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EdgedaleFinance.com (Greymountain) Review

Updated: Sep 4, 2018
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Edgedale Finance is part of the Greymountain Management group of binary and forex companies.  This group has a large number of FPA Traders Court vedicts against it.  The FPA considers all brokers which are part of this group to be scams and warns all traders to avoid depositing money with them.


Website created 2016-01-19.  Website claims the company has more than 5 years experience.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
EdgedaleFinance.com (Greymountain)

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Randy N,
May 30, 2018,
Registered user

Hello, I invested with Edgedale through a person calling himself Daniel Baker beginning sometime early 2016.
He was with VIP Options previously and moved my money from there to Edgedale.
Anyways, like everyone else I was never able to withdraw anything, even requests for $500 were ignored.
I had invested close to $4,000usd of my own and the account grew to the 66,000
They have disappeared from the web.
Did anyone ever resolve anything through Grey mountain and is it too late now to proceed with legal action?
Thanks to anyone that can shed light on this.
stephen thompson,
london, United Kingdom,
Jan 3, 2018,

having been persuaded/pressured into depositing several amounts totaling approx 2500 gbp my partner and myself have been unable to withdraw all of our investment with edgedale. have read many complaints since and wished we had never heard of these people. in our opinion they are just scammers be aware
Tania Baldi,
Oct 3, 2017,
Registered user


Hi everyone,
First sorry for my bad englich.
I living in Luxembourg, and a certain Dr Franz Georg Strauss from edgedale finance called me and talk to me in german, he told me if I invest I will have a better life for me and the kids, and I lost 3.000€, much money for me, I am a lonely mom with 2 kids. Know I tried to connect me at www.edgedalefinance.com but nothing happen. If somebody could help me and give me the name from a lawyer, it will be nice, if possible in franch or german. Thanks to all
Forex Peace Army
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Please visit this thread in the FPA's forums to learn more about the company behind Edgedale Finance...

Breda, Netherlands,
Sep 15, 2017,

What happened with the website of Edgedale?

Dear FPA or members,
I have an Edgedale account, but now I can't load the webpage anymore. I get the information that my computer can't find the DNS-adres of the server of the edgedale platform. Do you know what the reason of this could be. I have a large amount of money on this account. I'm quite worried about this. Please let me know if anyone know what the reason of this could be. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Forex Peace Army
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Please open a thread in the Scam Alerts folder of the FPA's forums for advice.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Mar 25, 2017,

Cheated by Edgedale - anyone with any info, please help

Like many here, Edgedale Finance invested 100,000 USD with Edgedale, made tonnes of money trading on my own, but refused a withdrawal. If any of you have information on the real location of this company or its owners, please send me a personal message; or if any of you have used lawyers that have helped you recover your funds. I am a single mother, and finances are not good at the moment; so will need to really be sure of the lawyer before I pay for anything else. Thanks in advance. 
South Africa,
Feb 4, 2017,
Registered user

Beware of Edgedale Finance they are scammers who will make you money and then not allow a withdrawal.

I wish to add my complaint about Edgedale Finance as they are a big scam.
1. On the 29th August 2016, I was contacted by a broker from Edgedale Finance calling himself Daniel Davis. He convinced me to open an account with $1,000 using my credit card. At the same time a verification was done by their Finance Department and I had to submit copies of my ID, credit card (with certain sections covered) and utility bill.
2. Thereafter, I started trading with Daniel Davis; doing some successful trades .
3. On the 22nd September 2016; Daniel calls me and requests me to do an insured trade on Gold. For this I must deposit $5,000 and the pay-out would be $3,320. He sends me the details of the trade which would take place between the 25th September and 5th October 2016. Thereafter, the profits would be made available and I can withdraw whatever funds I want.
4. On the same day (22nd September 2016) later on, a broker by the name of Roy Williams contacts me and says that he will be taking over my account and instructs me to deposit the $5,000 for the insured trade.
5. On the 23rd September 2016, Roy Williams, sends me the account details of a bank in Germany called Postbank, where I can wire transfer the money to; since I did not want to use my credit card.
6. After the 6th October 2016, all is well and the trade was successful and my account was credited with profits of the trade, as well as, my deposit. Thereafter, with some successful trading my account sat at +$12,000.
7. Then, on the 13th October 2016; I requested a withdrawal of $6,000. Thereafter, I kept sending emails to Roy Williams to process the withdrawal.
8. On the 18th October 2016; Roy Williams calls me and tells me about an insured trade on Samsung, taking place from the 18th to 25th October 2016. For this I need $25,000 and the pay-out would be $16,000. He insists I should go for the trade and thereafter withdraw whatever amount I want to. Since there was only $12,000 in my account, I told him I don’t have the additional $13,000 for the trade. He then said to me the company can give me an interest free loan of $13,000 for the trade; and when all is done and the pay-out is made I must deposit $13,000 and I will get back the $13,000 plus $16,000. I agreed and he went ahead with the trade.
9. By the 27th October 2016, the trade was successful and I had $13,000 plus $16,000 transferred to my account. My account was now sitting at $41,000.
10. On the 31st October 2016; Roy sends me the account details of Postbank in Germany where I should transfer the $13,000 to, in order to release the funds in my account.
11. Time goes by and I manage to get the account to +$62,000.
12. Roy then calls me on the 18th November 2016; to inform me that the $13,000 I deposited was lost in a trade; and that the company was going to compensate me $7,000 since it was their fault and he will make up the rest of the amount (ie $6,000) in a trade on my account.
13. This did happen and my account ended up at $70,241.54
14. Roy Williams also sent me the account details of Commerzbank in Germany to deposit the $13,000 and thereafter he would release whatever funds I requested.
15. I requested $42,000 plus the $7,000 the company was going to compensate me; which totals $49,000.
16. On the 21st November 2016, Roy Williams sends me a bank confirmation of the $49,000 from Commerzbank. This was the last I heard from Roy Williams and I never saw the funds.
17. I kept sending emails to the finance department; tried calling, but to no avail.
18. On the 5th January 2017, I receive an email and call from James Hall; who claims he works in the Finance Dept. He explains to me that Roy Williams has been fired for doing illegal trades, over the Christmas period with my account and others. This was without my knowledge apparently. As a result, there is some additional profits that have accrued to my account to the value of +$45,000. He tells me that he has taken over the account and will be assisting me in whatever withdrawal I want from the account. However, I need to make a deposit of $5,000 as coverage and then he will approve whatever funds I want to withdraw.
19. On the 6th January 2017, I then went ahead and deposited $5,000 into a Commerzbank account he give me. I also requested the full $70,000 to be withdrawn which he agreed to.
20. Since then I have been waiting, and James Hall no longer answers my emails.

I have approached a law firm to tackle these thugs and reported them to the UK fraud police. This company is a big scam...and must be brought down.
Санкт-петербург, Russian Federation,
Jan 12, 2017,


I want to complain about unjust, legally unforeseeable, illegitimate and unacceptable actions of remote binary betting operator - Edgedale Finance (EDF) and commerzbank and Deutche Bank and its unmotivated refusal to let me withdraw funds in a total amount of insured 400,000 (four hundred thousand USD) I made trading binary options with Edgedaie Finance at the website EdgedaleFinance.com. According to the information at the operator's website, EDF is located in London. It has the address, e-mail address, telephone, and fax numbers for contacts. In numerous phone conversations and disputes with Russian speaking employees of EDF I have always been told that they are dealing with my bets from London. As they informed me, Edgedale Finance is a 'law-abiding' company because it is incorporated into the Registrar of Companies House for England and Wales and has got all the necessary licenses for operating binary options trades.
I have been trading binary options at EdgeaaleFinance.com since February 2016. As at 11:38 (Moscow time), 15 August 2016, I had 300,000 (three hundred thousand USD) on my trading account. With no written or verbal consent and orders from me to bid on my behalf, the account manager of EDF Mr. Platon Titov unlawfully performed transactions worth of 298,750 (two hundred and ninety-eight thousand seven hundred and fifty USD), thereby wasting my funds on his own discretion. Despite objections I had made in phone conversations with Mr.Titov, the latter performed other transactions on my behalf between 12:43 (Moscow time) 31 August 2016, and 13:49 (Moscow time) 1 September 2016, slashing my funds from 207,290 (two hundred and seven thousand two hundred and ninety USD ) to 10 (ten USD), in response to my direct ban on further trading on my behalf, Mr. Titov threatened to close my trading account and terminate the access to services provided by EDF.Having had an unlimited access to my trading account, Mr. Titov deliberately, and obviously exceeding his competence, with no explanations cancelled all my attempts to withdraw funds from my trading account in EDF in order to transfer them on the individual bank card's account, as follows:
at 19:52 (Moscow time) 13 May 2016, in the amount of 33,000 (thirty-three thousandUSD);at 17:17 (Moscow time) 12 August 2016, in the amount of 62,000 (sixty-two thousand USD);
at 16:32 (Moscow time) 15 August 2016, in the amount of 62,000 (sixty-two thousand USD);
at 15:42 (Moscow time) 17 August 2016 in the amount of 1,000 (one thousand USD);
at 17:41 (Moscow time) 23 August 2016, in the amount of 90,790 (ninety thousand seven hundred and ninety USD).
Whenever I had tried to withdraw funds from my trading account, Mr. Titov phoned me and threatened to terminate access to Edgedalefinance.com, accompanying his threats by insulting my nationality and religious affiliation.
Mr. Platon Titov, as well as EDF's account manager Mr. Viktor Malyshev and insurance manager Mr. Mark Smirnov, taking advantage of the fact that I could neither speak or read English, deliberately misled me about the conditions of the Insurance Statements of so-called 'risk free trading sessions' and persuaded me to sign them. Above mentioned 'EDF' employees (Mr. Platon Titov, Mr. Viktor Malyshev, Mr. Mark Smirnov) had promised me that I would be able to withdraw all my funds on the personal bank card anytime I wished. In compliance with the Insurance Statements I had insured my possible losses to the total value of 400,000 (four hundred thousand USD):
Insurance Statement with insured amount of 100,000 (one hundred thousand USD) signed by me on 9 August 2016 and Edgdale Finance CEO Mr. David Goldenberg, account manager Mr. Viktor Malyshev.
Insurance Statement with insured amount of 190,801.00 (one hundred and ninety thousand eight hundred and one USD) signed by me on 19 August 2016 and Edgdale Finance CEO Mr. David Goldenberg and insurance manager Mr. Mark Smirnov.
Insurance Statement with insured amount of 109,199 (one hundred nine thousand one hundred ninety nine USD) signed by me on 19 August 2016, along with Edgdale Finance CEO Mr. David Goldenberg and account manager Mr. Viktor Malyshev.
The total insurance price amounted to 28,275 (twenty eight thousand two hundred and seventy-five USD), particularly significant sum of money for me that I transferred to EDF.
However, despite of all efforts I made to withdraw my funds, the above-named EDFemployees cancelled all my attempts without giving any explanations and did not allow me to get my money back.
I would never have signed aforementioned statements and bought the insurance if I had known beforehand there would be no reimbursement of insured risks. More than that, I have never seen the terms and conditions of 'risk free trading sessions' insurance at Edgedalefinance.com, neither before signing the statements nor thereafter.
I can confirm the described circumstances by the computer screenshots of my activity at trading account in EDF and aforesaid Insurance Statements, the account's Terms and Conditions (all are enclosed).
Edgedaie Finance faiied to answer my letter of request dated 16 September and the letter of claim dated 21 November, 2016 which makes me believe that I suffered considerable loss due to criminal misconduct of EDF.
All the money I paid as an insurance price were transffered on to the account in commerzbank # DE58300400000302331400
Deutche Bank Trust Company Americas # 30114840690008404699.
On 20 of December 2016 EDF withdrawed as a bonus 415903 $ USD from my trading account
campbelltown , Australia,
Oct 24, 2016,
Registered user

i officially opened an account with edgedale finance on the 12th of july 2016 and have been feeling sick ever since. i have tried to stay positive and trusted there word saying i would get my withdrawal but all they have been doing is pull my leg and drag it and i am fed up.
I have requested for an withdrawal many times and for a period of time it would just be in a pending statues then it always gets cancelled.
this is a large amount of money i can not afford to lose and i will do what ever it takes to get my much needed money returned.
Eugene Williams,
South Africa,
Aug 25, 2016,
Registered user

I started trading with edgedale finance with $250 my profits grew quickly and I was very impressed I was then convinced by my broker Mike Fisher to invest $25000 more he promised that the trade we'll be going into is 100% insured after the trade was closed last week he promised me that I will get a refund from the finance dept I still have all his emails and proof of the money that I deposited I also asked him to call me on several occasions to find out when exactly will I have my money but instead he ignores my calls and emails these guys are real scammers people please stay away.
Aug 21, 2016,
Registered user

Stay away from this company.

They promise that your money is safe and they will tell you that they will manage your money for up to 10% risk to your original deposit. All will go well until the time when you decide to withdraw, then you will be locked out of your account and will not get any responses from your account manager.