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Updated: Sep 10, 2018
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Chicago, USA,
Feb 2, 2017,

Toxic and destructive liars

They started off great, lots of good promises (even insurance on the entire deposit!), and some profits. But their reckless money management and poor win rate destroyed my account. Their "insurance" turned out to be meaningless (they provided liquidity, not replacement of lost funds). So I was given the opportunity to trade with their money until I recovered my lost funds. Over the next 10-months, I was handed off to one money manager after another, each one with his own high-pressure requests for me to add more money to the account. Why would I add money to an account that has 100% loss on it? Perhaps if I was sitting on a 10% gain (or 100% gain like I had been promised), then I would be adding more funds to the account. But with a 100% loss? Why would I give money to inept people who lie? Well, now, 10-months after opening the account, my latest manager recently threatened to close down my account (basically take back the insurance I was promised) if I did not deposit $10k. And, he fabricated a complete and obvious lie about having to do so because his manager was very upset with him. Lots of details I'm omitting here, but his story is a total fabricated lie. So my conculsion...they are liars and extortioners (and that's their good qualities!)
Hawaii, USA,
Jan 9, 2017,
Registered user

2020binary is a total scam broker who will steal all your hard earned money. The guys names that stole my money are. Michael O'Connor, Anthony

2020binary.com is a scam broker. They are liars. They will make it look like you are making money, so they can persuade you to invest more money. These scammers stole 200k from, and I am fighting to get my money back. Do not trust them, or any binary options brokers. They are all scam.