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Updated: Jun 19, 2017
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FXDesk.com profile provided by fx desk support, Jun 14, 2017

www.fxdesk.com offers traders the opportunity to get a FREE Virtual Private Server (VPS). We genuinely save our clients hundreds of dollars a year...


When you open a trading account through FX Desk (or if you trade with our partnering brokers already) the broker shares the commission you pay to them, with us (spread and / or commissions if applicable). This is referred to as a rebate, and we use this money to cover the cost of your VPS.


Before we consider your trading volume, the VPS charge is $29 USD per month. You can visit our site to learn more about the high spec: www.fxdesk.com.

Assuming you opened an IC Markets account through us (any account type), if you traded 10 lots in a month, you wouldn't pay a penny for the VPS service. If you traded 5 lots in a month, we'd bill your trading account $14.50 - which the broker will handle.

At 10 lots per month, this is an insanely low requirement in comparison to what brokers expect if you went direct.

Why use us?

Apart from saving you over $400 dollars a year in VPS costs, our VPS specs are top-end. We're also in the same location as the brokers - so 1 millisecond latency times across the board.

Here's why you'll want to give us a go:
No upfront payment required
We accept clients who have an account already
100% up time guarantee
1 Millisecond latency times to the broker
Broker specific VPS - your MT4 platforms are already installed for you
No shared resources
Stop and start our services when you like
24/7 multi lingual live chat and ticket support
No marked-up spreads or commissions with the brokers!

So, if you're wanting to keep your robots, EA's and automated trading strategies online, around the clock, please check out FX Desk where you can trade your way to a free VPS!


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London, United Kingdom,
Jun 14, 2017,
Registered user

VPS is free if you trade with Pepperstone, IC Markets or AxiTrader

I don't pay a penny for my VPS with FX Desk. If you trade with Pepperstone, IC Markets or AxiTrader, your VPS is free so long as you trade 10 lots in a month. If you don't trade 10 lots, they'll debit your trading account the difference. One month i traded just 8.2 lots and the VPS charge was $5.22.... peanuts!

The latency times to the brokers server is less than 1 millisecond and the specification is powerful. I've had no down-time and the support are spot on.
Forex Peace Army
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