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July 2017:  There is an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with MyGoldenSignals until this issue is resolved.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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0.692 · 4 REVIEWS
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United States, USA,
Nov 24, 2019,
Registered user

No communication + misrepresentation of services

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

This guy is a joke. He took $300 from me and refused to give me any signals. He has refused to respond to any of my inquiries and even blocked my IP address to his website, even though I have a legal right to access the website to receive the very same signals I’m apparently paying for.

I’m in the process of filing fraud disputes with multiple financial agencies and am creating a formal complaint with the SEC to open a securities fraud investigation since he is operating as a financial advisor without the proper Series 7 licensing.

Do not deal with this scammer! I will post this message to all of his videos and places where he has an online presence to warn others about this illicit activity and to spare them the undue financial loss.
New York, USA,
Aug 18, 2017,

Purchased his 5 minute strategy and 20 minute strategy and was also a part of his university. I followed both strategies perfectly, which includes keeping an eye on Bloomberg news for key speakers and pay attention to high impact economic news on .I ended up wiping out my whole account. His strategies are a joke, he doesn't even know how to use them properly. He says you can only trade the strategies when market conditions exist, which is once a week, twice at most. He is very misleading in his videos, doesn't show losses and trades with a demo account. Do not get involved with him and his strategies or you will wipe out your whole account.
Jul 20, 2017,
Registered user

Richard Neal and My Golden Signals is a scam!!!

Issue escalated to Traders Court jeffie1 vs | GUILTY
On March 15, 2017 I purchased a 20 Minute Nadex Binary Strategy from Richard Neal through his website My Golden Signals. I did so based on his claims that this strategy has a 90% ITM win rate.

As advertised in his YouTube Videos, the strategy was very simple to use and place trades with. However, from April 10, 2017 thru June 1, 2017 I used the strategy to make 100 trades (1 contract each) on my Nadex Demo Account. Out of 100 trades taken, only 73 closed ITM resulting in a very disappointing win rate of 73%.

As it became apparent that he scammed me with false win rate results, I requested a refund 3 different times. His only reply was to my first request in which he stated I wasn't following the strategy according to "certain times" to trade. Since I had followed the rules to the letter (as shown in my trade record that I sent him) his reply was invalid double-talk.

The Nadex platform has a blue background at the top for Live accounts and a green background for Demo Accounts. Scammers don't reveal the top of their platform in their promotional YouTube videos. This is important because it reveals that they don't have real money on-the- line in the trades on their videos. This is the method Richard Neal and My Golden Signals uses as well.

Beware of Richard Neal and his business My Golden Signals. He will scam you!

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k, USA,
Jun 12, 2017,


Has many youtube videos claiming he is trading, claims that it is a live account when it is clearly a demo account, tries to hide it but doesnt know that you can't hide it. he is also pretty awful at trading and will take trades where he is risking 5000 dollasr to win about 300, funny stuff overall, dont fall for the stupidity and give this guy your money