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Updated: Sep 13, 2018
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UK, United Kingdom,
Jul 31, 2018,
Registered user

Platinum trading systems review

Platinum trading

Well here’s the story so far
I signed up to platinum after coming across their website and contacting them, dealt with an individual called Richard Barker.
Now he showed me results going back three years and the results looked good, strike rate averaging 65%.

Now firstly I will stress what he did not tell me was this record of results is apparently updated only yearly, why is this a problem.... well it simple, it means I can not compare my results to theirs until a year later.

Now I have not rated this review because I plan on making this and ongoing review of an open and transparent nature.

I am sceptical but I will reserve judgement as yet, I am now one month in and on a whole I would say I down around 80 pips.
Now I will say a few things, their content is quite good they do trading television broadcast to explain the trades of the day and their logic seems sound, but something is definitely a miss.

Their instructions are very clear, entry points exit points etc... now where doubt comes in is where I lose around 60’pips in a week and on a Monday when I log in the screen says ‘we still made some good pips last week’

So clearly that’s either lies or I am doing something wrong lol.

Different brokers have different spreads which is a fair point so I have left the stop loss where I am
Told and brought the take profit in by 1 pip so I am SL20 TP 19 which is slightly off a 1:1 RR

Maybe their stops are too short ?
40 pips SL on a swing

Or maybe I am completely missing something, I will keep more diligent records going forward and I will post every trade retrospectively at the end of each month to highlight whether I win or lose and overall performance to date.

I do have issues with the fact the swing trades and analysis are set out on Monday and not changed until the following Monday therefore if you reading something on a Wednesday it might no longer be relevant.
Intraday trades are upload daily which seem to be at the furthest point of the ranges, I have found the overall strike rate to be closer to 30-40% again I will confirm better at the end of August.

Now I am new to trading an I accept losses are part and parcel to the industry, If i am paying for a signal service and i lose 80 pips in a month and they lose 80 pips in a month, I will accept that, what I will not accept is if I lose 80 pips and they are telling people they made 600 using the exact same trades.

As I said before they update results annually so this makes it difficult to filter through the assertions.

Now I am open minded and I am not at this point judging as it’s only a month in, I would really love it to work but I am aware there are a lot of sharks out there.

This review will be ongoing open fair and transparent, I am a qualified accountant and auditor and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Would really love to hear from anyone else who has used the system in the past or present.