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Updated: Sep 12, 2016
3.211 · 195 REVIEWS
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Review Moderation Team Note: There are false claims posted on some blogs claiming that Felix owns MB Trading. Felix does not own MB Trading. You can go to the NFA's website and look up who owns MBT there if you want to see proof.


MB Trading is a forex broker. MBTrading offers the MetaTrader4, MBT Desktop, and MT Mobile top global forex trading platforms. MBTrading.com offers over 30 forex pairs, stocks, options, and futures for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.211 · 195 REVIEWS
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Brisbane, Australia,
Sep 10, 2016,

Cannot withdraw funds

Used them for years with mixed results. Attempting to withdraw funds now and my balance now shows as "error". Raised ticket and now my account is locked.

I will provide an update to this over the next few days but so far I am not filled with confidence that they aren't scammers on who do everything possible to make the process difficult, convoluted and hope you give up.

May 7, 2008 - 1 Star Simple, I was opened on a short position with MBT of 205.40 on the GBP/JPY.

Thankfully this happened now with small money as I have accounts with both ACM and Dukascopy and the lowest they had at this time was 205.69, a 29 pip difference.

I expect this from places like FXCM and even ACM to a certain point but not EFX/ MBT.
, USA,
Oct 12, 2015,

Well, I've been with Mbtrading since 2008 and only had a 4 to 8 problems mainly dealing with there platform language and computer problem on there side which was corrected and resolved. They just sent a notice to all of there clients that they are transferring all forex account holders to Tradeking starting Oct. 23 2015. I really hate they are doing this because Tradeking is owned by Gain Capital and I had a terrible experience with Gain Capital. Now after all these years being with them I have to go hunting for another broker which sucks. So, I will be closing my account soon. Mbtrading was a good forex broker. I hate they are throwing there forex clients away.
Jul 31, 2015,

Their spread is wide. Minimum of 1 pip up to 4 on the majors on average. 4 atleast on the crosses. During news events I've seen their spread go over 20pips and the slippage comes insane.

Even during normal trading environments I've had stop losses fail to be placed by them (pretty consistently) and entries and exits take up to 30 seconds to fill.

Their customer service will not help you with this if you have a complaint. They've been this way for years.
Peter Brown,
israel, Israel,
Apr 7, 2015,

3 years with them .Great ECN broker - a bit slow with setting up account, good spreads and low flat commissions. definitely not a scam.
Tampa, USA,
Jan 25, 2015,

I still have an account here, but it is the least of my favorite. The spreads here are really bad. I ran a strategy with them and fxcm and with side-by-side you can really see the fees are eating the MB trading account alive. They don’t have live chat, but rather a support ticket method. They website for funding with withdrawals is a bit confusing as well (I keep typed instructions). In my honest opinion, it appears that perhaps with the other lines of business they have, the don’t really intended to be competitive on the forex end. Also, be extremely careful with using EA’s or repeaters with them. If the markets are closed or your EA generates constant errors, there are fees they will charge you, taking the fees directly from your account balance. The rep tried to explain to me about this fees, but at the end of the day it just a way for them to make extra money off of you. Did I mention that you can’t trade with a balance less than $100?!?!?!!
Ken Foster,
Arizona, USA,
Jan 21, 2015,

I had a MB Trading account and closed it after 3 trades. They should change their name to Slippage Trading, this would be more accurate. When you're in a trade the spreads can get extremely wide. Save you're money find a better broker.
Dec 17, 2014,

MB's trade executions fail terribly. I experienced major slippages, trades being stopped out before the stop loss is touched. Their spreads get crazy wide when the market moves & you lose most of your profit. Their spreads on GBPJPY & EURNZD use to be 4 to 6 pips 2 months ago & now are 8 to 17 pips. I switched accounts to the new low spreads at another broker that started 6 weeks ago. No problems at that broker. They are 10 times better than MB Trading
William Huff,
, USA,
Sep 24, 2014,

Everything is fine until you try and get a withdrawal processed. It has now been three days since my wire request and they have not even started processing it.
Washington, USA,
Jul 23, 2014,

I've used MBT for a while, it's a good broker as far as the features it offers. But as far as trade executions it fails terribly. I experienced major slippages, trades being stopped out before the stop loss is touched.

I'm looking for another broker as we speak.
Miami, USA,
May 9, 2014,

First i would like to start by saying that I had only made about 5 trades with MB trading before i decided to withdraw my funds. The trades were for very low amounts, and the only purpose of the trades were to find out how MB Customer Service would deal with different kinds of situations that may arise. Rather it was execution, slippage, vitality, opening and closing of the markets, etc....

MB Trading is one of the few brokers that will NOT under ANY circumstances correct a mistake that there system makes. MB Trading (like many others) have their ways of attempting to capitalize on the moment in any given trade, But many other brokers will make corrections when the situation clearly shows that there system was at fault. MB Trading Will Not!... At All Period, and its just the way they do business with others money.

There CS reps seems to be either confused or frustrated when asked any questions that are outside the scope of their script. Logic seems to play no part in how they view the customers or their investments.

Whoever reads this understand that i did not lose any amount of money with MB Trading, All my trades were winners (only about five in total) and those trades were made so i could evaluate MB Trading Platform along with their Customer Service response to any issues that may arise.

(Which i think would be a good practice for anyone opening a new account with a new Broker)

This is not some angry rant from a trader who has picked some bad trades and decides to go online to complain.. I've been trading forex and Equities for many years now and what im telling the readers of this site is that, MB Trading is like most brokers when it comes to the basics,

But MB Trading is By Far the Worst Broker We Have Dealt With
when it comes to there customer service taking care of any kind of issues.

There are much better Brokers to choose from. especially if your new to trading.

I would give you guys a personal recommendation, but the truth is that, just because they're good to me, doesn't mean they'll be good to you. ("Truth")

I felt compelled to share my experience with MB Trading because, I feel as if I know the game well enough to recognize when a Company is truly comfortable operating on the wrong side, of "Even" Greed.

With that said, I Can't See MB Trading Being Good To Anyone when an issue arises.