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Updated: Jun 1, 2018
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Jul 14, 2017,

Bunch of fraudster. Wouldnt recommend

Bunch of fraudsters.
Made 3 deposit of 200 , 1000 and another 1000.
During the second and third time they offered extra 50% , which is why i made the deposit.
When withdrawal came for them, they gave bunch of excuses from my account being verified ( after a month) and i had to obtain a turnover of x50 ( which wasnt mentioned any time on the phone with my so called fund manager, Chris Allen at MaxOptions.com
Gave bunch of signals which i followed thats a 1 month to closing ( i was new to binary ) and i followed suite
Money ended being 0 after chasing the so called turnover of x50 ! insane !
My 2 cents are to not go for any broker that calls your number ( which they bought your database for ) and not to be hooked by those forex adverts that pops out showing testimonials
alberta, Canada,
Aug 23, 2016,
Registered user

Max option, bunch of liars, fraudsters and thieves

I don't recommend Max option to anybody, bunch of liars and thieves. I have screenshots of my account pages for confirmation up to this date. I joined Maxoption after reviewing their terms on bonuses and was well informed of the tricks of difficulty in withdrawing your money; so that I told my account Manager well ahead that I would never ask or need bonuses which he agreed to.

I carefully made 4 trades in total, I lost 2 trades and won 2 trades and consequently from an initial deposit of $750, I have increased to $831 and showing in my account as of today. The problem is I don't want to trade anymore, I just want my money out but its been pending forever since 12/07/16 and they would not return my money (atleast my initial deposit ), my account manager suddenly disappeared and the customer service will not respond to my mails.

Maxoption is fraud and I will not relent until they refund all my money back.

Someone who was pretending to resolve my issue called me with a phone number which linked to optionsrally but when I called back next day, someone else later denied any link to Max options.

I need my money back to offset some of my utility bills. I really wish someone can sincerely help.

Thanks and God bless