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Updated: Dec 17, 2018
4.131 · 54 REVIEWS
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ForeverInProfit.com (Quillan Roberto Black)

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4.131 · 54 REVIEWS
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This is America!, USA,
May 13, 2018,


Ryan's signal service sucks. You're in drawdown for FIVE DAYS before TP is hit (if it's hit). He constantly tells the signal room to move/adjust their stop loss (75-100 pip SL). I mean seriously dude? Brandon, the guy he brought on to help with signals is no better. How do you blow a $100 account using risk management? Signals, Technical Prosperity signals. I promise you all, you can do better by yourself. I unsubscribed from his service and the very next week up $300 from a nearly blown account. As someone mentioned, you can find all of their courses online for free. I have screenshots and videos of signals these "traders" have called. Out of all the FIP guys, I only have respect for Cue. From being put out the group (by Ryan and the other founders) to coming back and being the most consistent trader out of ALL of them. Ryan doesn't trade, he gambles off the H1 timeframe and hopes it turns out profitable. You want to learn how to trade? Follow real traders. Quillan Black, thefxmessiah (instagram), wicksdontlie (instagram), kevaughn.h (instagram), and roy_nl_ (instagram). I went through each post that had a chart or profits and took notes of prices and dates. After that, I went to MY charts and backtested to see exactly why they took their trades and how they were profitable. Stop giving your money to these folks and invest in yourself. Study the charts. Study momentum, market structure, and support/resistance (a little bit of Fibs also). I promise that is all you need!
Sep 3, 2017,
Registered user

What An Absolute Waste Of Time & Money....

I'm gonna be straight up and let everyone here know what a waste the 5 Day course from FIP co-founder Ryan Gilpin was. Wish I never gave Ryan my money. I signed up for Technical Prosperity 5-Day course on a "huge discount"-- first off, on the technical prosperity site link that Ryan sent out, at the time of my purchase (mid-August), it was suppose to be $250 for the 5-Day online course WITH lifetime access to TP AND FIP, as well as 1:1 mentorship for life from Ryan AND his personal phone # AND signals. Well, I only was given the 5-Day course. Like right after I purchased, I hadn't even reached out to him yet or anything, but I saw he then posted on his FB page that the discounted price for 5 Day online course did NOT include access to FIP or Signals or 1:1, only the technical prosperity website for life and the 5-day online course. Well, if thats the case, then this should have been updated on his website at checkout. He should have edited the description of the products and removed all the things we would not be getting if we purchased the promo price. Also, he is extremely vague if you ask for clarification in his FB inbox on something, and GOD FORBID you misunderstood something he said because of how vague he is in his responses or because of how shittily he edits his checkout page promising ALL sorts of things that you DONT actually get access to when he runs a sale, he talks to you with mad attitude. He even sends me arrogant toned voice messages in my Facebook, like his shit didn't stink. His live webinars, once we finally negotiated a date due to his mistake of NOT updating the checkout page on his website to say the correct month-- the webinar content was easy to follow and he seemed to know his way around the charts and MT4 well, but it was really pretty basic technical analysis that I had already heard of before on Baby Pips and from my 1 month in IML. I find it hard to believe he practices what he preaches because there were multiple times on the live webinars that he was getting really worried about trades he had entered and was cursing saying "F***!!!!" randomly while he was suppose to be teaching us how to be "FOREVER IN PROFIT". HA! That's was like day 3, 4 and 5 that his facade started to deteriorate and I saw that this dude really doesn't know what the f*** he is doing. He was ALWAYS mad late to get on the webinar too. Suppose to start at 8pm and the very first day he was 10-15 mins late-- then every day after that it just got longer and longer. He even tried to get out of doing the 5th day, from a Friday all the way out to Monday because he "didn't even realize what time it was" and was apparently out. He was always saying in the group that he was on his way home and would be on in like 20 mins for the webinar and then it's like 8:45 almost 9pm before he even sends you the link to join. He only came on that Friday because several of us back to back text that we wanted it Friday not Monday and he must've realized we were pissed since he was always late and now wanted to push the date by 3 days for the final webinar. Then it's like 10-20 mins of him just looking at his charts, earlier trades, not addressing the group, and throwing some F-bombs around while he talks to himself and looks at his charts. I think he actually believes he is some sort of Forex master--- but what's crazy is he talks so much about it being 90% mental, 10% skillset and how you should NOT be emotional at all about your trades....meanwhile he's cursing left and right, worrying about his trades. He did a live entry on like day 3 or 4 and was regretting it the whole time. He would answer calls on the webinar too, even cut a webinar short when some "business" came up one night due to a Facebook ad that he was running for a MacBook giveaway got deleted and he was like "I have to end this webinar, I have some very important business that I need to call my business partners and programmer cuz I invested $400 into that ad and now it's gone". Like bro if you're freaking out that much over $400 potential loss that you gonna dis the whole class that paid you between $250-$700 depending on when they bought the 5-day course-- like if it hurts that bad to lose $400, then you shouldn't be teaching Forex cuz you're probably not even making much money if any at all. He said he has 9 businesses too- I can't see how he freaking out over $400 on a FB ad that got deleted that he needs to shut the whole webinar down like that and he was not at all professional about it or show any courtesy to say sorry before he goes. It's like really bro? He seems mad nice in his posts, but he's super cocky and will not hesitate to talk down anyone who questions him on the webinars. He and a lot of the thug-type people who are attracted to his perceived lifestyle just B.S. about cars and stupid stuff in the Technical Prosperity group chats that are suppose to be for continued learning and support once you finish the 5-Day course. Save your money and read BabyPips and if you want to watch some of his videos, get them for Free by searching his name on Google. There's a few old vids floating around in YouTube that he did.
dc, USA,
May 19, 2017,

Scam to say the least...... Dudes have no idea what they are doing... Learned about trading during marketing boom, taking advantage of curious people. Young and dumb guys failing.
Feb 25, 2017,

FIP is worthless, Keep your money!

Warning: This is an honest post, so it will be long!

Okay after much confusion and backlash to a youtube video I seen a day or two ago about FIP from a guy named Bruce Long, I decided to make a review myself since I was a member. I regret ever giving FIP my hard earned cash. Did I make profits under them, yes (enough to clear my investment fee), BUT as stated many times by other reviewers...what they teach is all on baby pips. There is nothing special about FIP AT ALL. I will break it down of why I left FIP.

1) TOO MUCH DRAMA! The admins CARE WAY TOO MUCH about self image and respect than they do about helping people be profitable. They recently ousted a great trader from the group because he was successful and helpful and ACTUALLY DID what the admins should have been doing...SUPPORTING their members. He was not even an admin nor got paid to do any support. He put out webinars weekly and helps many traders be very successful from what I seen. He even helped me out a bit as well. Anyways, the admins, particularly Ryan Gilpin thought this guy was out to ruin his "company he built from ground up" by market funneling them out of FIP and into his side business. I have no idea if any of that is true, and I dont care honestly. The bottom line, this dude actually helped people within FIP that were struggling to become profitable and asked nothing in return. Ryan set out to ruin his name, reputation etc. He has literally made it his life mission to ruin this dude. Very unprofessional and childlike in my opinion.

2) So when you join FIP, you get access to a TON of videos and webinars that you can watch. They are well put together and in a good sequence for the most part. However, they dont paint a clear picture of the "How" to trade in live markets. Instructional videos are nice and all but one thing they do lack is that the market will show you something new everyday and static videos dont help with that. So for me personally when I encountered this after watching every video by one of the admins 2 or 3 times and still had questions, I attended one of what they call "live webinars". I put it in quotes because it's not really live as in market live...they just go on a recording and show more past examples of trades. So in the end its not much different than the videos..actually less depth because there are too many idiots on there talking in thug language and too much banter and not enough professionalism. This takes away most of the value from the webinars! Okay so after attending a couple of these, I still had some questions. I did EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU IN VIDEOS. I watched multiple times, took A LOT of notes, marked up charts etc. So, when you sign up the description says 1 on 1 mentorship is available. So I figured I would take advantage of that so I PM one of the admins, Quillan Black, whom put out the video series I was following per my style of trading. For starters, it took him FOREVER to get back to me and when he did and I explained my issues in detail he said I need to watch the videos again. I was like.....huh?! But, me being determined to make this work I watched the videos a 3rd time, not gleaming anything new from the baby pips material taught by Quillan. So I go to him again and this time I request the 1 on 1 and he took FOREVER (starting to think at this point Forever In Profit actually means Forever In Wait) to get back to me. He finally responds and he recommends I take his 5 day premium mentorship course that costs 800.00 plus the flight costs/food/lodging to get to Florida where he lived. He said I would benefit from that because he thought since I wasnt getting the videos, that being with him in person would be my style. I was like WHAT?! For me, round trip costs for that week would be well over 2-3k. I was trying to be nice here but in my head I thought he was either mentally ill or just insane. So, in a nutshell I then send him my "homework/markup charts to review" and critique and you guessed it, he NEVER provided feedback.

I could go on and on....I should have never paid membership for a stupid group like this who has incredible amounts of disrespect for the members advancements and up sell on everything they supposedly offer for the lifetime one time fee.

I was completely sucked into the dream they sell to become rich beyond measure so thats why I joined in the end....just curiosity and it killed the cat!!!! All they show on their marketing propaganda is profits after profits, with no portfolio to show truth, no loses, LOTS of money literally being used as a napkins. They also COVER UP every trade balance and margin because they dont want to reveal that they are WAY OVER LEVERAGED and that they are literally one or two trades away from total account loss. Their cover story tho, is telling you that they dont want to display that because its like displaying your bank account. Oh and I forgot to mention, they are recommending ALL overseas brokers so you can obtain that 1000 to 3000 leverage they use BUT thats illegal by CFTC rules since they are US residents. By US law, they ARE NOT to market or solicit overseas brokers as a US resident, and if caught can be fined or imprisoned. They are dumb kids tho, probably dont have a clue about that.

If I wanted this "level" of support, I could go down the street to the nearest 18 year old that trades, and learn from him for free. I would get more out of it...........


Autrey M,
Feb 4, 2017,
Registered user

Jokes on us.

Save your funds and don't get trapped - currently in PayPal dispute on membership and will update once settled.

All information is poorly taught and available through Baby Pips (nothing new)

Was told often that we would get updates, new training vids, nothing ever came.
Webinars were a joke when actually done, most of the time during my 1 month there they weren't even done.
Banned the only good trainer and kicked folks who spoke up about drama/etc.

I was hoping to learn, instead, paid for less than mediocre training, nothing but drama, and then they try to swindle more money from you for 1 on 1 training and signal group they started...
Jan 1, 2017,

Find yourself a real mentor or invest in books

Real basic stuff. there site isn't so great. Always having problems signing in. I paid for 1 on 1 mentoring and would get a reply in 3 days or never at all. They say they would always be updating training but that was a lie. These guys are great traders but sorry to say they're courses are horrible. Pick up some books or go on youtube it will be much cheaper. I've been studying for over a year now and no I'm not just some hater who was lazy and didn't watch their training videos. i literally watched all their videos more then once took tons of notes.
save yourself from wasting money on this course! if you want to find a good mentor then look for someone who post good forex content and not just money and cars.
New York, USA,
Dec 28, 2016,

Basic training, nothing special here.

Where do I begin ? I joined these guys with hopes of perfecting my entries the way Mr. Cue does. I have not been able to duplicate his success. All of the instructors are very vague on how they take their entries, and never have they made any live trade calls. I've been trading for a while and I can tell you that transparency is key when learning. I've been following these guys since the Ward 3 days, and they have changed their trading style at lease 3 times . The search for perfecting our trading style never ends. I give then 2 stars for getting to where the are now, I'm not going to hate their hustle but admire it. If they really have the secret ingredient then they need to come with the necessary prof.
Where Im At, USA,
Nov 16, 2016,

They Wack Yo, Don't waste your money!

OMG............... Where do I start, these dudes training sucks! This is coming from someone with over 10 years trading experience, everything they teach is not consistent if you back test it over time. They don't have any proof of real results that's all they do is post screenshots that are probably demo accounts and will not provide a Myfxbook account for anything in the world! I know a dude who even offered them $1,000 dollars just to post a live MYFXBOOK account and they wouldnt do it......................... What ya'll got to hide bruh??????
They make lame excuses as to why they wont post to myfxbook.

But just think about if you showing of screen shots and bimmers, why would you flaunt your results???? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Stay far away, the only reason i joined was because i'll join almost any group or program for the opportunity to expand my knowledge of trading but I can honestly say I got nothing from this group but some laughs!
Nov 12, 2016,

You won't learn much if you already have basic Forex knowledge. I only joined to further my education but I didn't learn much because the stuff they teach was stuff I already knew. I'm not bashing the group in any way because I respect their hustle. Rico's training's are good though.

Nov 5, 2016 - 5 Stars Forever in Profit is one of the best options when in comes to learning how to trade hands down. All 3 of the founders know how to trade and are 100% transparent when in comes to showing their own results, whether its a big win or a loss they show it. The content on the website is everything you need to become a successful trader as long as you put in the time and effort to learn for yourself. They will help if you need extra clarity and of course they each offer the 1 on 1 classes if you please, but the best part is that they WILL NOT hold your hand so you are forced to become independent which is the only way to become a successful trader. In addition to the 30+ videos in the training website there's the facebook community that has 2000+ members that help with markups and confidence, also cant forget the weekly webinars held by the founders and established traders that are apart of FIP. If you want to be around people who are actually about trading and not just sign ups and all that fake stuff, then look no further FIP is where you should be.
Nov 11, 2016,

Hands down FIP is the best group to learn forex...They have sooo many different ways to approach the market because each trainer brings a different technique that can help anyone....They will answer any question even if it has constantly been asked before lol...I would definitely recommend FIP if you are seeking to learn how to trade.