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Updated: Feb 15, 2019
3.915 · 50 REVIEWS
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TheInnerCircleTrader.com (Michael J. Huddleston) profile provided by ICT Michael, Sep 21, 2017

Free Tutorials & Opinions from 24 years of observation in the markets.

Nothing promised - just information to make you think independently .


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3.915 · 50 REVIEWS
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nyc, USA,
Feb 9, 2019,

tldr hes a boomer with great vid editing skills makes like 600+ k a year mentoring lol

ict is a great video editor for a boomer his free stuff makes it clear he's holding out but i feel like majority of his stuff is already laid out in his old pic vids
Limerick, Ireland,
Sep 1, 2018,
Registered user

ICT The Journey

There is a "cost" to trading. Time, Execution Costs, Capital Costs... but mainly a lot of TIME. Time you could be doing something more constructive perhaps, like a job where you make sure money or wages which find there way to your current account weekly.. Think carefully and prepare yourself for the journey.. trading is not for everyone.
This first paragraph is to remind me and anyone reading this review that many inspiring traders will fail, to become a full time trader, or part time for that fact. If your nature is never to give up and persevere, and you can forgive yourself for being stupid more times than you care to count... and during this process you do not run out of money and learn to stop repeating the same mistakes.. there s a chance if you find a good mentor you may make it into this coveted profession. There is a reason why 97% fail to find consistency in this profession..(Fear and Greed)
So why didn't I do a review before now... because its wasting my time... why am I doing one now? Im on holiday and I have gone over all the ICT material I wanted to look over again (model 5). Every time I watch a video again I glean another nugget of information I somehow missed in the first, second and even third place... so I have some free time to give away for nothing...
I don't mean to be harsh or condescending but many of the reviews I have read here on FPA good and bad in relation to Michael's ICT mentor-ship, many potential traders will end up on the side lines as mentioned on earlier paragraphs.. not because they did or didn't get the information supplied during the mentor-ship, but because the practical application of this information and concepts will not only take time and effort to LEARN, but a lot more TIME to practice and perfect in real time going forward on actual charts. (IE) applying concepts and methods around the type of trader you find that you are becoming.. anywhere from scalper to swing position trader.. or all or them..
The amount of information supplied by Michael during the mentor-ship, is absolutely huge both in time and content... Was it sold cheap? ABSOLUTELY!! I would not of put in the effort and time Michael has in this course, makes me think he is either foolish with his spare time, idiot (sorry Michael ) or he has Karma in play and he is genuinely giving back, making him one of the good guys. Personally I don't believe Michael is an idiot..
I have opened a small account to practice entries and take profits while applying various concepts methods recently. To be fair and transparent I was also testing a EA which I had to intervene before it blew out the account.
So a summary of history..
400 gbp ran some ICT concepts for 2 weeks, in which time I added 72.00 pound from winning trades taking the amount to 472.00. I also ran the EA over the same period and made a further 108.00 taking the account to 580.00. Not bad for 2 weeks, however something went wrong with the EA the following week, and put me into a draw down of 430.00 which I closed out to stop further damage to the small account. Now trading with 150.00, I decided to push myself to use only ICT concepts during the next 2 weeks actual trading (Day Trading) risk raised to 2% targeting either 3:1 or 4:1 dependent on resistance to open trade.. I did post a few of these trades on the forum on my journal (another day in paradise) before the move happened, as I wanted to show real time trades.. I'm now sitting at 280.00 which is not realistic growth on a large account but does show that the concepts work well. That said I will return to add to this post, which will be time related as and when I return original 400.00. Depending on my own discipline and ability to work through the concepts on a real time basis as I'm currently focusing on when not to trade and studying and learning much more every week, as I have set aside a year to practice on the ICT concepts and real trading.
And finally for real transparency, I do not know Michael personally, he has not induced me to write this and I don't care what anyone else on here thinks.. Im a member of his mentor-ship since Sep 2016, this is my review which at this point has wasted enough of my time.. I would say good luck and good trading, but it has nothing to do with luck, unless you know how to create consistent luck..
Earth, USA,
Aug 22, 2018,
Registered user

He's the worse mentor ever and in my opinion a fraud who's took other peoples material and repackaged and sold it....Sellout...

So I was there day 1 post 1 of his on Babypips. Followed him for 8 years. Mastered his concepts... He frequently said he would never charge money for his concepts and anyone who did wasn't him... Second. Most of the material he teaches isn't original to him. For example MM profiles is Wycoffs theory but REPACKAGED for sale to you all. Stopruns have been known about before he was born and he even says he got the idea Turtle soup from the Turtles concept. His infamous OB concept was beat by Supply and Demand but claims his is more than that but lets be real...It's completely vague in subject to discretion which isn't consistent.. His OHLC theory or OLHC basically was deemed buy the morning sell off in stocks and hold for the daily range...Much before he came a long. His power of three concept. Congratulations you took a 5 bar fractal and made it 3? Liquidity pools and run on Stops have been known about for ages, much before his existence on the net. He's basically failed at everything he's said he would do or dodge or kick any opposition against him for even questioning him. His mentorship showed a straw count where most his traders are not profitable. His Q@A Forum on his mentorship hasn't been used in months even though he claims to have 1000's of subscribers which is super weird considering with 90 people in a chat we do about 6000 messages a month. This combine with public records on him its obviously clear this guy is worthless ranting POS... Who claimed with his concepts you can have a 10 year plan, that sounds a lot like bait to keep subs coming back. Also he recently just admitted after teaching for 8 years no one had been teaching for the previous years before the mentorship will be profitable? That's concerning and thanks for wasting everyones time! Your ethically terrible allowing people on your twitter be ok with you telling people who oppose you to go put a gun In their mouth an pull the trigger. You demean your followers and wife by calling them munchkins and "warden" . You Blew up on a podcast when some tried to question you about all your recent failures and you tried to belittle him by saying you pay more in taxes then he makes in a year? Classy.... Well There's so much more I could say but I think you got the Jist now.
301501 OUT!
John S.,
Manchester, CT, USA,
Aug 17, 2018,

ICT's precision concepts will make you a master in trading the markets

I've known Michael (his work) for years now. I can say with 100% honesty that his material is the real deal. He teaches concept upon concept that leads to a very in depth understanding of the markets. He shows how you can "predict" the market with extreme accuracy and with extreme precision.

I am a student and I can say with confidence I would pay double the cost for his mentorship and trust me when I tell you it is worth far more!
South Africa,
Aug 17, 2018,
Registered user

Now here is that truth I have been is the mentorship when it opened up again this Year , This mentorship is by far what I was hoping Being from the free content the concepts in the mentorship whipped the mud off my eyes and it start to be clearer than the content ICT shared to Public For free

I think that this mentorship is Great and I have found the fruits Within it to be of
Class Grade A. Now I have always been Vivid fan of ICT even Prior to the mentorship.
Now to Finanly Get a chance to be Taught By this Amazing Genius Has Changed My life around. I mean Many Want to Whine and Cry and Feel the Need to Held by the Arm and complaining that Micheal is Not a Good Mentor, Well I beg to Differ
and it is Through his Lack of ability to Spoon Feed that I actually Became Great In
Understanding What He actually Wanted Me To Grasp.
The Only way That You Are Going To get These Concepts Is by not trying to Michael
and ask yourself Questions, as to Why he says a particular things Or do a particular things in the Mentorship.

well that What I did I have been consistent in My trades ever since Cause I unraveled the Why and just trying to Mimic the man at every thing he Does
I would recommend that you Think out of the Box in approaching his Mentorship
and I am living Proof Of that.

Now Finally @ trader 101 I accept your A challenge to proof that you can get Consistency Through Michael's Work For the Proof Please Check My Twitter Handle @Kabelomalatjie2 to see the consistency

and the Funny thing about this is that I have been in the mentorship in a lesser period than you have. Which Makes me wonder (sorry but I have to say this) What f*** have you been doing all this Time.
Lebogang Hlongwane,
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 17, 2018,

The Inner Circle Trader is the greatest of all time....Trust the process,it takes time, hard work and great,great effort....Believe.

I have been trading for 5 years. The first two years I struggled until I a friend came to me with Michael's tutorials. He said the videos are useless..lol little did that f*** know..I studied his teachings for three years,non stop.. I listened to him "rant"(great insight in his rants) I wrote down everything he taught me...I never stopped believing...
ICT I believe...Thank you Michael. Thank you. ;-(
All Hail The Inner Circle Trader.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Aug 17, 2018,
Registered user

ICT is the best

This is the best course you'll ever find on the net, I'm not in the mentorship but the free content is enough to guide you through but be careful with wanting instant change, you'll get frustrated,you'll feel like it doesn't work but hey I've been on it for over a year now and no move surprises me. Hindsight studies helped me a lot. Just give it time,commit to it and trust the process. Thanks to Michael J. Huddleston
101, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2018,

The lack of Student Reviews (out of 865) or Consistent demo proof says it all

So here is the truth: I am from the first wave of ICT Mentorship students and have become a Chartered member even till today.

The Mentorship is like a Magic Show. We all came out to see the Magician at work and hoped to learn a few of his magic tricks only to ultimately reached the end of the show with more questions than answers. The magician continues to wow the crowd but the students still don’t know how he does it.

What I mean by this is, we all know that ICT can trade well (thats the very reason we entered the mentorship to begin with), and anyone that says that he can’t is an idiot or lying out of jealousy. The problem is that he continues to rant on about how everyone should disregard every negative review of the mentorship based on HIS success when using the concepts. But unfortunately being a successful & profitable trader doesn’t make one a good mentor nor does it excuse a poorly delivered mentorship!

I mean this with no offence but just look at this forex peace army page! Out of 865 original Mentorship members only 44 have written a review. JUST 44! Thats 5% and not all of them are even positive or real. This is after ICT sincely asked us all to voluntarily leave an unbiased review of how we found the mentorship once the 12 months were over. If the master himself asked for unbiased reviews to 865 people and only 44 replied what does that really say about the mentorship? Where are all the consistent demo traders to show their improvement?

Further to this, I challenge just 5 of these 44 reviewers to post proof of consistency here (DEMO of course, doesn’t need to be a live account). I bet this won’t happen. It will be blamed on the fact that proof doesn’t mean anything and blah blah blah but the real reason is the mentorship delivery was not designed to teach you consistency - only to teach you pieces of a puzzle taught no where else.

I want to reiterate once again that I believed (and still do) that ICT can trade but that is not what matters here, its us - the students.

Im sure I will get bashed and called stupid and lazy like everyone else who leaves a sincere by relatively negative review of the mentorship but once thats all done If you do read this ICT, I hope you can see things from the students eyes just this once.
I have decided to remain anonymous in this review because I’ve seen you harshly lash out on anyone who leaves anything negative but you did ask for truthful reviews in the end of Mentorship video and here it is.

Wish you all the best nonetheless.
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Aug 16, 2018:
I almost liked this review... it started out like it would have a chance to come over as balanced... but sadly it was laced with numerous embellishments and snide smears.

I agree, I wanted to see more participation in the reviews from the members... but while 865 signed up... 200 did not stick with it and quit. Some of the remaining are reporting to me, that their development is improving post Core Content and it is up to them to make their unique experiences known publicly.

I believe there are students who share on Twitter that their results are inline with what I promised and while there might be a few on this forum voicing their development is still ongoing and not where they hoped to be... I find it more encouraging to see the lack of multitudes posting similar "reviews".

My advice... stick with it. I have covered recently more precision content and used it beforehand and explained it in the Price Action models and that is not my shortcoming as a Teacher, if the students that just learned it, are not genius or expert level ... yet.

Manchester, United Kingdom,
Aug 14, 2018,

Not a trader, calls both sides of the market, captain hindsight

I paid for the whole membership and really wish I didn't, I really wish I didn't spend so much time making notes on all his videos as it's all very unclear and he can't trade at all. After 2 years from when the mentorship started I am still utterly clueless as to how ICT trades. I think I was brainwashed from the way he talked and was easily manipulated by him because I was a beginner. Like the other users said there is not any proof he can trade and yet he slates everyone else for not providing proof. It's so annoying to see how he kept of refusing to show any myfxbook even on demo because he couldn't trade. It was also frustrating to see him call out so many people on twitter about winning the trading competition, but he couldn't even get a positive result and then declined to show his results.

Also all the lies he has told his followers, this guy is a snakeoil salesman.

List of Lies
1) Donate all mentorship fees to charity (He didn't)
2) Only one Membership
3) Delete Twitter and focus on the mentorship (Resumed to use Twitter nearing the end of the first mentorship to market the next mentorship)
4) Clearly said at the start of the mentorship that at the end of the mentorship everything will be provided in a plug and play format (at the end of the mentorship he said he never promised anything will be plug and play)
5) Promised to help those who didn't understand everything at the end that he would personally help them (He hasn't everybody is still floundering cluelessly)

I have since paid for other tutorial services including Chris Lori, TraderSZ and found them to be far more educational and practical. Looking at Chris Lori's material it's quite obvious that ICT just stole them from him as he was also a part of his membership for years.

To anyone who is in his current mentorship or is planning to join please be aware and do not do it, it's not practical at all and ICT himself cannot trade. Ask him for proof otherwise. Honestly there are so many better traders and educators out there even for free like FuturesTrader71 and Adam H Grimes, please do not join ICT's mentorship and go through the free material provided by these 2 gentlemen as they are far more practical and straightforward with greater depth as well and when you see ICT's material you will think it is garbage in comparison, I really wish I had seen their material before looking joining the membership.
Reply by ICT Michael submitted Aug 16, 2018:
I find it amusing you cited paying for sztrader or Trader1SZ as he is known on Twitter... as 99% of what he talks about is my content and everyone knows it.

Secondly, Chris Lori can be contacted and he will tell you I have not been a continued member of his group, but I did look at his material years ago and everyone knows I recommend his course work apart from mine. Those who have studied his work and mine... will tell you, I go deeper and it is not Chris' material or course work that I teach. I publicly shared my understanding of the Asian Range was supplied to me by Chris... but the rest is not his... so you are incorrect or simply sowing lies.

You can reach out to him via www.ProTradersClub.com and Chris you have my permission to make my past participation with you and all of our conversations public knowledge. I trust your responses will be truthful and in agreement with this post.

The other things you posted here is either none of your business or nonsense.

Connecticut, USA,
Aug 6, 2018,
Registered user

Don't waste your precious time

I have watch (painfully) many of this guy's videos over the last few years. They are absolutely useless. First, he drones on for an hour or two in each video, most of the time telling you how wonderful he is and how much everyone sucks and that he is the best. Yet he has NEVER shown one iota of proof of his so called expertise. Just sounds like a pompous ass who talks down to everyone.
His so-called teachings are just WAAYY overly complicated yet useless views on the market. I just watched another video (an hour of my life I cannot get back) about his genius view (not) on using Fibonacci. Again, useless other than I will give him some agreement that price does sometimes work back to major numbers like 00 and 50 levels.
I will agree with him on one point: the market is not random. But his reasons for how and why the market moves are flawed and over complicated. The bottom line is what moves the market is a combination of sentiment, fundamentals, and technicals. There is no need to sit and listen to hours and hours of this garbage.
I would venture to say if he makes money, it is hocking his mentorship program and not on trading.
Either way, there are much better ways to learn these markets than spending hours and hours listen to someone who apparently just likes to hear his own voice.