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3.827 • 45 REVIEWS
Updated: Mar 5, 2024


Established: 2015
3.827 • 45 REVIEWS

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Lucas Lauer
Brazil, Brazil,
Jun 1, 2023,
Registered user

One of the best

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I'm a funded trader and I'm using ForexGDP services along with two other very reliable services.

I must say that the consistency of their signals and their low drawdown is just unbelievable. You can easily make 5% per month with a 1-1.5% drawdown on your account.

They usually hit only one or two stop loss per month from 15-20 signals. Other signals are profit or break even (if you follow their rules correctly). On May, which was probably their worst month, got 2 SL and I still made 4% on my funded account (using 1% risk per trade). If you use 2% risk per trade you can easily make 8-12% per month with them with low DD.

They are my TOP 2 signal provider. I really recommend them to everyone out there.
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gampaha, Sri Lanka,
Oct 1, 2019,
Registered user

Forexgdp signals are Accurate and well analyzed

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I am following their forex signals for 2 years. My forex trading skill has increased a lot and also my account size grown up well. their signals and analysis are sent exactly at accurate price and accurate time. i like it more because i can't watch for good opportunities always, the forexgdp team notify me the good trade setup easier. thanks to the team.
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Nairobi, Kenya,
Aug 22, 2019,
Registered user

Good analysis and signals receiving on right time

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I have subscribed to 6 months supreme signals before 4 months back. Still now their signals are good and reliable. i have tried their free service for 2 weeks, then joined in supreme signals. They are providing accurate analysis on right time that really helps me to maintain good profits on my trading account. if you follow their signal guidance properly, you would be in good profits now. Their trading strategy is working well as it depends on volume, time, technical patterns, candlesticks and price action.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Sep 14, 2018,
Registered user

Welldone God Bless You

ForexGDP is real. They are very honesty but you need to follow their instruction. I join as a free subscriber. The result was good i have joined the paid group and all their signal are profitable for now. you need to be patience and follow the trade. many are impatient and follow the money management. I lost in only one signal because of my greed, i set too high lot size for a small deposit. All other signal were successful. i am planning to go for Supreme Plan once my subscription is due. I recommend them
Active user from Nigeria
home, Germany,
Mar 14, 2018,

Bad service, dont show from 10 losing trades only 1 in the performance, Fake like a lot other providers

Nov 4, 2017 - 1 Star a lot of lose trades they dont show on the Webpage(performance) or at whatsapp.I ask them 20 times, why i dont get a Infos about the lose trades.No Answer

Recent User Reviews of ForexGDP

Limpopo, South Africa,
May 4, 2022,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
They are very doing an excellent job to keep you motivated to never give up don't let your emotions to get the best of you and not being greedy and they give out the best signals ever
CDMX, Mexico,
Jan 11, 2022,
Registered user

Strong Analysis... wait for the trend to form if any.

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
To be completely fair about my last review, I have a talk with the people at ForexGDP. What we can agree is that their analysis is strong... in my point of view if each one of us takes that analysis just as a reference and wait for the trend to form according to the analysis it would be better, because it forms less that expected and will end up hitting the SL or consolidating around breakeven with no real gain for several days. So if you want to use their analysis and plan from your side a pending order until the trend is really formed would be better. Sometimes, market is moving slow and I need to wait for long time.

I recommend ForexGDP to provide more pending order trade signals so that we can catch the trade at better entry. I will keep following your updates. thank you for the service.

Jan 4, 2022 - 1 Star The only way they make money is by taking it out from you. No way they follow their own signals. I went for the premium 6 months service.. so bad I start measuring and let them know their results, basically they answer they have other data and they where stop at brake even.. This are the numbers, you will receive 3-4 signals a week with SL and 3 TP. During the last 2 months only 3 signals got to TP1, none to TP2 or above, the rest of the signals bascially went to SL and 6 at brake even running them for more than a week... so we are talking about 60% went to SL. Better flip a coin.
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Reply by FOREXGDP submitted Jan 12, 2022:
Good morning Yulo, Thank you for your suggestions on requesting us to provide more pending order trade signals. Instead of blindly believing in the signals. We always want you to know and understand the reason for taking each trade signal on your account. So, we are providing all signals to you with the chart analysis and a clear explanation for buying or selling the trade. This helps you to place and hold the trade with confidence on your trading account. We always want to help you to understand the reason behind every signal so that you can earn as well as improve your trading skills simultaneously with our service. I understand that you are the new trader started to use our service from the 3 months of trading experience, For all new traders, we always recommend trading with demo account or trade with a small balance micro account type to get enough confidence to go live in trading. You can go through our free educational videos, Trading awareness, and training on our site. I understand most of the recent trades are closed at an entry price (break even) due to a lack of market movement. But the growth will be there consistently in a safe way. Example: If 3 signals closed at break even and 2 hits the take profit, you still stay in profit and if the market makes a big movement, you will get big profits. You need to be patience and wait for the market to react. Please keep following our signal guidance completely. After the signal reaches Target 1, please close some of your trade position and change your Stop loss price to Entry price for chasing further targets with ZERO risk. At all the market conditions, We always want you to trade safe using our signal rules. Market keep changing always, however we focus on safety as the first priority in our service. There may be some losing trades, but not all of it. Also, if you do lose on the winning trades that can be because of your improper money management. Please trade as per the money management that we recommend in our signal rules. Example: For a 1000 USD account, use 0.05 lot maximum per signal. Don't risk more than 2% on a single trade. Stop loss is used to limit your loss, not to lose all your money in the trading account. Trading on your account is like driving a vehicle. If you drive without following the driving rules, you will definitely get into an accident. Similarly, if you don't follow the trading rules, your trading account gets into an accident. Placing a high lot in trading is like driving high speed in the traffic road. You will feel the same nervousness. Please respect the trading rules properly for successful trading. We always want to help you to improve your trading skills with great guidance in any situation. Try our free service first until you get satisfied, later you can join in the paid plan anytime. If you need any help or have any questions, please contact us here: (or) We are ready to help you always Thank you.
Australia, Australia,
Nov 22, 2021,
Registered user

Best signals provider overall?

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
My first review on Forexgdp signals was over 6 years ago and back then I gave the service 5 star however 5 years forward much has change and let's break it down into details why in my opinions this service still deserve 5 star.

Forexgdp used to be market execute signal this could be a problem since time differences for a lot of people however since a few years ago they change it into zone entry which mean it is alot more forgiving for those who is not on their mobile 24/7. This is the example :Buy AUDCHF at any price between 0.6740 until 0.6715. Most of the signals are sent around New York 10 - 11 AM.

This is the biggest change in my opinion, I have to say the signals used to be high 80% accuracy but now is less than that. Signals are send with 3 different TPs. There are very specific rule the company provide regarding signals and if follow properly it will eliminate alot of unnecessary SL.

SL: 20-30% of the trade will hit SL this is just a nature of Forex trading,
Tp1: This is where the money being made,out of all the wining trades 80% will hit TP1
Tp2: Very rare in between and only happen every now and then and only when market trending,
Tp3: Near non existing.
Breakeven: 40% of signals sent will ended up breakeven.

By risking 0.5% per trade and properly following the guideline I could comfortably make around 4-6% per month. This is alot if you ever become a funded trader. So, in my opinion with the amount of work vs the result gained Forexgdp deserve 5 rating. I do not affiliated with the company just another happy customer.

Aug 25, 2016 - 5 Stars In my knowledge Forex GDP provide 2 services, one is trading course and the other one is trading signals.

Trading course:

I purchased one of the cheapest trading course which provided by Forex GDP and I have to say I do not gain much from the course. This is not because the course/strategy does not work but this is due I already familiar with the course. I commend Forex GDP for the course because the course is presented through Skype 1 on 1 training and not 'go watch the video or read the book' type of training. Therefore I really think this is a huge huge sell point for Forex GDP. Even though I gained nothing from the course I am very satisfy with the presenter and with the way how the course is presented. Forex GDP over huge range of Forex training course from short term, long term, basic, advance and all the way to news training. I only purchase one course from wide selection therefore I can only share my experience about that one course.

Signal Service.

I personally have tried so many Forex signals, range from dirt cheap and all the way up to $350 / month fee. I have to say there is only one other provider who can come close to Forex GDP in term of accuracy. With the right risk management and enough capital one can replace their full time income with the signals from Forex GDP. In term of accuracy Forex GDP is 85%+. One can claim their are 90% accurate but talk is cheap. I can vouch Forex GDP it is what they claim. BUT, do not take my word for it coz' Forex GDP do provide free signals. Just subscribe free signals with them and let the result speak for itself.

Note: The other review claimed they lose all of their fund by following the signal from Forex GDP, I really not sure how it is possible. Forex GDP always reminded their clients to not risk more than 3% per trade so for them to blow someone's account it will take 33 consecutive losing trades to do so. For the last 4 months I have been with them I never have more than 2 consecutive losing trade, so again I really not sure how it is possible for them to blow their account.

Hope this review helps.
Reply by FOREXGDP submitted Jan 12, 2022:
Thank you for using our service for 6 years continuously.

In our service, we focus mostly on the safety and protection of the trade position. I could see you have improved more now in trading using our service.

Patience is the key to success in trading in any financial market. As you said, Emotions play a big role in managing the money on the trading account.

Emotional Intelligence is very important than trading knowledge. Control your emotions by using small lots in your trading.

In trading, Keep your mind stronger than your emotions. But how is that possible?


Step 1: Learn more = Gain Knowledge = Confidence to enter and exit the trade with patience.

When your intelligence goes up in trading, your emotions go down automatically.

Every Emotions play a big role in Trading

Trading Success = 80% Emotion + 20% knowledge.

After learning a lot of successful strategies, still people fail because of not knowing how to handle their emotions.

You can't avoid emotions, but you can reduce your emotions by reducing your trading account leverage to 1:50 or 1:100

Reduce the leverage, take the correct lot size depend on money management. Don't open too many trades in the same Asset.

Step 2: change your habit of trading with a big lot into a small lot. Gain confidence in holding that small lot trade until it reaches your target level (Stop Loss or Take Profit).

Practice this at least for a few days to get confident and disciplined on holding the trade.

Once you have done this with patience, you will become a better trader than most of the traders out there.

We always want you to trade with confidence on your account.
Moldova, Moldova, Republic of,
Oct 26, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live
I monitor also their free service. Only one trade in 10 days. People who are subscribed to Premium service post some statistics of their result not only words. Trading is statistics not only words !
Chege Natorin
Nairobi, Kenya,
Nov 25, 2019,
Registered user

Free signals are good, but premium and supreme signals are even more better

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Forexgdp free signals are good for any new traders who get a chance to try their forex signals for free. But, their premium and supreme signal services are even more better because i get more good opportunity forex signals when comparing to free service. I tried their free service for few days and got satisfied with it. Later joined in 3 months premium service, it is fine. but i still need more signals, so i upgraded to supreme signals, it is more better now. Their forex market analysis is very good which helps me to catch the best entry price.

Recently, i took Gold XAU/USD sell trade at 1515 price by seeing their analysis on website. i just made + 4000 Points profit in 1 trade. The special thing about their analysis is, they publish market analysis only at good trade opportunities. This gold trade posted when the gold is standing at the strong resistance level. i am learning how to trade well from their signal service. it's going good for me with improvements on my account.
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