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August 2018:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends extreme caution dealing with BinaryOnline until this issue is resolved.
2018-01-26:  The Estonian Finantsinspeksioon has issued an alert against Binary Online.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2017-07-14:  The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued an investor alert against  CLICK HERE to verify.
2016-12-14:  The Canadian BCSC has issued a warning against BinaryOnline.  CLICK HERE to verify.
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0.954 · 23 REVIEWS
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South Africa,
Mar 6, 2019,
Registered user

Stay away

Previously BinaryOnline, rebranded to Finarix in Feb 2019.

I had a comically bad experience with BinaryOnline before, and following the call from the Finarix representative this morning it looks like it's the same people still working their scam. I've dealt with them for over 14 months, and felt I need to leave this review as the new company probably think they'll get away with a clean sheet and no bad review baggage. May this help innocent folks look elsewhere with their hard earned money.

So here are some things that you need to look out for:

- Once your money is in, it's near impossible to get it back. From my $30,000 deposit I made an initial small withdrawal to test things out, which worked fine once "approved" by their finance department, but subsequent attempts had the most incredible excuses and rejections. You can try get your money back through VISA or Mastercard if you paid by card.

- Whatever you do, do NOT accept a "risk free trade" or a "bonus trade". This is where they hook you and your money then becomes their money before you can say "unethical scammers".

- They are based out of Bulgaria are not regulated by anyone like the FCS. They operate by their own laws. This morning I had a call from someone there who told me that "there's not enough activity on your account, we have to close it because of money laundering regulations." I said I completed a winning trade for $200 6 days ago, does that not count? The person replied "No there's still not enough activity on your account". The conversation ended with him telling me "Good luck losing your money". You can't make this stuff up. I've resigned that I'll never get my money back, and just trade there for practise as you would with a demo account.

- You will have the most incredible conversations with people trying to pressure you into whatever their latest "product" is, usually algo trading, and they will use pressure tactics and eventually aggression to try convince you to invest more money. They will pass you from one account manager to another over time, and they will all one way or another pressure you to invest more money.

- The two biggest con artists in their team are Viktor Bokrov and Peter Thompson. Both I believe are using fake names (some of the BinaryOnline reviews calls this out as well) - I thought I'd leave the names here should someone google them that they at least get a heads-up not to trust them.

Another thing I noticed is that they will never put anything in writing, it will only ever be a telephone conversation.

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone. The last review I left for BinaryOnline here magically went away after a couple of days, I've copied the text this time and will put it on other sites as well should this one vanish.
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Adelaide, Australia,
Jul 25, 2019,
Registered user

Finarix use to be binaryonline Bigtime Professional Scammers

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I am also a victim of this Finarix all the reviews below are very accurate and the same thing happened to me. If you read a lot of the reviews using google and search (finarix review) you guys will see all the negative reviews which shows that this website finarix/binaryonline and algo are all part of their scamming business. These people are basically criminals so to speak. They have to be stopped before another victim falls into their scams. The thing is they still continue victimizing people and this has to stop. Their websites should be brought down. This kind of stealing money from honest investors and giving them all the headaches n worries are unacceptable. They have to be shutdown.
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 17, 2019,

Horrible scammers

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I have been with them for 3 years, they have never allowed me to withdrawal. At all, they have passed me on to so many account mangers which I have reason to believe are the same people with different names, my account manger steward poles did not inform me of the bonus policy and told me to agree before finarix sent it to me, once I found out he quickly turned form being nice to evil. And finarix blames me. Now my new account manger which I think is the same person dan Morris as refused to call me and said we communicate through mail. This is a scam, I wish I had theses reviews when I opened an account and when I deposited again this summer.
Sagunto, Spain,
Oct 9, 2019,
Registered user

Terrible life experience for years

Service use: Live

Length of use: Have not used

By sharing my review I would like to know also if someone would be able to help me to try to get back my funds. Please let me know.
To get the long story short, I have naively registered to this company some years ago without checking (at this time I think researches were not so deep and my knowledge and experience zero), thinking I would do some profits. I have started investing 250€. Then it increased little by little, up to reach 13 500€ in total. Like many clients, they told me I would have good results and give me bonus to be able to trade more and earn more. But this was a trap, with their bonus turnover rule (of 30 times, which is huge) I was blocked. Since then, like 5-6 years, I can't withdraw and they even always ask me to invest more or put the funds to Algo trading. Of course I don't trust them anymore. But how can I get out of this situation and is there a hope to get back my money, I don't know.
If this review can help others and also make someone contact me to help resolving this case legally and get rid of this world of trading, I would be enchanted.
Thanks for reading.
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Portugal, Portugal,
Jul 28, 2020,
Registered user

If you are reading this is because you have already been cheated

Length of use: over 1 Year

I opened an account at BinaryOnline on 10/05/2017, now called Finarix, totally unaware of the Forex market and much less of the scammers out there.
I let myself be carried away by ambition and easy money, I was a perfect idiot and to this day I still punish myself for it.
My shame, my stupidity and my indecision have led me to try to negotiate with these gentlemen to this day, but to no avail, basically they get into a strategy to buy me time not to withdraw.
My health, family and financial problems have been terrible since I sadly realised I was being cheated.
However, unlike most Forex accounts, my account after a bad period in which I didn't notice anything about this market, performed very well, something that this broker certainly didn't want to happen.
I started this account with 250€ until reaching 22850€ of investment, after being fooled with a bonus and blackmailed and psychological torture by numerous people of that company to invest money if I wanted to make withdrawals, how could I be so stupid, don't forgive me for that.
Until 3 months ago, my account was being traded for a software called "Algotrader", my account until the termination of the contract with the software reached more than € 257,197, started with about € 140,000 through manual trades.
However, according to the person who allegedly is or was managing my account "Mr. Jim Holt", to complete the the endless turnover (they started with the bonus 30 times and then demanded the bonus 60 times), i needed to make more than 480 lots in order to make a withdrawal.
Obviously I did everything to achieve this and concluded within six weeks 1005.50 lots, with my account reaching Balance of € 381,059.88 and an equity of € 346,240.42, I had open positions in the amount of -34346,42 euros.
Two withdrawals of € 20,000 each were requested in June.
It was at this moment and after a number of emails sent to the support team, finance department and Mr. "Jim Holt", wanting to know why they were taking so long to process the withdrawal that I was contacted by "Jim Holt", this warned me that I had made a lot of money in a short time and made lots of lots, warning me that my account was going to be analysed in detail.
They did so for the third time in the history of my account (Under investigation).
I was contacted again by Mr. "Jim Holt" and to my amazement he tells me that I practiced scalping on my account, he sent me an email with 9 trades, 3 of which I made a profit in less than 1 minute and 6 trades placed by my error and closed immediately afterwards without any positive or negative result (0). It should be noted that in about 6 weeks I made 593 trades.
It follows that they forced me to close all the trades I had open in the negative amount of € 34346.42 (24 trades), as well as they removed (stole) from my account all the profit obtained in this period in the amount of € 89,240.42 and they warned not to negotiate further until otherwise ordered by them, something that I no longer do until today, because the fear of further reprisals is predictable.
Regarding trades that closed in less than a minute, they had a take profit of 30 pips, having explained to Mr. "Jim", that it was impossible to predict or prevent Gaps.
Regarding the remaining six trades, I explained that it was a mistake in inserting the pairs and that it did not cause any harm to anyone (I remember that I made 1005.5 lots when I only needed 474.79 lots).
Since June 16, 2020, I have had no response to the emails I send almost every day to contact me. In these emails I ask several questions that Mr. "Jim Holt" has not even answered me by phone, namely the definition of scalping and obviously when I can go back to making trades on what I already consider a puppet account.
It is evident and clear that I will be facing a large-scale fraud, where financial crime prevails and above all there is also a crime of psychological torture that I think has never been mentioned in the FPA and that affects everyone who claims their rights here.
We cannot forget that taking into account Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which determine that no one will be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. So we are facing a crime that can be perfectly prosecuted by the United Nations.
I reinforce that all this treatment given by Zolarex Ltd. (Finarix / Binaryonline), had caused me irreparable health problems.
For God's sake don't trust these people.
Health to all because mine is no longer what it was.