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Updated: Oct 13, 2019
3.105 · 13 REVIEWS
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ForexChief is a forex broker. ForexChief offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. ForexChief.com offers over 35 forex currency pairs, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.105 · 13 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Ogun, Nigeria,
Sep 21, 2019,
Registered user

Nice broker!!

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Hello, my name is Solomon, I had some issues with this broker after I made a deposit and my account was not credited due to an error in transfer. I want to confirm that the said money was sent back to my bank account. My bank explained everything to me that credit card errors refund takes time to be reverted. I got the funds back within a period of 7 days. I made deposit again and it went through, my account was funded and I have since started trading. So I want to make it clear that there was no foul play by the broker. In fact I am impressed with their platform and trading conditions. Its a nice and straight forward broker. I won't fail to write here if any issues arises.

Sep 11, 2019 - 2 Stars My name is Solomon and I have been using Forexchief demo for a while now. So two days ago I decided to step up my game by registering a real account and made a deposit of $250 by my bank Master debit card. During the deposit there was an error.
Before I could think of trying again, my bank account was debited, which means money has gone to Forexchief account, but my trading account remained blank for hours. I contacted Forexchief and they claimed the transaction did not succeed. How come my account is debited.
Where is my money? I called my bank and they said I should contact Forexchief. Is this broker a cheat? It's been two days now and my trading account is blank, my money is nowhere to be found. I need my money back. This broker is bad for business.

Reply by ForexChief submitted Sep 15, 2019 Dear Solomon

As we explained you before, the payment was declined by bank acquirer, its not on our side. Then we have contacted with processing team and as we believe funds should have been already returned to your card.


ForexChief Representative
abuja, Nigeria,
Jul 7, 2019,
Registered user

Very Professional Broker

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Few days ago I was angry with the broker regarding fund withdraw and I wrote about it here. I would like to also publicly say that I was at fault. I later saw the company message on my spam folder. I am sorry, I actually did input a wrong digit on my account number. I uploaded a new document as well. I received money to my bank account on Friday evening. Everything has been perfect with this company until this misunderstanding on my part. I give this broker 5 star rating for the way it was handled professionally. I will continue trading with Forexchief for sure. Thanks to FPA for a great platform as well.

Jul 1, 2019 - 1 Star Forexchief has been an excellent broker in terms of their trading conditions, but I don’t know what is going on right now. My account number is 1077938 MT4 Directx. I started trading with Forexchief three months ago with a starting capital of $6300. After a series of consecutive profits, I decided to withdraw money.

I placed a withdrawal request of $2300 two weeks ago via bank transfer, but I have not received my money till now. The time expired and withdrawal was automatically cancelled. I don’t understand, maybe it was due to banking holidays, but am not sure. I have submitted my passport for verification and I did not use any trading robots or violated any rules. So to be sure, I placed another request on Tuesday last week, but still no response. The money did not even leave my trading account up till now. I have sent emails regarding the issue but no response. If the withdraw amount is too large, at least the company should reply my email and explain things to me.

Reply by ForexChief submitted Jul 3, 2019 Dear temitopefx

As we mantioned in your ticket in the Personal Area, at the first time you have specified wrong bank account number (if you click to Operation ID in the Payment History you will find there appropriate comment). Also at the second time we've found your documents has expired and you were asked to updalod fresh passport (coz you know about AML rules of the banks), once you did it, the transfer was succefuy procced. We expect you should already received the payment or it should be within 1-2 days


ForexChief Representative
Pakistan, Pakistan,
Jun 30, 2019,
Registered user

They do not admit their fraud.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Forexchief lounch the bonus compain for just to earn money from peoples.as we can see privious reviwes of peoples who getted this bonus and complete the conditions but forexchief dont want to pay him. When they register their case here then broker pay their money.
My case is same like them but broker dont want to pay me still.my case and there replies are here.
1.i ask why you give me the bonus after cancel this permotion.
Reply. You scan old qr code and get bonus by fraud.
2. I ask what is fraud in it.while you provide the code and ask me to scan .and i scan the code and you add the bonus.
Reply. You scan old qr code and get bonus by fraud
3. I ask why you not update you system for not adding the bonus by scaning qr code.
Reply. We update and qr code not shown in member area and you scan old qr code.
4. I ask why you not update system for not adding bonus by scaning any qr code old or new.
Reply. You have to get fresh qr code and to scan it.
5. I ask why you not telling me after adding the bonus that this bonus added by mistake.
Reply. We dont know that time you getted this bonus at 13.6.19
6. I ask you support checked my trading history.how can it possible that they checked my history and not know about bonus date?
Reply . They dont know about it.
7. I ask now who getted the spreads and commossion of my trading nearly 400 $ and who getted my profit 105 $ if bonus was wronge added.
Reply. It does does not matter.you get the bonus fraudly.
8. I ask if i get it fraudly why you not remove it when you checked my trading history.
Reply. We dont check bonus adding date.
9.i ask you genrate thw code. You add the bonus. I trade at your server. You get the spreads and commission and at withdrawal time you steel all my money why not tell me during trading.while your managers check every account at every trade.and your support also checked my trading history.
Reply. You get the bonus after the offer ended.
Dear this broker give me the bonus by scaning old qr code. They know about this that i get this bonus by mistake. But they not inform me during my trading and earn commisdion and spreads silently but at withdrawal time steel all my money by telling this offer ended.
Fraud and fake broker.

Jun 20, 2019 - 1 Star In short My clear quistions are these.
1. Why you add this bonus in my account at 13.6.19 if this was closed at 11.6.19.
2. If this added by mistake by yor system then why you not cancel it when i told your support that i have 100 $ bonus and check my trading history.
3. Why your support told me that i can transfer this profit or withdrawal if i have this bonus.
4. Why you cancel my withdrawal when i complete the mountain of turnover.
5. If this bonus was fake then i have traded 45 lots at witch amount.
6. Who earn The spread and commission of my 45 lots.
7. Where is gone my profit 105 $.

Jun 20, 2019 - 1 Star I have hear this many times.but this is not the answer of my questions.
We have to decide, who is wronge in this matter.
If i am wronge then i have no write to get withdrawal.if you are wronge then you can not stop my withdrawal.
We decide now.
Lets see,
I have register at 10.5.19 and click at wellcome bonus.
Then you issued a barcode fore my account,( remember that you issue a barcode for my account).
And guid me that when i insatall your apliction and scan your issued code then i will get 100 $ bonus. 
So i saved that code.
i scan that code at 13.6.19 and you added the bonus in my account.
Now the issue is this,
You said you have close this offer at 11.6.19. write?
But you issued the barcode for my account at 10.5.19.
So i am elligiable for this bonus and you add the bonus when i scan that code.
Now your faults are these.
1. If you close the offer then you have to cancel all generated barcodes and to remove this offer permananly but you does not do this.
Ase i mention earlier , if you give the bonus by mistake then you have to cancel it when i told you at live chat, that check my trading history and tell me my turover.But you not done this and let me free to trade.
When i ask your support that i want to transfer my profit in other account to trade more then he guide to open account and submit support ticket. He even not tell me that this offer ended.
Your support told me clearly that if i have this bonus then i can withdrawal profit. And i have this bonus.
If i was not elligable for this bonus then why you give me the bonus.
You give me the bonus becouse i have registered the account before 11.6.19 and you issued the barcode of wellcome bonus for my account before 11.6.19. 
Therefore you give me the bonus. So why now i am not elligiable for withdrawal?.
Barcode given by you.
Bonus added by you.
You have not told me about this during my trading.
You let me free to trade and get the spread and commission perfectly and earn 505 $ by my trading.
But at withdrawal time you said bonus ended.
Now according to rules you have played with my emotions and hopes.waist my time.and make me fool.
Now what you should have to pay for all this?
Now its your turn to tell me my fault if you found any?

Jun 19, 2019 - 1 Star My name is allah daad and i am 46 year old man and in forex trading since last 11 years.
My account with forexchief is 1215495 witch i have registered at
10.5.19 to get there 100 $ wellcome bonus for cheking there services.but when i read the rivews about this broker then i was afraid to choose it as my permanent broker.
But after 1 month i decide to check them by there 100 $ wellcome bonus as i have no fear to loss my money.
So i scan the code via aplication and they add 100 $ in my account.
I start the trading.
During trading i was remain in touch with there support for asking my trading turnover.
in 4 days i have complete there huge mountain of turnover nearly 45 lots and my remaining profit
105 $.
I have found there spreads very good.so i asked there support that i want to continue trading with them and dont want to withdrawal.
So they happily advice me to open a new account and submit a support ticket to transfer funds in new account.so i have done this.
After that i decide to check there withdrawal services so i submit a withdrawal request and update the ticket not no transfer the balance and sent withdrawal.
And surprised to see the reply in ticket that the bonus offer ended at 11.6.19 so i can not withdrawal. And they reset my trading account 0000 and delete all trade history.
Now the points witch i have noted, that confirm this broker as a fraud are these.
If they closed there offer at 11.6.19
Than why they gave me bonus at 13.6.19.
If they gave bonus by mistake then why they not writenoff it when i was trading and in touch with there support for trading turnover.
When i chat with them and they checked my trading history Why there support not telling me that this offer ended and dont waist the time.
When i complete turnover and asked them to transfer money in 2nd account, everything was fine.
But when i submit withdrawal request they reject the bonus.
After this i asked there chat that why they not told me that i can not withdrawal and bonus ended at 11.6.19. They told me it is not possible that your withdrawl rejected and take 15 mint to confirm and they say sorry that he can not help me.
After that i submit a ticket and got horrible reply that i have used technical maintanence to get there bonus at 13.6.19 while offer ended at 11.6.19.
It means they called me international hacker who hacked there system for getting there bloody 100 $ bonus.strange.hahaha.
Now they delete my member area and not replying on live chat.
I dont know the traders who post a nagitive rivews here and why they changed them in good rivew. I think they have done this only for money.
This broker is realy a fraud and scame broker.
Now let me clear what he getted by this 100 $ bonus.
If someone loss this bonus then broker loss nothing becouse they dont sent the trades in market and it just like a demo account loss.
But when traders earn money and they found him in profit then his trades sent in markets and they earn money by spreads and commission.now only from me they have earn above 400 $ by my 45 lots trading and also take back there 100 $ and take my 105 $ profit also by creating any reason.
So they earn 505 $ only from me.
Now they offer 500 $ bonus instead of 100 $. Hahaha.
This is an other good trap for snatching money.Read there terms.
I explain it here.
You can not loss the bonus but only can trade.it mean you can use huge volume to trade and let your account wash fastly and when you loss reache at your own funds they writenoff ther bonus and your account washed.
You have to trade huge volume of trading with your own funds for getting withdrawal there bonus.and in this try you lost your funds. If you complete all condition then they reject your withdrawal by creating any reason.
Dont waist time . This is confirm a fraud broker.
I am an old trader and in forex trading from 11 years.So i advjse you dear forex traders and new comers dont choose this broker.even not get there bonuses that these are only waist of time and it will ended in frustation and tention.

Reply by ForexChief submitted Jun 20, 2019 Dear Allah daad

As we said you many times, Welcome Bonus $100 was closed at 11 June 2019, and official news is placed on website


but using technical vulnerability you've got the bonus at 13 June 2019, after date when promotion is over ..of course bonus was cancled (and not just becouse company has such right) but becouse such promotion WAS CLOSED at 11 JUNE 2019

If you like bonuses so much, you can take Welcome Bonus $500

ForexChief Representative
kololi, Gambia,
Jun 17, 2019,
Registered user

poor customer support

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

its a little relieve seeing good comment about forexchief broker here, i have been trading with the broker for just two weeks now with the bonus and i can say the mt4 platform is cool, but zero customer support based of what have seen so far.
Reply by ForexChief submitted Jun 20, 2019:
Dear geezyben

We have many channels of helpdesk, including Skype, telegram, Facebook, Viber .. and others. Our support team works 24/7 with different languages. In case if the problem requires time for investigation, our team may ask you to create "Case" in Kayako ticket system. But be sure all issues will be investigated and detailed reported.

ForexChief Representative
Lagos, Nigeria,
May 18, 2019,
Registered user

Really nice broker

It's been a month and two weeks since I started trading with Forexchief. I have studied some their educative articles and trading strategies. The materials were really helpful. I also used their $100 bonus to practice on live account. I lost the money anyway. I deposited $260. So far I have made progress with my reading skills. Impressed with how their chat agents responds to my queries and complains. I really like this broker, so I will rate this broker 4star, since I am yet to see the best of them.
Pakistan, Pakistan,
May 15, 2019,
Registered user

Now found Forexchief is a good and honest and customer friendly broker

Hello all readers.
I am very thank full to forexpeacearmy to provide such a good platform for solving traders and brokeres misunderstandings.
I have post a privious review that forexchief does not clear that what conection they have found between my and another account . Now its clear that they found multidirectional trade who other trader open with same volum and at same time as i have open.
So in this case the broker is write . When they found two accounts tradind at same time and same volume then its a suspicious activity.
So i admit the errors witch was done by misunderstandings.
And i apriciat forexchief that they will give me 100 $ as good will.witch i can withdrawal.
I recomend this broker as good caring customers friendly and have goodwill for traders.
Thanx porexpeacearmy and fotexchief.

May 13, 2019 - 1 Star Forex chief is heavely wrost and little good broker.by spreads and order exicution its good.
But withdrawal and permotions they are scamers.
I have joined F.C nearly 15 days before. To test there services i have getted there 100 $ bonus. I have earned 388 $ profit. But then i come to know that i can withdrawal only 100 $ maximum after 50 lots trading. So i spent entire profit to complete trading lots. And after completing 45 lotsor 10000000 $ turnover i have remaning 293 $ equity in witch i have submit 100 $ withdrawal request. But surpriesed to show the canslation of withdrawal. They says i have getted the bonus twice.but not explain that how can they come to know that i have getted the bonus twice.any ip address match? Any device match? Any documents match? Any phone no match? .
But the reality is nothing match. But they cancel my withdrawal. I can say that this is a poor broker of vanuato with cheap regulation. They have not much money to give there traders but they just want to get money by peoples deposit. So therefore they have low spreads and 100 $ bonus to atract peoples to make a deposit.
I can say they are not a trust worthy broker.
I want to make deposit but fortunatly i have not complete funds in my skrill account.so i have postpond deposit and now i think i am lucky.
I am still in waiting for clarification and getting the withdrawal.
My account no is 1213565.

Reply by ForexChief submitted May 17, 2019 Dear FPA admin

Client 1213565 has broken the rules because of misunderstanding and agreed with that bonuse was canceled according accepted rules. As we asked him, he sent a new comment regarding this case, could you please check and update this review, thanks


ForexChief Representative
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
5 Star rating removed.

This reviewer provided evidence to the FPA showing that he was forced to confess to rules violations he claimed he had not committed.
Osun state, Nigeria,
Feb 11, 2019,
Registered user

Forexchief.com is a trustworthy and best broker as at now

Hello dear fellow traders around the world, first and foremost I'm using this golden medium to appreciate the efforts and opportunity given to me by fpa to bring my case to this honorable traders court because you guys really doing great job here as you provide the platform to clarify issues as not to label good broker as bad and bad broker as good, by doing this you are kudos from my side here and I pray the God Almighty shall continue rewards and bless you all abundantly IJMN!!! Now I'm happy to inform you all that forex chief has resolved my issue just now and by doing this I see their sincerity, loyalty and faithful to their clients around the world and I learnt one thing about this broker through this issue honestly guys this broker is fantastic good and great and if any error occurs and you can defend or proof yourself to them that you are innocent honestly they will help clarify those issues you might have with them without any hassle and if it's a withdrawal you shall surely and fastly be paid as they've just done to me now. I will rob this honourable court if I decide to mute and hold my peace on what went wrong and how forex chief faithfully and sincerely solved it this morning and paid me my withdrawal in full I mean in total full and every error has been corrected. This is what went wrong that made them to canceled my withdrawal from a first instance, they discovered that my ip address is the same with some of their clients accts that have already claimed the bonus once and according to their rule of paragraph 9 quoted "that you are only liable to get this bonus once ........and so on" so when they saw that my ip address is d same with those accts then it's clear that I was trying to fraud them and get the bonus many times. So that's their honourabke reason. But when this platform gave both of us chance to defend our issue then it's clear to see where the wrong actually came from and its a poor network providers in my proud nation called Nigeria that are still lagging in their operations as they provide the same ip address for every blessed person that subscribe for their internet connectivity. If my nation's network provider are up to the task and updated in their operations then they wld have been able to produce each of their subscribers with a different ip address that will not be resemble with others but here in my country Nigeria the reverse is the case. And there is no how for forex chief from their headquarter in oversea to have acknowledge this or knowing this before because it has not be so in all developed countries across the world so when they saw those ip address in some of the accts operation they easily concluded that I've collected the bonus once and therefore couldn't entitle to get it again and that's why they canceled my withdrawal and on this reason I'm deeply sorry for wrong labbelling and accusation against forex chief as a scam, I'm a sincere person too and I hate accused wrongly so at this point I withdrew all my bad words against them and I'm using this golden medium to tell traders globally that forex chief is very safe to deal with and your capital is well preserved and saved too with them and your withdrawal is their first priority with them as well. It's my nation's network providers that caused this issue and I o thank forex chief for their professional etique and conduct during this trial I'm this honourabke traders court that they really helped out this issue and this made me to believe in them more seriously even than the rest brokers that I'm dealing with presently. Pls dear all don't ever think that I've been paid to write this No!!! Not at all because I'm more than that and I hate cheating and I like helping others too. So if forex chief did not faithfully and sincerely approach this issue with sincerity this issue might end up unsolved and it might be on the other way round though I already have an alternative in order to fight them with my last drop of blood within me if it's not solve here but I belive in fpa so much that I first chose their platform in submitting my complaint and them transfer it to traders court here. All I'm saying is that forex chief is a good broker and sincere group of people I kudos you all from my side here kindly keep it up because you have my trust now absolutely 100% and I can introduce you to anyone around the world in this industry as the most safer and trysted broker to deal with. Once again forex chief I'm grateful to you and I kudos you for a professional approach to my issue we shall surely go a long way in this business and all profited by the grace of Almighty God. Keep your integrity up as a broker and in few years time you will surely be a broker to be challenged because you shall fly higher and higher in Jesus mighty name. Fpa more elbow to your strength IJMN!!! Keep it up you, can see the good work and the reason why you came to on board now I'm so grateful for your freely service you are offering us in this industry we really needed you much around keep it up. It's well with us all.

Feb 8, 2019 - No Rating Hello dear fpa members, forex chief scammed and fraudulently canceled my withdrawal with false allegation and fraudulently reason. This company is extremely thief and chief of all fraudster Pls stay away from them. I heard of them 2wks ago and I joined them and got their no deposit bonus with verified documents. I traded their requirements turnover on the bonus which is 10,000,000 $ within 8 trading days with the total of $469 in my acct and on their site it shows I've completed the turnover and I made a withdrawal of my profits through perfect money on 6/2/2019 in the morning but to my surprise when I checked my acct on that night I saw that they have fraudulently canceled my withdrawal and given falsehood reason that I've got their bonus before and I quickly chat their support up to submit my query and complaint and the guy told me that there's nothing he can do as regards my query that I shld create a ticket over the issue and I did immediately even supported it with email too and this morning I got another frauds reply from them that through their technical logs they see that I have connection with two different accts number which they gave as 1156726, 1152322 and asked me to tell them my relationship with those two accts. I was shocked to see the new level of fraudulent attitude of this cursed and criminal broker by asking me to tell them my relationship with those accts that I knew absolutely nothing about!!! Honestly this broker ought not to be registered at all because they are nothing but rogue, thief, criminal and filled with lies because I don't know those two acct numbers they gave and never get their bonus before as this is my first time of knowing them and got their bonus and I carefully and properly obeyed all their rules and I executed my wealth of knowledge in this forex business and withing 8 trading days I fulfilled their requirements and now they just decided not to pay me my profit after I've made a lots of money for them too with all their hidden extra commissions on every trades I made on that acct. Pls dear fpa kindly help me look into this and take it up because the stress in forex is too much for us to have a fraud and criminal broker like this around us today. In order to save many from their traps this broker needed to dealt with and blow the whistle for other traders across the world to be scary and beware of them. Infact they are more criminal than all I've ever encountered in my trading live experience. Pls I beseech all traders to be wary of them and never come close to forex chief because they are criminal and the level of their frauds is extremely high. And Pls dear fellow traders if you know any other more ways that I can sue this broker Pls kindly help me out, it's not because of me anymore because I already fell into their trap but because of many innocent traders who may still fall into their traps and give them their hard earned money we needed to label them as they deserved. I replied them immediately to tell me the names of those two accts they alleged me to already had with the bonus and up till now I've not see their reply, even the mail I sent I got the reply that it's beyond what they can handle that I shld create a tickets which I've done many times but no solution to my query. Even the last one I created yesterday's morning up till now there is no single reply from them. Therefore fellow traders beware of this forex chief as they are indeed chief of all scam broker as at today and let's all run away from them. If this is how fxopen, instaforex and many other good brokers started their brokerage business since they emerged I know for sure they will not be where they are today with good reputation. Pls dear fpa members help me out if you can to blow this whistle out in order to help other traders across the world. Thanks a lot.

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Kaunas, Lithuania,
Jan 11, 2019,
Registered user

I have been trading with this broker for more than 1.5yrs and i can say almost only good things, ill try to write pros and cons here:
Fastest withdrawal(skrill) processing - ~1hour, no matter what time of the day. I have tried many other brokers, various regulated and offshore, but such speed of withdrawal no one could offer.

Better than average spreads on ecn account with no minimum deposit limit.

Good and active support.

Well, first of all its website design.. it looks like back from 2000.. personal area interface is easy, but overall look is bad..

Vanuatu license/regulation :)
Lagos, Nigeria,
Dec 24, 2018,
Registered user

Will continue to use the broker

I visited their office just to be sure that am dealing with legit broker. Turns out they have an office in my country for real. I have been trading with their mt4 for 4 months now and it's been all good, especially the spreads. Mt4 is very fast and with less slippage ocurence. The only problem is that they frowned at one of my EA. I had to remove it. Still a good broker.
india, India,
Dec 14, 2018,

this broker sucks.....dont waste your money .u r going to get nothing.this broker never give withdrawl.
Reply by ForexChief submitted Feb 8, 2019:
Dear deepak , We would appreciate if you prove your words or at least, that you are our client , maybe your account or transaction numbers. Otherwise it looks like the unfair competition from the paid inventor .
Best regards,
Representative ForexChief.