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Updated: Jul 11, 2018
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1.308 · 3 REVIEWS
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Kuwait, Kuwait,
Jan 16, 2018,
Registered user


Throwing signals all day / u will lose your money dont do it , keep away for ur own safety :) ..
Mar 9, 2017,

Plain and simple, it's a Scam.

Plain and simple, it's a Scam.
And you can see it even in the performance data. All the signals posses 2 take profit levels and one stop loss. This means, that you will have two equal positions and then the eventual profit will be the average of the two. It is however always listed in their performance as TP2 or TP1, not an average and there you have skewed results.
The risk is always higher than the profit, usually something like 40 pips risk/25 profit. Such R/R ratio gives them the chance to have above 61% succes rate even on random entries and no edge. If you throw in the fact that trades with only TP1 are not counted as half pips, then you have above 70% success rate by default.
I took the free trial because i am sure, that 99% of the signals providers are Scam, so there is no way I will pay to test.
Have received two signals so far:
7.03.2017 11:44
Dax long
buy stop11980
SL 11935
TP1 12005
TP2 12015
That's a Risk/Reward of 45/30 (average {25+35}/2) = 1.5 bad enough, the signal was a bit late, the market was above 11980 even on the bid side, later the stop has been hit. Result - 45 pips loss. If the risk was 1% of the account - its a 1% loss.
09.03 9:31
Buy stop 1.6195
SL 1.6150
TP1 1.6220
TP2 1.6230
The signal was late again, R/R = 45/30 ({25+35}/2) = 1.5.
Few hours later this came:
Update order GBPAUD
Change SL to 1.6190
TP2 1.6230
We have earned TP1, 25 PIPS!
So the profit is only TP1=25/2=12.5 pips, not as they report it - 25pips. After that the market hit the new stop at 1.6190 which gave 5 pips loss to the other half of the trade - 5pips/2= -2.5, so the REAL result of that trade is 12.5-2.5=10 pips profit.
Of course, they will list it in their performance as 25 pips.
In percentage the last two trades in my account would give 1% loss and 0.22% profit = 0.78% Loss, in their performance it will be 20 pips loss. Pips don't mean a s*it, especially when they are calculated on different pairs and in such a way.
Hope you get the idea.

Now I'm gonna cancel the service and mark their mail as spam.
Take care!
United Kingdom,
Feb 2, 2017,
Registered user

so you have been warned use a wider stop loss


From: SharkTips service <office@shark-tips.com>
Sent: 30 January 2017 17:59
Subject: Shark-Tips Trade-explanatory‏ (We have earned TP2,30 PIPS!)

GBPAUD short
Sell stop 1.6590
SL 1.6620
TP1 1.6570
TP2 1.6560

the stop loss was hit and i lost, (win some lose some, i dont mind) what pisses me off is they set there stop loss at 16625 aaaarrrgggjhhh!! and they then sent me an email saying they had won!!, i emailed back and they wrote that they have a different stop loss to take account of different broker spreads. since ive been with them they claim 78% success rate, but 2 other trades they sent also got stopped out.

Jan 24, 2017 - 3 Stars ive been with them 6 weeks and overall im happy, BUT their results ARE NOT TRUE they claim a success rate of 78% but im afraid they cheat, ive had 2 trades that hit the buy price then the trade hits stop loss and they then claim the stop loss was hit before entry price so trade does not count, latest trade was buy gbp/aud 16460 price hit 16462.8 then went down hit stop loss. i have a 1.9pip spread so they cant say it didnt hit.
Bangkok, Thailand,
Dec 31, 2016,
Registered user

the website and signals results look good, i've sign up for trial period at the end of 2016, will keep update in 2017