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Updated: Mar 12, 2020
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June 28, 2017:The French AMF has issued a warning about unauthorized forex brokers. X90.com is on that list. CLICK HERE to verify.

About X90.com

X90 is a forex broker. X90 offers the x90 forex trading platform. X90.com offers over 50 forex currency pairs, indices, shares, commodities, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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Consumer Reviews

Wales., United Kingdom,
Jun 5, 2018,

After previously been scammed by other companies a man calling himself Trevor Dixon rang me offering to help me to recover my losses! However, in order to do this I had to go through X90 platform to make a claim for the money and had to put 5000 euros twice which he said would be refundable! 10000 euros later, Trevor Dixon was never to be heard of ever again.
This to my horror was a secondary SCAM and I fell for it. Keep clear of a man called Trevor Dixon if he ever calls you!
Mar 2, 2018,

Please be careful! Don’t put any money there ! U will not get nothing back ! Check them more on internet! This company is big SCARM ! I can not get my money back like more people! I’m writing that, so u will not do the same mistake! Please look for another alternative! Problems will start when u will try to remove money...
Manapparai, India,
May 25, 2017,
Registered user

X90.com is fraud and scam


My name is Mohamed Arif , India. This scam broker looted my 1457 Euros of hard earned money of 3 months and more then 20 standard lot trading volume commissions . Any help to recover my money
Athens, Greece,
Dec 27, 2016,
Registered user

Common thieves

They are Common thieves!! They closed my account exactly when i had gathered The Bonus points needed for withdrawal!
They stole more than 500 euros!!!
Stay AWAY!!!
Athens , Greece,
Nov 4, 2016,
Registered user


This company is clearly a SCAM.
They check if you are a profitable trader (after a couple of completed withdrawals usually) and then you find your new withdrawal rejected, any balance in your account looted (they set it to ZERO) and your account suspended (so consider yourself lucky if you manage to take any screenshots as evidence!).

Meanwhile they try to excuse their decision as they send to you - like to any other client like you - the same email (copy paste) with a clause of their agreement including ridiculous generalities:
Time and price abuse and server lag abuse.

What time and price abuse DOES mean? lol
Someone who buy after a panic at the very lows or before the market close is a price and time manipulator! It would be better to inform their clients that trading is prohibited and only deposits as a gift to X90 are accepted!

This monstrosity of the most brokers out there wanting all the loosers as clients and finding silly reasons to take the money from the profitable ones, has to stop.

Stay AWAY from such brokers!!