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Updated: Feb 4, 2016
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London, United Kingdom,
Feb 2, 2016,

I love the techniques taught in this course as it works with every strategy. All it will do is increase the profitability and cut a small amount of your losing trades. Which is all it takes to become a consistently profitable trader.
Arun Lama,
Kathmandu, Nepal,
Jan 27, 2016,

I have been actively trading in forex market for four years. During my initial learning phase I spent countless hours studying technical analysis and fundamental analysis books. But after two years, I came to realize that technical analysis and fundamental analysis are not enough to be a successful trader. If the understanding of technical analysis and fundamental analysis were enough to make money in forex market, there wouldn't be 95% losers because everyone can learn technical analysis and fundamental analysis within few years. So, I was in search of secrets of successful trading. I realized that the problem was the way I used to think about forex market. I also came to know that successful traders are successful not because they are knowledgeable than others, it's because of their state of mind, they think 100% differently than the losers. They act differently. I found out that trading is very much psychological. Traders' psychology are reflected in market, and if we are able to read the crowd psychology we can actually make money in the market. So, I started researching on trading psychology stuffs. I found out that sentiment analysis is about reading the crowd psychology. While researching, I came across sentimenttrader's site and what I read on their site really gave me some deep insights of sentiment analysis. I was so excited that I really bought their course and it changed my trading life. It took me to the different level of trading. If 95% lose, we will win if we know to act against them. Sentimenttraders taught me many valuable trading lessons which I never came across on web. Today, I see myself as a consistent forex trader (not very rich though hehe), stock trader, and stock analyst. I've also appeared several times on national television of nepal to talk about stock trading. I'm a happy and satisfied trader. I know accumulating abundant wealth takes time, I'm not greedy like other traders. I know how to control my mind and emotions. Clearly explained video tutorials and valuable trading system provided by sentimenttraders is the major reason for my tremendous progress in forex trading. The contents in the course were very systematically arranged. They guided me step by step. Their single course was worth more than the all books I read. Here I'm not saying that we don't need technical analysis and fundamental analysis, they are must, we should know how to use them to trade against the crowd. Words cannot express how much thankful I am to sentimenttraders. I extremely recommend their products. Happy trading!!!!!