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PorterFinance.com Review

Updated: Jul 22, 2019
1.379 · 15 REVIEWS
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Porter Finance is part of the Greymountain Management group of binary companies.  This group has a large number of FPA Traders Court vedicts against it.  The FPA considers all brokers which are part of this group to be scams and warns all traders to avoid depositing money with them.


June 2016:  ASIC has issued a public warning against PorterFinance.com.  CLICK HERE to verify.

WARNING:  Porter Finance allegedly allows trading of forex over the weekend.  The FPA is unaware of any legitimate broker offering weekend trading on any forex product.

May 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends CAUTION dealing with Porter Finance unless this issue is resolved.


One less scam company in business.

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1.379 · 15 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Mike Breitfelder,
Cincinnati, OH, USA,
May 2, 2016,

Issue escalated to Traders Court mbreitfelder vs porterfinance.com | GUILTY
I have an issue, I have a brokerage account with Porter Finance and I was trading 4/30/16 and my trading winnings were $2.8 million USD. They took that money back due to a "system failure". Their vendor for their trading web site is XXXXX and they would not let any kind of "system failure" occur. I do believe that Porter Finance is lying to me in order not to pay out my winnings. There are several other traders in the USA who have had the same thing happen to them for their trades on that same day for OTC trades. One issue is that they didn't cancel all of the OTC trades for that day, they missed some on my account. I am very upset and Porter Finance has locked my account and won't let me trade. I can't get to anyone above their customer service people. I need to have my $2.8 million USD put back into my account to keep trading. I want to do good with this money and what Porter Finance has done me, as well as others here in the USA, I think, is wrong. Can you provide relief for us as we don't have any experience with England's financial trading laws and what Porter Finance has done to us.
Nj, USA,
Apr 19, 2016,

So I requested a withdrawl of my 6k and have been getting the run around for about 3 weeks now I keep getting told multiple reasons mainly Tech problems on there end and still haven't received my funds I was told it was approved and sent to my bank which it was not now I'm getting no response about the issue please help!
Hawaii, USA,
Mar 4, 2016,

So- I'd been ripped off before, at 24Option, back when they were accepting US clients. I lost a thousand dollars, poof, just like that. I called, asking what happened to the money. My "account manager" some guy from New Jersey, told me a guy I had hired to trade my account on commission had martingaled the account. And poof. Money was gone. Eight years later, due to memory loss, I decided to try again. Binary options? Great returns! Make 100$ an hour! Totally safe. Plus, there was this guy, Matt Van Ry, supposedly living in Cancun Mexico and running a dive shop who said he could make money with a "small" deposit with Porter Finance. They looked legit. Demanding documentation forms, a picture of your driver's license, letter of verification from a utility to confirm residency, etc. They had to be within the law. So I deposited. At first, Matt was great. No, incredible. After a deposit of 500$, the account quickly went to a thousand, then two thousand. Then almost three thousand. Holy mules! This is the way to make money!! The proverbial money tree!! On the third week, waiting for Matt to bill me for account performance, I waited. Wait a minute. How come he hasn't sent me a bill? What's happening with the account? I checked. 22.38? There was 2690.00 yesterday. I opened a "support ticket" with Porter Finance. Where's my money? "Your support ticket has been resolved. Your account has been authenticated. Where's my money. Your support ticket has been resolved, your account has been authenticated. Where's my money? Your support ticket has been resolved, your account has been authenticated. The insanely beautiful thing about Porter Finance is that, because of their demand for account authentification, they retain access to important documents that control your online identity. So, try to go after them? Well, we have: your drivers license, your debit card info, your physical address, everything they need to subvert your identity. As for Matt Van Ry, if that is his real name, I never heard from him again. I have no idea what happened to the money I deposited with Porter Finance. My final takeaway from this is that Porter Finance may well be a criminal organization, masquerading as a store front, with no regulation exerted from any controlling authority. Of course, this is all from the point of view of an American customer. But this is exactly what happened.
Sadique Ahmed,
City of London, United Kingdom,
Feb 15, 2016,

I started investing with Porter Finance in January 2016 after making a deposit of $250 USD I traded the account up to $601.45 USD inc deposit , i have received my initial deposit of £250.00.

Now porter finance wont allow me to withdraw the remainder profit stating now that it can take up to 30 days for money to be received by bank transfer which is not stated on their website. It states 2 days to process and 5-7 days to show up in the account.

After sending first request over a month ago I was told that i made two withdrawal request and had to cancel and make another request which i did on the 3/Feb/2016..

I believe that i have heard all the excuses possible from them and have now resorted to contacting review sites. for help and guidance.
Christopher O'Donnell,
Moscow, Russian Federation,
Oct 21, 2015,

I have just started trading with Porter Finance so will provide an updated review in a month or so. I can advise PF quickly process withdrawals. I mistakenly made a deposit of $400 when I only meant to deposit $200. I notified PF of this and $200 was back in my bank account within 24 hours.