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Updated: May 17, 2019
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1 · 13 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Hanau, Germany,
May 16, 2019,

I am from Germany.
I lost about 75 000€ with this company. It is only scam.
All of them are lying. Please, do not invest in this platform. I newer traded myself.
The money is lost: All persons like Tom Mayer, Christina Wagner, Gerd Reed are fictional and liars. It was confirmed to me by the police and lawyers.
It is no chance of them giving the money back.
Greeting Georg
Sout Africa, South Africa,
Aug 12, 2018,

I have signup on 18 April 2017 an have cancel the agreement in writing within 24 hours after my payment was made. 250 pounds. Several emails and calls where made without success, they refuse my withdrawal.
Dec 6, 2017,
Registered user

Never ever trust these Firms!!!!!!

CFDStocks is a 100% fraud company! They work like many of these companies from Israel. The Israeli Government was aware of this and turned a blind eye to it, but only in the case of actions abroad. In Israel itself, this trade was forbidden. Recently, a law has now come out that all these companies will have to leave the country within the next three months. Too much pressure !? They must be mourning the tax money in the Promised Land. The companies will probably now be moving to Eastern Europe.

There is a lot to read in the newspaper "Times of Israel". Investigative journalists had taken up this subject. Exactly as it is described in the article"The Wolfes of TelAviv", the thing works and exactly the same happens to me: bonuses are given out, although none have been applied for and you are trapped. If it gets too hot for the so-called "brokers", they suggest megatrades, which will give you a total loss of your account balance. Deals are being manipulated. Lies are told. The telephone is often used so that you have nothing written or Skype telephone. If you call for a chargeback at your visa provider, they block your account.You are ut nad they are even not able to tell you who might be your accountmanager. You can not do anything.

All the names of the "brokers " are false, including the professorships or doctorates. Lies are told about personal life as it is fitting to build trust. You also don't get direct phone numbers. They pretend to be working from London - in my case also a lie about Switzerland! The, so called, company addresses are located in large building complexes, where..... maybe..... there is a server. The addresses are wrong, no reference to the company at the building in my case the address of a bank was given.

In my opinion, financial service providers are also involved. Personally, I had a lot of problems with "Mayzus Financial international". Despite the fact that I contacted them immediately after a money transaction, after I realized that this was again a scam. I asked to block the money on suspicion of fraud. They accepted a clearly recognizable counterfeit document from CFDStocks and released the money to CFDStocks! I didn't get much information from the alleged fraud specialist (even her name is supposed to be false) I got my money back from Mayzus only with the help of my lawyer!!

Miraculously, once you've suffered the losses, so-called "Recover Companies" are calling you, promising to recover the lost money .They are telling a hell of a story, how this will take place. All Lies! Fraudsters too. In my case, a guy named Jonathan Stone. He had the address of more than a hundred victims, that's just the ones I know. ---... where from? The sum of the casualties of these victims alone amounts to about 2 million!!(form several Binary Option firms).

If you want to read more, here my story with CFDStocks:

AAoption/CFD stock

I started trading on the trading platform form AAOptions. A Karla Hetzler, a maternal type, recommended the investment of 3000 Euro for a silver campaign. It should take a few months and I would get a profit of about 700 Euros every week. After all, I'd get paid out in full. The trade is also insured. I said I didn't have the money, and she said that AAOptions could advance it. I could pay it back later. Of course, she made sure it wasn't a bonus. I would never have accepted this. The profits actually came every week. I invested a total of 3500 Euro in this campaign and Mrs. Hetzler confirmed to me several times that I would get all the money at the end of the campaign. My last payment for this was a rest of 500 Euro, which I have to pay now, because otherwise all the winnings would be lost. A transfer of 500 Euro has not been accepted, it must be 1000 Euro for a transfer. The 500 overpayment she'd remit back to me. I sent her my bank account details, but nothing happened. When the time of the promised payout came, I asked several times. AAOpti-ons has been developed by CFD stocks. On 28.11.2016 I received a mail that the campaign is now finished, but the bonus would not have reached the volume to be traded. I should invest another 4000 euro, then I can reach the payout in one month, otherwise it takes 6-7 months.

Mail from 28.11.16
Dear (EMMA07)

-How are you?
The campaign ended

I was sitting with my boss on your account
You have bonus money in your account you receive from us, from 2200 euros
Of course, you have higher profits from the campaign,
Because of the bonus money received
You're important to me, and I know you want to win at least some of that money, is there a procedure for the bonus

In order to withdraw money from an account credited with a bonus, the customer is required to make a minimum turnover of export - bonus amount plus total deposits multiplied by thirty - (bonus + total deposits) X 30 = minimum turnover required.
The bonus may be withdrawn if the foregoing provision has been complied with in full and fulfilled. Any bonus accounts will only be allowed to withdraw their funds once they have met the conditions set in the trading volume.
In the event of any signs of fraud, manipulation, cashback arbitrage or other forms of misleading or fraudulent activity under the terms of the bonus, the account and all profits or losses collected will be void.

To be able to withdraw the money, we need to reach the point of attraction money
Working with the campaign we have not reached so far not yet
Your account must reach € 66000
Your account rolled from 22887 €

After we calculate your account for you
The best offer for you
You should spend more amount of 4000 euro
We will work with your account 1 month, we can draw on the attraction of money
Then you will be able to take the money
If you do not invest, we need to work with your account of 6-7 months to work before you take the money.

Waiting to hear from you
I wish you a good day

With kind regards

Karla Hezler
Executive Broker - CFDStocks

Skype: karla.h@cfdstocks.com
Website: www.cfdstocks.com

UK, London: +44-20-38072169
New Zealand: +64-9-9508860
Norway: +47-63-000937
Austria: +43-720-775905
Australia: +61-39-0212441

From then on I didn't hear anything from her, despite several mails to her and requests from the support team. CFDStocks tried to access my VISA card 63 times between 18.9. and 14.11. I discovered this later.

I asked for Mrs. Hetzler's superior. Finally, on 5.1.2017 the Head Broker of the department, Tom Meyer, contacted me. I asked for Mrs. Hetzler and he said she was on vacation! But I got good wishes for Christmas and the New Year from her. He says that I should invest another 7200 euros to get the money paid out soon. He wants to initiate a mobile phone conference with Mrs. Hetzler and send me an email.

My mail after our phone call:

Dear Mr. Mayer,
Before I can consider your offer, there are still some things to be clarified for me. For this the last mail from Mrs. Hetzler and afterwards my reply. Many questions arise to me. Why first only 4000 Euro and now 7200Euro for you? Did Mrs. Hetzler lie to me? How can I work with a company whose employees tell untruths on the phone, which I can't prove, and undersign alleged bonus obligations? Even though every broker works for himself, he still works for the company. Who's this boss of Mrs. Hetz-ler's? Can you see in my account if there are any bonuses that require a trading volume? I'm sorry to inconvenience you, but my trust has really been broken.

Nothing happened. In reply to my answer that I didn't have the money and that I wanted to wait for Mrs. Hetzler's return, he wrote to me that I should let him know if I would be ready.He has other investors also. A few days later, Mrs. Hetzler actually called me. I told her she lied to me, which she actually confirmed!!!!!!. There would have been a bonus. I couldn't get my money. I'd have to keep going.

That was it. In the meantime, it was a sum of 15,601.12 euros on my account.

On January 18, Prof.Dr. Florian Schulte contacted me via a new Skype address. He was also my broker at Titantrade and CFDStocks, and I trusted him. I believed the lies he told me, we turned almost in a friendship relationship!!!!! Now he was at CFDSocks. Secured options would have robbed him while he was away, also stole the book with the contacts of his private customers. His mails read etc. There was a lot of noise. He is now with CFDStocks. I told him that this would be the next cheater and told the story with Mrs. Hetzler, after which I was told that she had been fired. I told him everything was lost. He said don't panic, He'll take care of everything and I'll get the money back. Don't worry, I should trust him.
H. Schulte must have been ill for some time, stress?! The 25 Jan. I received an email from Mrs. Hetzler at CFD Stocks, inviting her to become a broker etc? So she didn't quit!!!. I did not receive an answer to my question on this subject from F. Schulte. He wondered.

On January 25th we got in touch again. He took care of the "recovering" of my money and so he contacted Jordan King, who had a lot of connections. The matter would now be on the verge of legalism. The funds from the Platforms are now on an escrow account (82,978.96 USD). Jordan King called me and said I had to pay 60,000 euros into this account for reasons of bank regulation - high finance hard to understand.

[02.03.2017 21:44:00] jordan king: just wanted to know where we standing?
[02.03.2017 21:45:34](EMMA07): Got a credit of 50000. -
[02.03.2017 21:45:45(EMMA07)] : Probably
[02.03.2017 21:46:00] jordan king: we need 60.000
[02.03.2017 21:46:03] jordan king: it has to be

On March 29th, I got a mail from Jordan King - he was out.

.According to Florian Schulte, he wanted 20% of the money, but F. Schulte refused.
A Mr. Dobricek, allegedly a lawyer at Bank Cesca Sporitelna, is taking care of this case and works with Jordan King together. I checked with the bank. There is no H. Dobricek there. Jordan King told me on my urgent question of who is the owner of CFDStocks : Dr. Alex Lee, who is also responsible for my escrow account. Florian Schulte said the name was wrong.

The money didn't come, of course.

On 30.04.04 I tried again to contact Jordan King

[30.04.2017 08:27:23] (EMMA07): Dear M King, all that was a big froad. You also are involved. Worked together with F. Schule. Can Not take yourself out from responsibility After this shitwork was done.

He wanted me to sign the confirmation concerning the moneytransaction. I told him, that I have to discuss this first with my Lawyer.

After that , no more contakt!!!.

A lot of back and forth:
the money was not in my bank account, it would be at my bank
Investigation request from my bank
Request to my bank for Cashback
Contact the "Mayzus Finanzial Bank" office in Berlin "Sebastian Knaur"
Contact to "Alexandra Lapshina" Anti fraud specialist at Moneypolo (Mayzus). I asked them to block the money on suspicion of fraud
Contact to the bank of destination "Cesca Sporitelna". This confirmed to my bank that they asked the recipient of the money to reimburse the amount.
Again contact with Tom Mayer, hoping for help, Invitation from CFD (Mayer) to cancel the Cash Back and confirm that I will apply for a second -call Back, handwritten!

Again contact to Tom Mayer. His mail:
Regarding your questions, I ask you to take the recall for your last transfer of 60.913.17 euro back to the bank, so that we can immediately activate the two amounts of 82.978.96 USD and 60.913.17 EUR after receiving the money and release them for payment to you.

The recipient of the money is our finance company Mauzius.

If you wish to confirm the immediate withdrawal, we can of course confirm it by fax or email with your signature and stamp.

I hope to have helped you and remain

with kind regards,

Tom Mayer
Head Broker VIP Department
Finance Department
Phone +44-20-38072167
Email tom.m@cfdstocks.com
Skype tom. m_37
Address: 18 Paul Street, London, UK

Again I contacted Sebastian Knaur from the Mayzus Branch in Berlin and asked him to clarify where my money is now. I don't think he knew what a fraudulent enterprise he was working for. He researched and then told me that the money was at CFDStocks, I had confirmed the transaction. He sends me the appropriate document. I got a shock! A clear document falsification!!

I could write a book!!!!! Will stop here now.
Forex Peace Army
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dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 24, 2017,

Need urgent help to get my money back from CFDstocks.

Couple of days back i made a transaction of 250$ as per their instructions, but it was my big mistake ever in my life, after next day i started reviewing about this company and found that its big cheated company, so I send an email and i called up then asked my money back and they said i need to submit some documents line my passport /driving license and credit card copy front back with covering cvv number and my electricity bill to verify my account and process the money back to my credit card. so please advise is it okay to provide these documents to them? please advise.
Swindon , United Kingdom,
Jun 6, 2017,
Registered user

Do not use Cfdstocks, they will take your money and loose it .....buy lottery tickets

This company avoid, do not give this company a penny. I would give them -6 stars
Like all others have been lied too,cheated and stole my savings .
Just a quick thing if you need to get them on the phone re register as a new client just fill their application as you would just make a fake email but give them a phone number they will call you then you got some grubby little s..t to give them hell.
Hope all off you do this ,also there are several companies that do no win no fee and they will get your money's new back
United Kingdom,
Jun 1, 2017,
Registered user


liars and cheats - avoid at all costs. Having problems getting my money back , but seen good profits, just can't get to it!
May 18, 2017,
Registered user

Complete bunch of robbers!

A complete bunch of shysters - avoid - with extreme prejudice!
You will never get money back. I however got £200 worth of fun at their expense.
Never accede to silly requests for £10k when you only deposited yesterday.
Also complain to everybody......everybody.
West sussex, United Kingdom,
Mar 31, 2017,
Registered user

Avoid this company as you won't get your money back. They brainwash you into depositing more and more cash then come up with excuses when you want to withdraw. They should be placed on a blacklist as Scammers.

Jan 27, 2017 - 1 Star I invested £2250 in CFD stocks in 2016. I had one broker who tried to get me to invest more but I refused. I since made a profit of £1600. So decided to withdraw and close the account. My broker Max Barkley verified this and said the payment had been sent. This was in the 10th January but up to now nothing has gone to my credit card account. I have constantly sent emails to Max and he said it was on its way. Strange it didn't take as long to deposit the money
London , United Kingdom,
Jan 25, 2017,

Lost Money

I invested £250 in BritMethod assuming they'll make profit automatically. I was informed about making withdrawals and add more investment to millions. This was my initial plan but it started to go wrong when CFDStocks took my money from my BritMethod account and I had phone calls requesting more money to be part of the Brokers group. Gave £750 to Andy Ford and made a profit of £200. He pulled out and Marcus Caldan took over. After a few emails with Marcus claiming to be from Chicago and is living in California, he withdrew all my money from the account with CFDStocks and disappeared.
Australia, Australia,
Jan 11, 2017,

Steer well clear of CFDStocks......you can only lose otherwise!

Like many others, I, too, cannot retrieve my deposit from CFDStocks. While other reputable brokers refunded my deposit after I'd purchased an automated software package, had the broker automatically assigned, paid a deposit and then found that the software was not automated after all. Only CFDStocks refuses to refund my deposit, insisting that " in order to withdraw funds; a minimum trading volume (turnover) needs to be reached. Trading volume or turnover determined by the value of the initial deposit."

Steer well clear of this mob. The reviews I've read so far indicate that they are unscrupulous and disreputable. I had an on-line chat with a very rude operator who clearly had no idea of customer service and whom I found to be offensive.