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South Africa,
Feb 22, 2017,
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Awesome mentors who incorporate fundamentals, technicals, psycology, & risk management.

Awesome mentors for incorporating fundamentals, technicals, psycology, & risk management, however manage to keep trade ideas 'simple' and logical. Dashboard is for experienced traders and has an insane value for money! I would recommend them to anybody in the forex market, as they are brilliant at teaching you how to generate your own trade ideas and improving profitability for the long term. These guys aren't hyped up marketing B.S., they genuinely want to teach people how to trade profitably.

Like everything, you need to be willing to put in the hours and practice yourself. However the guys at forexwhizz are down to earth and able to help with every identifiable issue.

I've been fortunate enough to be a part of their pilot group and have grown tremendously in my training abilities and watched all the other guys become brilliant traders themselves, a few of which who started without ever trading before.
Feb 22, 2017,

I was pretty blessed to fall on the Forex Whizz guys. After constantly reading the conversations and the wealth of information they were providing, I

I felt like it was right to finally write something that’d sum up the previous 12 months, being my first year trading. It all started from an economics class I had taken in university where the teacher requested us to discuss certain currency movements and why they occurred. Of course this led to me stumbling upon various trading videos, more precisely on the foreign exchange market. I was definitely curious in trying out a demo account but never pursued really. Jump to a few years later when I saw all these affiliate marketers on Instagram talking about trading and it brought back my attention to it.

Thankfully, I’ve never really bought their “dream selling mirage” but I did decide to start trading live by using signals from a guy that charged about $50 per month, which was not too bad. Obviously, the signals did not make much sense, and soon enough I had already blown up my first $500 account. Coming from a background in finance and economics, currency moves had to be backed by a reason for it to make sense to me, but all the signals’ provider cared about was basic chart reading without any foundation or confluence.

Soon enough, I was able to take trades on my own but without any consistent success. I’d struggle with entering the market at the ‘right’ time or more importantly, in the right direction, I’d know how to manage my risk but was too undisciplined to respect my rules, and I barely knew how to read the economic calendar and how to interpret it.

Thankfully, I can’t say I was lucky because I do not believe in luck, but I was pretty blessed to fall on the Forex Whizz guys. After constantly reading the conversations and the wealth of information they were providing, I had realised one thing; I definitely did not know how to trade the forex market. However, thanks to the guys at Forex whizz, everything turned around pretty quickly. I was now able to set up my whole trading strategy from a-z and I was pretty confident about it all as I knew I was being mentored by individuals that knew about the markets and that had the pleasure to share this incredible skill with me and the other group members, which are very enjoyable! All of these aspects improved my psychology and approach towards the market, in the end making the experience much better for me and my account of course.

Being able to finally know what to look like, to share ideas with similarly driven and ambitious individuals helped even more as it motivated and still motivates me to persevere. Having access to the tools such as the news feed and the educational content also adds to the edge in being able to trade without hoping nor fearing, as well as generating enough to easily pay back the subscription fee which is ridiculously low compared to what is being offered.

If I had to recommend any way to really improve the trading skill and learn, it would be with Forex Whizz. I’ve already recommended it to people I know are starting to trade and are already trading but are lacking the ‘holy grail’ as most would call it. If anyone ever reads this, well this is my recommendation! As for the team, it is growing with incredible individuals and that is amazing.

In all honesty, I can’t thank you enough, both Chris and Denis, for having done the quality work that has been presented, it is simply brilliant. From the website’s interface, to the knowledge you shared, and ultimately your generous and positive attitude, bravo! With your help, I was able to see the true potential of this skill and it has even helped me do a better job at my 9-5 as well as forming my future career. Now, I can take any capable device with an internet connection, connect myself to the dashboard and have a chart thrown on there and start trading.

For this last year, of constant work, determination, perseverance, and more importantly than anything, patience, I want to say thank you and God bless y’all.
Reggio Emilia, Italy,
Feb 22, 2017,
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Thank's to them!

Hello,my name is Erdei Emanuel-Andrei im 19 years old from Romania living in Italy.I have two jobs and in free time i trade Forex.I started to learn about trading one year ago my motivation and what atracted me to this is that i have the possibility of being freedom working for myself.When i started i did the basics stuff as all the newbie a lot of mistakes,i made trades based on indicator`s,my chart was full off lines(MMA,RSI,Stochachastic,etc) an total mess,lose after lose revenge trades with no reason no clue about what i was doing and what i need to learn.Untill one that i shaw an post on Instagram from Forexwhizz where it say`d that they are starting an conference room where they will answer and help everybody that have any question.So my journey with Forexwhizz started,from that point,my view on trading changed to an whole new level.I learned the importance of the risk management and how can that help me to improve my pshicological part what bring`d to the trader mentality,then step by step we went to chart`s on how an simple and an clean chart can help you to understand more about the price action and how to do an proper tehnical analysis after that we went to the last and one of the most important part The Fundamentals i had no ideea what that means or what it is untill they told me i strugled a lot to understand but with they`re help i got to an point where i`m able to make my own bias about an currency.Talking with them about trades,ideeas,mistakes made in past from which you can learn will help you to put you`re standard`s higher.Now thank`s to them i`m able to be an consistent and profitable trader.I totaly recommend them to everybody that want to learn and to reach the Proffesional Trader status.They will show you what it takes to profitable and they will stay beside you the whole journey.
The dashboard will help a lot all the traders from the new one to the experienced ones so pay them no mind.
In my oppinion and the experience that i have working with them i can say that you will GET more than what you will GIVE.
Proud to be part of the Forexwhizz family!
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Feb 22, 2017,
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I starting trading early 2016, as it was my goal for the year to try and find an extra way to supplement my income, with the end goal of stopping overtime to be able to do things i enjoyed. I came across binary options these seemed to be what I was looking for. So did a few online courses, downloaded a bunch of indicators and got to work on a demo account. I though the possibilities were endless, until after a few month i realised that they were nothing more than gambling in the brokers favour. Not discouraged I ended up turning to forex., started my baby pips course and stumbled onto forexwhizz. Signed up straight away and got into their chat room and never looked back.

The help I have received from Chris and Denis has been invaluable. When I started my forex journey I was heavily into trading technicals with no regard for the fundamental aspects. The technicals were easy and made sense to me being from an engineering background,as its something practical I could test and see results when backtesting. I really struggled with the fundamental side of it, but between both of them they managed to help me understand how and why the markets moved, and how to utilise technicals to find entries on these moves.
Most of the courses out there seem to disregard fundamental side of trading, which has given me my edge. I would recommend forexwhizz to anyone, including friends and family, who is serious about taking their trading to the next level. The training and dashboard is well worth the cost, with having access to a news feed as well as training content. I have met some really amazing people as a result and chatting helping each other has helped me understand parts I struggled with originally. It's not just a place where you come do you training and work alone, everyone is willing to help and you become a member of the team.
If you are struggling to find your edge in the market and already have a good knowledge then there is no better place to look.