker,they tell you that they wont trade more than 5% of your account value per trading day as risk management and that they professionally do the trades on your account, they got me to try out with $500 credit card deposit and then it turned into $1000 in a month, got me to make another deposit of $5000 and my account grew to $12,000 a month later and then they tell you that they have $25,000 insured trades coming up for the Non Farm Payrolls News and they insist that you have to wire larger amounts of money due to US regulations, so I wired $13,000 and I ended up with $25,000 in my account and 3 days later my account value was $31,000 but they didn't trade the $25,000 in one trade during the NFP news so I requested a withdrawl of $20,000 back to my bank account, but they refused/rejected my withdrawl because they scammed me out of my money with all the fake trades on my account that looked like I was winning so that I would continue to deposit more money and they would scam but getting me to wire transfer money to them and I would not be able to get it back because it was wire transferred. Stay away from InvestingCI.com also known as ICI they are scamming people with there binary option website.