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Updated: Nov 28, 2018
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 10, 2018,
Registered user

Scam , Cheating in Payouts

BIg Scam
First they will change payout from 88% to 50% suddenly when you trade going in Profit ,
like this they will Kill your trade and end result you will be in loss

don, t trade with this Broker , its totally fraud
when Trade in your favor imminently they will drop the payout ratio , make you in loss even you win the trade
Viet Nam,
Oct 10, 2017,
Registered user


They set my payout percentages down, highest is 19% and lowest is 12%. And then they closed my account after declined my withdraw requests. They took all of my profits and just throw a link to their Terms & Conditions into my e-mail, said : Read it carefully! After “carefully” read their Terms & Conditions, I still don’t know which term I have violated. I kept try to ask them the reason for that but they didn’t reply my e-mail anymore.

I have been thinking all night long and finally concluded that Expert Option (Expertoption.com) is a SCAMMER and also CRIMINAL!
Please check this link below for more details:
Ha Noi, Viet Nam,
Sep 27, 2017,
Registered user

Bad broker. Very very bad broker.

They took my money without my permission. No reason no explanation at all. When I ask them, they sent me an email and said that I was the one who deposited (but I didn't) and in ExpertOption payment history(which I can not edit) there is no transaction showed up that deposited amount exists. For more details please check this link below and stay away from this scammer.
Sep 14, 2017,
Registered user

100% scam. stay away!

Hello, every one in the forums.

Just open a thread about an expierence with one scamming binary option broker, Expert Option. Be careful, highly warning---do not trade with them.

When customer win profit then withdraw, they refuse to pay (close your account and fool you with the contrived reason that you are against their terms and policy violation). Furthermore, Expert Option cut customer's trading asset profit from 90% down to 40% around if customer continue winning.

more details see my report thread http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/binary-option-broker-scam-alert-expert-option.51999/
Sep 6, 2017,
Registered user

Prediction: PURE SCAM..!!!

Expert Options payments are not the only thing you should look at!! and keep in mind that any platform with charts does not reflects the markets live charts its a totally rigged platform (algorithm modifications)., i wanted to see how there charts behaves when I place the bit and it was amazing how the chart brakes the unusual trend where it should do as such and i even followed and made a bets where i should win at least one bet, and it was amazing again how the pointer start reacting to make me lose both bets low and the high at the same time on the same expiration time.
thank you all and take care.