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Updated: Aug 9, 2018
1.376 · 9 REVIEWS
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AG-Markets is a forex broker. AG-Markets offers the MT4 and MT Mobile forex trading top platform. AG-Markets.com offers over 20 forex currency pairs, indices, energies, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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1.376 · 9 REVIEWS
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Guatemala, Guatemala,
Aug 8, 2018,
Registered user

agmarkets, agmarketsbroker,agmarketsestafa

It's about 6 months, in which the company AGMarkets, through its advisers Wilson Fernández, Diego López, does not want to take over my account, arguing that they will leave the retirement department in charge; thing that the department never answers emails, or refer you to the consultant again.
They keep you distracted, and do not solve anything; on the contrary, they get upset if you demand your rights and money invested.

Son 6 meses aproximadamente, en la cual la empresa AGMarkets a través de sus asesores Wilson Fernández, Diego López, no se quieren hacer cargo de mi cuenta, argumentando que dejaran a cargo al departamento de retiros; cosa que el departamento nunca responde correos, o te remiten con el asesor nuevamente.
Te mantienen distraído, y no resuelven nada; al contrario se molestan si les reclamas tus derechos y dinero invertido.

Jun 11, 2018 - 1 Star Since November 2018 I am a client of AGMarkets, from that date to today, from what I have spent since that date I have only been able to withdraw $ 150, since two months ago they changed my adviser, the former was Wilson Fernández (who was supposedly dismissed for rebellion and bad management), is currently Diego López, this person asked me to deposit more money to the account, supposedly as payment of a penalty that would serve to withdraw all my capital invested, two months ago I contacted him and the company different media, and they do not solve me or become indifferent; to this day my supposed adviser decided not to take my case, leaving it unresolved. Apparently it is a company that is dedicated to cheat and deceive its customers, offering profits and others, which in the end never answer you and appropriate your capital and profits.

Desde noviembre 2018 soy cliente de AGMarkets, de esa fecha para el día de hoy, de lo invertido desde esa fecha únicamente he podido retirar $150, desde hace dos meses me cambiaron de asesor, el anterior era Wilson Fernández( que lo despidieron supuestamente por rebeldía y mal gestión), actualmente es Diego López, esta persona me solicito depositar mas dinero a la cuenta, supuestamente como pago de una penalización que siriviría para poder retirar todo mi capital invertido, hace dos meses que me he contactado con el y la empresa por diferentes medios, y no me resuelven o se hacen indiferentes; hasta el día de hoy mi supuesto asesor decidió no llevar mi caso, dejandolo sin resolver. Al parecer es una empresa que se dedica a estafar y engañar a sus clientes, ofreciendo ganancias y demás, que al final nunca te contestan y se apropian de tu capital y ganancias.
Bolivia, Bolivia,
Jul 18, 2018,
Registered user

No estoy pudiendo retirar fondos de mi cuenta a ag markets, espero respuesta y nada

3 weeks ago there is no response from the financial advisor of ag markets Diego Lopez maintains an operation open almost 3 months ago where the swap of that operation is already almost $ 1,000, this same operation opened in May 2018 had benefits and not the Hill.
It is obvious that ag markets do not want to return my money invested, I ask Forex Peace Army that after all these negative statements against ag markets they can send a vote to label them as SCAM.

Hace 3 semanas que no hay ninguna respuesta por parte del asesor financiero de ag markets Diego Lopez mantiene una operacion abierta hace casi 3 meses donde el swap de esa operacion ya va casi 1.000$ , esta misma operacion abierta en mayo 2018 tenia beneficios y no la cerro.
Es obvio que ag markets no quiere devolver mi dinero invertido, solicito a Forex Peace Army que despues de todas estas declaraciones negativas en contra de ag markets puedan mandar a votacion para etiquetarlos como SCAM.

Jul 6, 2018 - 1 Star Until today there is no withdrawal by ag markets, they have an open operation EURUSD since April 27, 2018, in May we had benefits in this pair and they did not close it, ag markets wants to be all the time with open operations not to make withdrawals .

Hasta hoy no hay retiro por parte de ag markets, ellos tienen una operacion abierta EURUSD desde el 27 de abril 2018, en Mayo tuvimos beneficios en este par y no la cerraron, ag markets quiere estar todo el tiempo con operaciones abiertas para no efectuar retiros.

Jun 25, 2018 - 1 Star I still do not have a refund of my capital from AG Markets, I have access to my account that is maintained with benefits, but nothing that authorizes me to withdraw.

You can not make withdrawals with AG Markets. They only ask for money and operate the accounts at their own will and convenience of themselves.

Todavia no tengo reembolso de mi capital por parte de AG Markets, tengo acceso a mi cuenta que se mantiene con beneficios, pero nada de que me autoricen retiro.

No se puede hacer retiros con AG Markets. Ellos solo piden dinero y operan las cuentas a su propia voluntaf y conveniencia de ellos mismos.

Jun 15, 2018 - 1 Star After almost 2 weeks, the ag markets financial advisor answers me, who tells me that in my active account, in which there is a profit of $ 22,900, there is a capital of $ 20,500. My deposit was $ 4,500. There is an open operation with a loss. $ 2,800 and tells me that in case of closing this operation, I will be left without a single cent in my account, please, not even a fool can believe that, it is a simple skill to ask for more money and not return the capital I invested almost 5 months ago, and I still do not have a single withdrawal authorized by them.
We are several people affected by this broker.

Despues de casi 2 semanas me reponde el asesor financiero de ag markets, quien me dice que en mi cuenta activa, en la que hay beneficio de 22.900$ hay un capital de 20.500$ mi deposito fue de 4.500$ hay una operacion abierta con una perdida de 2.800$ y me dice que en caso de cerrar esta operacion, me voy a quedar sin un solo centavo en mi cuenta, porfavor, ni un tonto puede creer eso, es una simple maña para pedir mas dinero y no devolverme el capital que inverti hace ya casi 5 meses, y todavia no tengo un solo retiro autorizado por ellos.
Somos varias personas afectadas por este broker.

Jun 12, 2018 - 1 Star Ag markets is in a position of absence, does not respond to my emails sent or answered by the financial advisor.
They are not supposed to give good attention to their customers.
I just want to recover the investment I made, I'm not asking for something that does not belong to me, I have an active account with AGMarkets with benefits and in my contract it indicates that I can make withdrawals after 3 months and I have been with them for more than 4 months.

Ag markets esta en una posicion de ausencia, no responde a mis mails enviados ni me contesta el asesor financiero.
No se supone que tendrian que dar una buena atencion a sus clientes.
Solo quiero recuperar la inversion que hice, no estoy pidiendo algo que no me corresponde, tengo una cuenta activa con AGMarkets con beneficios y en mi contrato indica que puedo hacer retiros despues de 3 meses y yo ya llevo mas de 4 meses con ellos.

Jun 9, 2018 - No Rating Unfortunately the AG Markets did not speak for my withdrawal request, I do not see why they do not want to return the capital I invested, the advisor tells me that there are pre-operations carried out by a previous advisor and can not be canceled, that they will be opened automatic way, until I run out of equity in my account ???
I will keep you updated to see if this broker actually makes withdrawals or not.

Lastimosamente los de AG Markets no se pronunciaron para mi solicitud de retiro, no veo porque no quieren devolverme el capital que inverti, el asesor me dice que existen pre operaciones efectuadas por un anterior asesor y no se las puede cancelar, que se iran abriendo de manera automatica, hasta que me quede sin patrimonio en mi cuenta???
Los tendre al tanto para ver si realmente este broker efectua retiros o no.

Jun 4, 2018 - No Rating Good morning, I am a customer of AG Markets since 4 months ago, my advisor shows me in my account there are profits and I already requested a withdrawal that I was denied indicating that I did not have a good margin available, something I do not believe, after several times have asked for withdrawal from my account, I had no favorable response, today I made an additional request to the mails of AG Markets, I hope to have an answer until this Friday, June 8, once I have an answer I will let you know.

Buenos dias, yo soy cliente de AG Markets desde ya hace 4 meses, mi asesor me muestra en mi cuenta hay ganancias y ya solicite un retiro que me negaron indicando que no tenia buen margen disponible, asunto que no creo, despues de varias veces de haber pedido retiro de mi cuenta, no tuve respuesta favorable, hoy hice una solicitud adicional a los mails de AG Markets, espero tener respuesta hasta este viernes 8 de junio, una vez tenga respuesta les hare saber.

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Forex Peace Army
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Jul 17, 2018,
Registered user

withdrawal problems

At the advice of my lawyer, I requested the withdrawal of my account in a way that I was judicially protected. My accessor in a desperate attempt to get hold of my money sent me the following answer. "you will be fined USD 17,000 of which I will notify you that you will have to pay USD 9500 as your current account balance does not reach the same"
I tried to access them through the phones but all disconnected.
I forward the emails below and request the AG-markets to clarify this criminal act.
I would like to know what Carlos Ferrer (CEO of AG Markets) has to say about this, and what he thinks of the performance of Erilane Anastascio as a representative of his company.

My email:
Dear broker,

Due to past two weeks results on my account (2121160644) that was based in different strategy (just after my first request for withdraw of a little part of my profits), I no longer autorize you to manage my account. I´ve changed metatrader password and I´ve closed all the open positions. I´m not going to open any positions for now.

I appreciate your attention until this moment and I need to know how I must proceed so I can withdraw all the money on my account (inicial deposit of $3.000 and profits of $4.885,66) + bonus, presenting the total of $14.798,57 .

I beleive that I've accomplished all my quotes, but in case that I still have to accomplish anything else I'll do this trought a very good signal, from Metaquotes database, that I've being following.

Dispite of my request, I recognize that until this moment I don't have anything to complain against AgMarkets, IalphaGroup or my personal broker, Erilaine Anastácio. I´ve noticed that you have a nice reputation on the Forex Peace Army I and am pretty sure that I won't be the first to leave you a bad review.

If you need anything else please contact me on my email: nativecoaching@gmail.com

Certain of your understanding

Best regards,
André Ballario

her response (translation):

Dear André Ballario

I hereby inform you that due to breach of contract and market inference, you will be fined USD 17,000 of which I will notify you that you will have to pay USD 9500 as your current account balance does not reach the same

For any doubt and clarification is just to contact!

Engineer Erilane Anastacio
Gt, Guatemala,
Jul 4, 2018,
Registered user

I have problems with AG Markets, it does not allow me to withdraw anything from my account ...

I still can not withdraw anything from my account. Every time I tell myself that I have an advisor who wants to withdraw, he tells me not because there are open operations, and you suddenly appear where he generates negatives. Excuses so as not to withdraw anything, all I want is to recover my money and my account is not negative, has positive results despite the bad operations that they can do.
Sigo sin poder retirar nada de mi cuenta. Cada vez que le digo a mi asesor que deseo retirar me indica que no porque hay operaciones preabiertas, y aparecen de pronto en donde me genera negativos. Excusas con tal de no retirar nada, lo unico que quiero es recuperar mi dinero y mi cuenta no está en negativo, tiene saldos positivos a pesar de las malas operaciones que ellos hacen la he podido mantener.

Jun 11, 2018 - 1 Star I have been investing with AG Markets for 6 months and until now I have not been able to withdraw money, profits or capital. They do not make my withdrawal request effective when there are profits, I do not see why they do not want to return the capital I invested, the advisor tells me that there are previous operations carried out by a previous advisor and that can not be canceled, that will be opened automatically, until I run out of capital in my account. The worst thing is that I was never able to make a withdrawal from my account.

The only option they give me is that I deposit more money, but it happened previously that due to bad handling they did I had to deposit again, and unfortunately I did not solve anything .. I already wrote them emails and they do not give me another solution, they want me to deposit again...

Hopefully they could be forced to fulfill the contract and respond to their negligence.

Anything new will keep you informed.


Hace 6 meses que invertí con AG Markets y hasta el momento no he podido retirar dinero, ni ganancias ni capital. No hacen efectiva mi solicitud de retiro cuando si hay ganancias, no veo por qué no quieren ni devolver el capital que invertí, el asesor me dice que hay operaciones previas llevadas a cabo por un asesor anterior y que no pueden cancelarse, que se abrirá de manera automática, hasta que me quede sin capital en mi cuenta. Lo peor es que yo nunca pude hacer un retiro de mi cuenta.

La única opción que me dan es que deposite más dinero, pero ya paso anteriormente que por malos manejos que ellos hicieron tuve que volver a depositar, y lamentablemente no solucione nada.. Ya les escribi correos y no me dan otra solución, quieren que deposite nuevamente...

Ojalá se les pudiera obligar para que cumplan el contrato y respondan su negligencia.

Cualquier cosa nueva los mantendre informados.

Jul 4, 2018,
Registered user


I trade with Ag-Market from 08.2014. I trade myself. without advisor . June 25, 2018, I closed all the deals and asked for withdrawal of funds. amount of 1452 USD 07/02/2018 they hacked my account and started making transactions. In two hours they killed my account. there are 13 dollars left on the account.
it's scammers. they will never give you your money.
I did not even think that this could be.
Jun 13, 2018,
Registered user

Estafa, Fraud

They show you in numbers that your account is growing, when you want to make a withdrawal they give you many pretexts, in the end if you insist on making the withdrawal from one day to the other they make you break the account even if they have been asked not to operate. The ag-markets company is a scam. You have to file a formal complaint.

Te muestran en números que tu cuenta esta creciendo, cuando quieres hacer un retiro te ponen muchos pretextos, al final si insistes en hacer el retiro de un día para el otro te hacen quebrar la cuenta aunque se les haya pedido no operar. La empresa ag-markets es una estafa. Hay que presentar una denuncia formal.
Dec 15, 2017,
Registered user

This new message is a follow up to my previous post.

I receve my deposit, but what happens is not a good indication.

Dec 13, 2017 - 1 Star I have a problem with this broker, i try to withdraw my money but they say that is not possible because i don t meet the 600 lots condition to withdraw the money.
Everybody can see in the broker conditions in the site that don t exist.
How can anybody trade 600lots just to withdraw the money that deposit.
I hope that this was a big mistake, but for now this is a big SCAM company.
If this will be resolved i post in here.

España, Spain,
Dec 21, 2016,

SLow with the card I ordered but ok with the rest

Good broker, I had no problems at first. The only thing is I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE AG MARKETS CARDDD, but apart from that is ok.
Guatemala, Guatemala,
Jul 15, 2016,

Finally they have emailed me ... 22 days latter. I hope I will have my money soon. I iwill send you my final satisfaction, when the money will be in my pocket.

2016-07-13 1StarI am trying to withdraw my funds. Almost three weeks and they have no answer me