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Updated: Sep 10, 2022
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2.429 • 3 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Manchester , United Kingdom,
May 20, 2017,

Don't bother!

Made up of videos with some guy reading from a script. The videos are only sometimes four minutes long yet the guy goes through his script twice! Glad I only spent $25 on this course rather than the very questionable $900!
Francis, USA,
Jan 17, 2017,

Great Course! I recommend it if you want to learn more about the Forex Market and want to become confident as you trade.

I was worried when I purchased this course because it was about $900.00. However, they must have made quite a lot of changes since they offered a $30.00 coupon because I found it to be quite useful and helpful. The great thing about the course is that there is free tutoring so if I didn't understand a concept they’d reach out to me.
For example, there are a lot of technical terms in Forex and when I submitted a question to them via their support panel to help explain it to me like I was a 2-year-old I typically received a response the same business day and the support staff are very supportive and knowledgeable.
The thing I like about it is that it's self-paced and so I was able to finish it according to my own schedule. If you don't have much of a knowledge in Finance like I did before taking the course they are good at teaching you some "baseline" financial topics so that you can help build upon that knowledge as you get accustomed to trading and can feel confident in your abilities.
I begin trading last month and have done fairly well as a result of taking this course and using a lot of their strategies. I’d recommend it to anyone!
Elaine Gardner
Poconos, Pa, USA,
Feb 29, 2016,

I signed up for this course through another website, offering a $30 coupon to take this advertised "$895" course. Another course through a different company, also gotten through a coupon from this site; had been EXCELLENT, so I was expecting similar quality.
This "course" is SO BAD, I'm not sure where to begin. Perhaps with the video "lessons"-which are nothing more than a grating computer voice, often repeating the same paragraph 2-3 times, for 7-11minutes. After each video is a text section-these range from fully copy & pasted Wikipedia pages to embedded pages from other educational websites (i.e.: DailyFX) to another obvious copy & paste job, cut-off in the middle of "Required Forex Definitions"; literally cut-off mid-definition!! The "quizzes" are copy/pasted sentences from these text sections either missing a word to be filled in by multiple choice; or set-up as a "True-False" question.

Everything about this "course" is completely disorganized and plaigerized. The sad thing is there are supposed "reviews" on the front page, bragging about the "great instructors"; when the page itself states there are NO "INSTRUCTORS"-only video lessons and quizzes. I sent numerous emails to these "helpful instructors", wondering if I was missing something-not one was replied to! I'm hoping this review might prevent someone from throwing almost $900 down the drain on a fraudulent "educational" opportunity!