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Updated: Aug 20, 2018
3.129 · 57 REVIEWS
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August-September 2016:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for Forex Fury and Forex Steam
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The ForexFury MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The Forex Fury automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform is compatible with NFA, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+. The ForexFury.com forex robot works on GBPUSD pair.


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3.129 · 57 REVIEWS
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UAE, United Arab Emirates (Really the offices of ForexFury in Canada),
Jul 19, 2018,
Registered user

My two thumbs are up

I'm over the moon with the ea performance in my accounts over the past few months. As an educated trader, and trading educator, I know what it takes to win, and this strategy is just that. The approach is simple, but makes sense, and targets the market when it is ripe for the picking. My two thumbs are up.
Forex Peace Army
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Sweden, Sweden,
Jul 11, 2018,

This a helpful tool to my multiple ea that I run. It win trades and it do so very effectively, but does not trade a lot. It is a safe robot, that take little knowldge to setup n use.
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 3, 2018,

Well Worth It

This robot is well-worht the price of admission. As a trader that's been involved in the markets for over 10 years on a manual trading basis, I understand trading techniques very well. THe fury approach is very fluid, using very strict principles, which makes it compatible with many different pairs and time targets.

It's not going to win every trade, but expecting it to win over 90% of the trades is a fair estimation.
Alabama, USA,
Jun 28, 2018,


I'm just setup now for two days with Fury, so I'm not ready to leave a COMPLETE review at this point. BUT I will say that so far it has been very smooth sailing. I've had 2 days worth of trades, 14 winners, and 0 losses.

The support has been helpful, and the setup was very easy for someone who hasn't traded before. I think things are looking up, and I hope to leave a 5 star review when I get some more term under these results!
lebanon, Lebanon,
Jun 28, 2018,
Registered user

bad results !

hello , this EA is not working good with me at all ! I contacted the support and they told me that I need to change my broker and I changed it to the best broker with a very low spread and I had 1500$ loss yesterday ! but ofcourse on a demo account … I don't know how the hell does this ea work ? I set the exact time to start and end according to my broker and still very bad results. any suggestions or help here ?

Jun 13, 2018 - No Rating hello, I bought the forexfury around 10 days ago ! I still dunno how does it really work ? my brokers timezone is gmt +3 so I set it as 23:00 to 23:59 ! but im not having profit . yesterday I had a loss of 200$ … does the trade keeps open even after 23:59 ? I contacted the support no one is answering , help please thank you
Toronto, Canada,
Jun 20, 2018,

a good value

For what you are paying for, you are getting a good value. With the Fury EA you can expect consistent gains, free updates, and the ability to modify the system to meet your trading style / expectations.

I've been using the EA for some time now, and I've found that it can be used with aggressive, or low risk settings. By modifying the time the EA trades, the StartTradeTime, and EndTradeTime settings, you can either open the system up to more trades, or shrink the timeframe to trade a very short period. I usually keep it low risk, but every once in a while when the market has a prolonged ranging period I will open it up and let Fury roll some easy pips.
Jun 15, 2018,

up and down but mostly up

the fury robot can be up and down but it's mostly up. i find the ea can have a losing month, but this is generally followed by anywhere from 4-8 winning months. its a very consistent trading system, and i have a lot of faith in how it trades.

the funny thing is teh first month i had the ea it lost and so i was concerned, but then after sticking with it i won the next 6 months in a row and dominated the market.

its not easy to be patient and stcik with a trading robot all the time but i am happuy that i did with fury and its now the robot that i trust most and use everyday of the year.
BC, Canada,
Jun 1, 2018,

Doing its job!

I am a very happy and content client of the Fury software. Going on 16 MONTHS as a member, and feeling very confident in my original decision to sign up, now more than ever.

This software has a very unique scalping approach in how it looks for trade opportunities only 1 hour a day. This specificity has been amazing for me, because I'm able to sit down for 1 hour a day and watch the software trade.

YES, it does trade for you, but I like to watch my money closely, and with it only trading 1 hour a day it's perfect for me. In all the time watching, I've only JUMPED IN to intervene 2-3 times, so it's really doing its job!
May 25, 2018,

Put 500$ USD into my account, and no trades have been made for 2 weeks. I have contacted Forex Fury support multiple times and have worked with a person who is very responsive and trying to help, but nothing he is suggesting seems to work.

My Broker is -2 so I went and set the times accordingly to 18:00 and 18:59, which is 2:00pm EST. I set my UseIncreamentalLotSize to false, MaxSpread up to 10, even minimized my lot size to 0.1 and max orders to 1 and still nothing.

Any suggestions?
Viet Nam,
May 25, 2018,

from when i first read about ea i see some review and i not sure about sign up. but friend use ea and say use ea, and i do and i win a lot. this is very smart ea, work on 3 pair but work best on gbpusd pair. i think that this is an easy move for ppl to use, and i think you should use.