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Updated: Apr 10, 2016
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Bob Cork,
Cork, Ireland,
Apr 8, 2016,

Hi Peter
1st of all I'd like to say I learned a lot form Bryan, it was a great place to start and I too thought I had found a gem.
I've traded with Bryan for some years now and
made great gains with Demo money and then I took the plunge on 1k using the platinum service and lost in all in weeks.
So I went back on Demo to see where I was going wrong and I lost all that too.
It seems he's style works in waves, when its good, its good and when it bad, its bad.

Also I become frustrated on many mornings when my trades would have stopped out only to find that Bryans were successful and came close to he's stop but bounced back.
These trades were make or break one's and would have made the blog look bad.
Even when I was successful at it, I never came close to the success rate of the blog.

I wondered sometimes were we both trading on the same platform.
He told me he would sometimes widen the stop or close trades earlier then planned and it was all in the learning.

Then came the platinum service for €50 a week which I thought was gonna be life changing stuff.

it eliminated some problems and created more. I had no success and followed it religiously without question !!
After years of it I simply gave up.

Are you having success with it ??, I'd really like to know.
maybe its better now and I may try it again but there's always that question of why is he writing the blog in the 1st place.

perhaps its because he knows this game is impossible for individuals as I know loads at it who can't make a penny.

and the only way to make money at it, is to write a blog.
I would like to see he's trading account for real proof.

Again I learned so much from Bryan, I hate to put it this way and would like to redeem him by trying again and been successful at it.
Peter Ire,
Ireland, Ireland,
Oct 11, 2015,

I joined this service after attending a lecture given by Bryan at a trading seminar. This is far more than just a signal service (I have tried many of these in the past). Bryan day trades eurusd, the major stock indices, gold, silver, dollar index. Each morning at roughly 9am GMT you receive an email detailing Bryan's trade entries for that day. Along with this you get an overview of the global markets which enlightens you as to why he is taking specific trades. This is crucial as over time I have begun to learn how to view the markets in a similar fashion to Bryan. The email takes a few minutes to read in total and I can only imagine it takes him a number of hours every morning to construct. The membership options are:

1. Premium membership for €45 a month. This gets you the morning email at 9am with trade entries only.
2. Platinum membership for €205 a month. This gets you the morning email PLUS stop loss and take profit levels PLUS updates throughout the trading day on trade management. Some days you receive 2 or 3 updates,some days you get none. You need to email him personally to sign up for this service, there is no option on the site to sign up for it.

This service is genuinely profitable over time. Honestly I have been astonished at his ability to predict the markets short and long term price action. Bryan has been trading for a living for over 30 years. He really knows this game inside out. The most crucial aspect for me is that I am slowly learning to trade myself from studying Bryan's methods. I am focusing purely on eurusd at the moment. Bryan is a long way from a marketeer and as such his service is not advertised anywhere. This service is a hidden gem and I would strongly recommend anyone to join (at €45 a month is it extremely reasonably priced).