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Updated: Dec 11, 2018
3.923 · 34 REVIEWS
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3.923 · 34 REVIEWS
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Johannesburg, South Africa,
Nov 29, 2018,
Registered user

Very useless service

After free signals doing the good job i have took tym with my team to try the subscription service which at this very moment is so terrible... They post good setups results and only post few loosing setups like the GBPNZD OS POSTED BUT THE EURAUD LOSS IS NOT POSTED AS IT DD THE MOST DAMAGE... I DO NOT TRUST THEM ANY MORE AFTER CAREFUL OBSERVATION OF THEIR WORK... THEY ARE TO GOOD ON THEIR WEBSITE BUT GO ON SUBSCRIPTION PLAN AND UL SEE THE REALEST SIDE OF THEM... WE HAVE EMAILED THEM TO ASK IF WE MISSING ANY INSTRUCTIONS OR WHAT BUT NOTHING AS YET but they do not hesitate whenever u enquire about their service as a potential client.... We just have to learn this thing on oir own i guess... They are worse than me but they have the confidence to gv signals of sun extetic degree tht ul nvr even thnk ul loose the trade
Chonburi, Thailand,
Nov 26, 2018,
Registered user

After joining forexgdp.com i learn to stay silent and watching my trading account without doing over trade.

forexgdp.com is updating the forex market analysis at correct entry point at correct time. I have subscribed for 12 months premium service.

Last month, I took AUD/CAD Buy trade by seeing their analysis message "AUD/CAD reached the bottom level 0.914 after a long time of 3 years. Previously, AUD/CAD reached this 3 year low on September 2015, now in October 2018 it reached the same price level. whenever market reaches this price, there is always an immediate reversals happened in last 2 times in the year 2015 and 2013. we can expect a very good opportunity to take the trade at this time". they explained the strong technical reasons clearly. I believed their analysis and took the Buy trade with 4 lots, now i'm in profit of 18,700$ with just single trade. I have never traded with AUD/CAD, but using forexgdp signals, I made profit on AUD/CAD.

As per the forexgdp guidance, I have closed half of my trade position with 9k profit and moved my stop loss to entry price for making big profit without risk. Now, i'm free and happy to see my trading account growing slowly without stress on my mind. I have avoided doing over trade and keep following only their signals and analysis which is enough for me to make good profits than my own trading.
Abuja, Nigeria,
Nov 12, 2018,
Registered user

Forexgdp signals are best if you follow their signal guidance properly

Forexgdp is providing real forex signal service, I have joined in their free forex signal service on February 2018, tried it for three months. Next, I have registered for 6 months supreme signal service. I could say that their signal have good winning ratio. But we should have to follow their signal guidance properly to make heavy profits, because forexgdp team is very clever in choosing the right entry point and their exit strategy is based on time and volatility. They have unique trading method which is more successful if we follow with care. If you are going to follow forexgdp, please read their signal guidances completely. Try their free signal service until you get confidence and satisfaction. Once you get confidence to join in paid signal plan, you are ready to make profits. They are very good signal quality providers when compared to most of the other providers.
India, India,
Oct 27, 2018,

Worst signal service

This signal services gave me 15 signals
11 signal failed 550 dollar loss for me...
4 signal only reached target 200 dollar gained ...
After your premium subscription signal service I have lost 350 dollar loss... I trust them but they have failed me ... worst signal service ever ... return back my money

Don't worst signal service forex GDP
Kansas City, USA,
Sep 20, 2018,

I am satisfied with their good quality trading signals

I have tried many forex signal services, but forexgdp is different from others. they provide signals only at good trade opportunities in forex market. I am using their service for long time, Their Education programs and forex signals are great to improve my trading skills. Thumbs up to their Hardwork.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Sep 14, 2018,
Registered user

Welldone God Bless You

ForexGDP is real. They are very honesty but you need to follow their instruction. I join as a free subscriber. The result was good i have joined the paid group and all their signal are profitable for now. you need to be patience and follow the trade. many are impatient and follow the money management. I lost in only one signal because of my greed, i set too high lot size for a small deposit. All other signal were successful. i am planning to go for Supreme Plan once my subscription is due. I recommend them
Active user from Nigeria
Joshua p,
Digos, Philippines,
Jun 10, 2018,
Registered user

Forexgdp taught me to trade myself with care instead of blindly following the signals. They help me good.

Please don't ignore the guidance and advises given by forexgdp. Follow them to learn the market in real time. I have learnt the patience, self discipline and good trading strategies from them. forexgdp.com is nice forex website for learning the market and making some profits seriously with their signal services. They clearly mentioned in their signal guidance about handling the trade signals with care. Example : you can move the stop loss to entry price for safe trading and have chances to make big profits without stress. Those who don't follow their guidance properly and doing own trading mistakes have chances to loss money.

I am active supreme subscriber from last 9 months, they post all profit and losing trades with the technical reasons for buying and selling in the market. it really helps everyone to understand and learn why they give buy or sell trade signals. They are very transparent to share their trading strategies in real market time. you can learn a lot of useful market information from them.

At starting time of my signal subscription, i don't know how to follow their signals properly, i am very lazy to read all their signal guidance because it looks big. Later, i read their guidance page and set my mind to handle the trade signals with care. Now i am making good profits with their signal service. I recommend the users to read their signal guidance completely without laziness and follow their education analysis and advises to become good trader. They taught me to trade myself with care instead of blindly following the signals. forexgdp is my favorite forex mentoring service, they help me to learn and get profits in forex market.
Jun 6, 2018,

Be very careful they do not put all their trades on their site meaning all the lost trades.
Kevin roo,
Port of spain, Trinidad and Tobago,
Apr 16, 2018,
Registered user

Signals are very useful and helped me to earn good profits from last 1.5 years

I am using forexgdp supreme signals for last 1.5 years, their signals are fantastic. Here are the reasons for staying active member in forexgdp for long time:

1) Forexgdp analyst team provide signals only at good opportunities available in the market. they advice me, don't trade forex market all the time, trade only at good opportunities. I believe this is the best advice every trader should follow to get self discipline in trading.

2) I can control and handle my emotions easier with the help of forexgdp signals.

3) If market is making big movements, you can make big profits with their signals. If market is moving slow or making small movements, you need patience to hold your trade for sometime. I learn this trading patience and got confidence on my trades with the help of their signals and guidance.

4) The direction of their signals are mostly accurate, sometimes market moving between the entry price levels and make zig zag moves, but if you wait with patience and see the market trend, it always move in their signal direction at the end. I believe their signals strongly follow the trend.

5) Good opportunities in the market are visible to me easier with forexgdp signals. whenever they send me signals, i am very sure, they send signals with strong technical reasons behind it. They are completely different than other signal providers. Forexgdp focus on providing good quality signals instead of more quantity signals. i like their approach.

I have earned around 142k$ in 1.5 years from their supreme signals. If you want to try their signals, you can try their free service until you satisfied, later you can join in paid signal plans. I have joined in their supreme signals after getting 2 months free service. i am very satisfied with their signals till now.

Forexgdp is providing very good signal service and great education support. thanks to the dedicated team.
David Vlado,
Nis, Serbia and Montenegro,
Mar 21, 2018,
Registered user

I learnt the true patience in trading. hats off to forexgdp team

Forexgdp team members are great market experts, no doubt about it. I am using their signal services for more days, it is good. Some of the users blame their service, because they ignore the forexgdp advices, trading on their own and not following proper money management on the account. At starting stage, i didn't have patience to hold my trade. i have joined in forexgdp course and my mind has got changed completely by their experts guidance.

I am willing to share, how did i get the patience mindset from the below example given by forexgdp mentor.

If you are going to your destination place by Train, you should stay patience on the train until it reaches your destination right? what happens, if you get into the train and get out of the train in next railway station or if you get out at some railway station which is at the middle of your destination? You can't reach your destination place right? The only way to reach your destination is, you should be in the train with patience until it reaches your destination area.

Similar to this train example, In forex trading, you should stay in the trade until it reaches the target price. For safety purpose, you can move your stop loss to entry price to chase the market for making big profits without any risk. HODL your trade with patience.

This example helps me to change my trading habits completely. Learn from forexgdp team, they are guiding wonderfully.