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Updated: Aug 17, 2023
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Mohamed Elsherief
Shell Cove, Australia,
Sep 8, 2020,
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Forex/CFDS/Stocks CFDs Data at your finger tips!

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Mexcel Trader in my opinion is a very underrated application in the market. It is literally a gold mine by all what the word means.
For so long I was looking for a way to get stocks and Forex/Indices data into Excel. I needed intraday and historical charts.
What I am doing right now is that Iam opening demo accounts with any MT5/MT4 stocks CFDS providers and I am able to get all the data I need in Excel.
For example, I am trading Europen and American Stocks CFDsand want to screen the most volatile stocks and find the direction in intraday. I demoed an account with couple of brokers and got all the data I need.
By the same token, I want to get data for gold pairs against major currencies. Not all brokers provide gold pairs against other currencies. By linking Excel to any broker, I can get any data I need for any pair.
I do strongly recommend Mexcel Trader 10 over the Mexcel Trader5.1 because the first enables the trader to bridge with as many brokers as he/she wishes. Why one should limit himself/herself with one MT4/MT5 broker? One can have a limitless number of accounts with different brokers with Mexcel Trader 10.
Another advantage is the ability to find the spread different brokers offer. In my case, I wanted to find the best brokers with the tightest spread for stocks CFDs and Gold Pairs. Many Traders are totally unaware of how CFDS on Futures commodities are constructed. Each broker has to factor in the rolling over of Futures and how this would impact the CFD price of the commodity. In addition to this, major global news will definitely affect the pricing of the CFD. By comparing different brokers, you can easily spot which broker has the best pricing structure of its CFDs.
I have tried Excel RTD in the past but how many brokers offer Excel RTD? Quite a few of them. This is why I prefer Mexcel Trader over Excel RTD. I am very much limited to brokers with RTD. In addition to this, there is no way I can combine data feed from different brokers in one spreadsheet. Mexcel Trader enabled me to do so.
The beauty of Mexcel does not stop at getting data only but extends to the ability to trade from Excel Template as well and to partially close your order.
I am overall quite happy with the many potentials this product has opened up for me.