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Updated: Nov 17, 2019
2.127 · 3 REVIEWS
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2.127 · 3 REVIEWS
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New York, USA,
May 18, 2019,

Forex, trading, trading forex

Amazing signals done by the new and current forex empire by Chad I really liked how he continues to send us signals every time he enters as well
May 13, 2018,


The mistake was he entered into a trade with 43 LOTS when he wanted to do .43 lot and took a huge loss on the pamm account
Syracuse ny, USA,
Mar 6, 2018,
Registered user

Don’t do it

It’s a complete scam. He shows a small running account that is losing over all hitting lots of stops that he doesn’t show. He just shows the trades that go green meanwhile he takes in cash totaling much more than he’s losing on his subscription. Same old song and dance he’s a crook.
John Miller,
Netherlands, Netherlands,
Nov 20, 2017,

Stay Away. Not worth the price. Better to study yourself and keep that 100$ a month for your account.

I have tested the signals service which costs 100$ a month.
The signals are in most cases Swing Trade signals. The R:R is not that amazing. With 1:3 risk to reward on average it is not impressive.
The signal provider had some MAJOR 'accident' with his previous account, so to speak. Which is why his myfxbook account can not be found anymore. Maybe he is busy building a new myfxbook trackrecord.

The signals are not great, nor good. It is only proper risk management and the RR per trade that might make you money long term. Not the quality of the signals as they are not worth writing home about.

The service is over-hyped and over-priced. There are services of 40-50$ a month price tag with decent results.

When you join today and pay 100$ there will be Swing Trades already running, so you will miss many trades and will have to wait for a few weeks perhaps to have a few new signals come in. Hence, a very steep price tag.

IF the signals would have been of high quality, with decent winrate and much better RR than I would consider 100$ a fair price. Currently, I see it like some desperate kid who wants to make $$ by luring people into paying 100$ a month and attracting new customers each month through marketing and showing the good trades only.

At the current stage this service is not even worth 50$.
The lack of myfxbook + not impressive winrate + poor RR per trade + hyping results by showing only winners to the public chat group, make this service by David Heiple not transparent and overall POOR. It is absolutely NOT worth the 100$. I think 20$ might be worth it, not more.

I suggest amateurs don't fall for the screenshots shared by Mr. Heiple. He lakes to brag about chats he claims are from his students, but some of those screenshots don't even make any sense. They are not credible. The service provider took his own myfxbook down, hence asking him for the myfxbook of his students about which he brags would make no sense.

Very selective cherry-picking of a few good trades for the purpose of marketing.

I suggest: STAY AWAY.