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Updated: Sep 13, 2018
1.861 · 8 REVIEWS
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LowCostForex is a forex broker. Low Cost Forex offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. LowCostForex.com offers over 40 forex currency pairs, indexes and metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.861 · 8 REVIEWS
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chungnam, Korea, Republic of,
Sep 2, 2018,


I have a site on August 20, 2018
I have deposited $ 4800 and $ 2800.
Although it was called a low spread, in practice it had a fairly high spread and things that could not happen in other brokers happened in an instant. So I broke my account and I lost $ 3,700.
There is no response from him after I have asked you to pay the remaining balance.
I asked for confirmation of the account.
Anyone who can be of help will ask for help.

Their pattern of behavior is motivated initially by offering a bonus of up to 200%.
By this time, you will be relieved because you are very kind.
But when the account goes on, it will show a very high spread.

If EA is running, check your spread. It is not absolutely low spread.

And when you ask for a withdrawal after seeing the damage, there is no answer from that time.

Therefore, if you have deposited your account, please request a refund earlier on that account site.

If you leave it as is, your account will fly away.

It is a perfect fraud site.
Never use it.

my account 11039 & 11040

I can show anyone about my account. They still have no answer.
Please help me
Porto velho, Brazil,
Nov 14, 2017,
Registered user


I deposited 40 dollars to test their payment system, now they do not respond to my withdrawal request.

The chat is always unavaliable.
They don't answer my emails

$40 dollars?????????? they stealing little money ????
Sep 10, 2017,
Registered user

I opened an ECN pro account with this broker at the suggestion of an Expert Advisor called EverestEA, which pushed me to make other deposits for a MAM account. I did this. At some point however, I realized that the broker and mine and they knew each other and on August 30, 2017
I asked the broker's customer service to help change the platform password because I was scared that something bad could happen. I have been desperately trying to change the platform password using my master password, but I was impossible as you can see from the screens.
I also asked to be able to access my control panel on the web page in order to withdraw my money fearing a scam. The MAM account panel has never been made unusable as you can see from the screen today.
The night after my email requests, the account managed by EA suddenly loses a $ 57,000 one night, until that time he had never lost, and had never done so high stores.
I explained all my reasons to the broker, but he rejects my complaints, blaming me for giving the password to third parties, but without answering about my inability to change the password on the platform or withdraw the money from the website.
Lastly, they threaten me to close the mam account that is using only the bonus quota and that is used by EA and not by me.
If I had been able to change my password or withdraw money through the site, this would not have happened, as it all happened the day after I asked to withdraw money or password clarification ....
Rocco Di Federico
Reply by LOWCOSTFOREX submitted Sep 24, 2017:
Mr. Rocco,
opened a MAM account, this is true.
His manager or EA, lost almost all his balance.
Clear facts:
1st passwords for security reasons especially in MAM accounts, are only changed on request in the support, during support hours.
2nd Mr. Rocco, using an EA, lost 105% of his balance. The system automatically sends you an outgoing call email, which does not answer.
3º After having massive losses, and also losing part of the bonus, asked for the change of passwords, in a schedule that did not have support (very late night). Your petition was processed the next day.
4th asked us not to cancel the account and to continue using the account, without its balance. Bonus only. to which we granted a period of 15 days to recover with its trading system, we imposed a limit of 10k of extra losses on the bond.
5th, his system continued to lose, causing him to lose all his money and also part of the bonus.

A user must understand that the broker is only a path, between their orders and the market. If you constantly take wrong orders or against trends. The broker has no responsibilities, each user is 100% responsible for the orders he takes in his account.
Losses are caused by the systems or decisions that everyone uses in their account.

We recommend professional customers, who also use only professional systems or managers.
Manila, Philippines,
Oct 2, 2016,
Registered user

My bad experience with lowcostforex

This broker seems to be a scam as they retired my account when in fact I wasn't able to get my funds yet. Please see below for my story:

singapore, Singapore (Really Thailand),
Apr 11, 2016,

Use this broker for recommendation of seller
i withdraw many times, any problem for do it
only customer service little slow
i recommended because scalpers is allowed

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PAttaya, Thailand,
Jan 14, 2016,

EAsy open account
my system scalper, siopon EA
have big profit here
in other broker i lose money
here win,,, i am happy
thanks alot
bangkok, Thailand,
Jan 12, 2016,

I can only say that my experience was successful.
I retired from my capital without any problems.
Perfect for customer like me, US.
The other brokers do not offer the same level of spreads for small accounts.
in fact lack a custom manager.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Dec 20, 2015,

Issue escalated to Traders Court fkayode vs lowcostforex.com | RESOLVED
April 20, 2016: Issue resolved.

This broker is a scam broker, the only want to receive deposit and will not honor withdrawals. It is over 4 months now can't get balance of my deposit back after losing part. They asked for motorization of my bank statement and drivers license which I submitted and still did not honor my withdrawal request. They block me from chatting with them after I threaten to go public if my funds is not released. They only have a link for deposit and not for withdrawals. Pls don't lose your hard earn money with this scammers. My Account Number is 10601
madrid, Spain,
Oct 5, 2015,

This broker have very low spread
i withdraw 3 times wiithout any problem
but support is little slowly