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Zolarex Ltd

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August 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with BinaryOnline until this issue is resolved.
2018-01-26:  The Estonian Finantsinspeksioon has issued an alert against Binary Online.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2017-07-14:  The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued an investor alert against  CLICK HERE to verify.
2016-12-14:  The Canadian BCSC has issued a warning against BinaryOnline.  CLICK HERE to verify.
Related sites include Trader.Online. The other websites of this company is part of Zolarex Ltd group. Known members of this group include,,,,,,,

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0.954 · 23 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom,
May 12, 2017,

Please avoid binary online absolute fraud!

Me and my parter cannot withdraw our 6k investment. Not only do the account manager hound you on the phone to keep adding funds, stefani Wakefield swore blind if she gave me a 2k bonus that I didn't want it doesn't commit me to anything. Low and behold it commits me to trade 30 times the 2k to reach at least 60k. I did that and suddenly now it's 75 times and 150k. I had Peter Thompson call to explain. He also called my partner and told her he was josh Watson.

When I first allowed binary to take 3.5 k from from account they actually tried 5k and my bank blocked it.

No one at binary gives me answeres except to say Peter Thompson can help. My partner and I caught him and recorded him leaving her a voice message one day saying he is is Peter than recorded his phone call to her the day after saying he is josh. He also called me saying he was Peter. Total fraud and a scam and can't hold anyone accountable and trying to get money back through banks.
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Apr 4, 2017,
Registered user

Do your homework before investing in this company

I have a bad experience also with this company. I initially invested 250 usd and added another 5000 usd because the broker name Jonathan Levin convinced me to. I'm new to trading and was not able to do my due diligence. That I regret.

I had been requesting for a refund since Feb 2017 but they refuse to give me back my money. Different rude "managers" keeps on calling me to start trading but I consistently told them that I want to refund my money.

Recently, I filed a complaint to my CC company and Visa is hunting them and filing a chargeback. Binaryonline called me and insisted that I sign a consent letter about the transactions I made with them. They even told me that they are going to bring this to the court.

I ask for their broker license no and company registration to prove that they are legal because that what they are claiming repeatedly but none was provided to me.

There is an ongoing investigation because of the complaint I filed.

I would suggest new investors to do their homework before investing to this company but at the end of the day its still your decision.
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Mar 2, 2017,
Registered user

Trying very hard to get my deposit back!

I have made a few trades with Binary Online, then I wanted to get out of Binary option trading, so tried to withdraw €162 they wrote an email to me explaining that I could not withdraw €162, but if I continued to trade and get it up to €300 or I could withdraw €250 now, so I decided to withdraw €250, the sum I deposited when I joined, then I get another email, telling me that it is in their rules that I have to get confirmation from my Expert Trader who has been trying to telephone me without reaching me, so I emailed them yesterday and gave them my number and the time to ring me, they didn't ring, so I sent another email and gave them another time today to ring, they still didn't ring, no emails either, so I am waiting for developments!!!!
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Genova, Italy,
Feb 26, 2017,
Registered user

BinaryOnline = criminal association

Absolutely not RECOMMENDED

Ript off 2500€ at 26/2 still no withdrawal allowed.
crime of criminal association
crime of embezzlement

Today 26/2 Still cannot withdraw my capital.
Thay do not process my request, always new excuses.

Danger stay AWAY

Feb 24, 2017 - 1 Star Yet still excuses........ they are taking time.
Withdrawal allways in pending state.

Stay away from this unhetical BULGARIAN broker,
it's impossible to witdraw your money.

Very disappinted.

Feb 22, 2017 - 1 Star Fell into their trap.
Angelina Bloom convinced me to pay more money to have more trading room, up here no suspects.
The first question I raise when I made a protected operation, that is of course gone bad,
(she does'nt have reversed nothing of the protected trade) ---- < this is the signal that something is wrong with this company. HAhahaha they claim to be grater then BankDeB......
I started a withdrawal and of course was denied for 5 times.
5 times I have been assigned a personal new trader who has tried to get me to work with him with blackmail,
(I send € 2,000 if you work with me). ...... NO absolutely NO
Now the last withdrawal request was canceled, with causal (postponed next month).

Crimes committed so far.
False in violation of their rules.
6 or more employees all equal = conspiracy

Think to open an international police complaint for cyber crimes.

Follow developments and good Luck

Feb 15, 2017 - 2 Stars From 02/07/17
I was driven to this broker from BinaDroid, After a a few trades I interrupted the activity to avoid falling further damage.
I sent the request for withdrawal. ( processing time 3d )
They seem not hearing

todate 2/15 still nothing
I'm awaiting developments.

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South Africa,
Aug 9, 2016,
Registered user

I used to register on their site

Moeketsi: I deposited $250 on binaryonline to trade using BinaDroid, I was left with $194 when I requested withdrawal some two weeks ago. My account is verified but they are giving me the run around. Please I am asking for assistance.