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Out of business
Updated: Apr 13, 2022
FM-fx is a forex broker. FM-fx offers the MetaTrader 4 and Mobile forex online trading top platforms. offers over 45 forex pairs, gold, silver, other metals, stocks, indices, commodities and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.
Website is closed. Company terminated its business.
Out of business
1 • 10 REVIEWS

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Louise Knight
Mar 20, 2018,
Registered user

I really wouldn't give them any star, as it is a fact that they are scammers! They and their website no longer exists. I quickly put a stop on the money I wired the next day.

October 18 2017. No help from the bank at all trying to chase up my money. I previously posted a review here, but can't remember when, maybe January 2018. I want to file a case in this forum, but find it difficult to navigate.

Yes, they have absconded, with my bucks too. Web page has disappeared. I was never able to sign in the account along with using Mind control techniques to defraud innocent descent people. SHAME!

Louise Knight

Jan 6, 2018 - No Rating Yes, the same old story here too! High pressure tactics, still fighting for my bank recall of 10k the next day after a sleepless night, since Oct 18 2017. I wouldn't give them one star. Dont care about my initial deposit. Want my money back from the ether. Will never deal with these scammers again. :(
New Zealand,
Feb 4, 2018,

i’m still waiting for my money, i already send everything they requested and they told me to wait for the manager to call i’m still waiting til today it’s been like 8 months now.
Orange, Australia,
Jan 18, 2018,
Registered user

Stay Clear of FM-FX

We have invested $69,990 AUD and the whole lot is gone. Someone from FM-FX has shut our account down. One account manager had unauthorised access to teamviewer and saw my bank balance whilst I was doing a transfer. He was extremely pushy wanting me to go behind my husbands back and deposit $50,000 aud stating we would have it back the following day and he would never know the difference. We have contacted customer support, management, complaints, beneficiary bank, upaycard and only had one email from Helen Smith complaints stating she needed a week to investigate. They have broken many of their own terms and conditions. Their licence has been revoked from International Services Commission how can we get our money back? Much more to report on findings when we have investigated this company further.
Credit Card payments 4th September $250,5th September $517.04, 12th September $750, 15th September $1,000, 5th October $517.04, 6th October $750,12th October $1,200, 26th October $1,000, 27 October $1,000, 8th November $950, 9th November $2,000.
Wire Transfer and Cash Passport payments 16th November $10,010, 8th December $20,000, 19th December $20,010, 20th December $10,010.
We want a full refund and for them to not be able to rip innocent people of their hard earned dollars.
They make you believe the market is working but somehow they get in and change or delete trades. We will NOT stop until our money is returned!
Dec 22, 2017,

FM-FX is a TOTAL scam! I have read the above reviews, and I am afraid to say their they are all absolutely true, Phillipinos. The company is based in Belize. They systemically extorted me, I lost $70,000 very quickly through Metrader and team viewer looking my bank accounts. I was alerted by the fraud team at my bank who were great and told me categorically what was happening. and what I had to do. I contacted ASIC, the AFP, the UK equivalent in the UK. I have had to protect my ID and take other measures. My 'broker' even wanted to have a relationship with me, said he loved me and sent half nude photos and wanted me to meet him in the Phillipines. Used every method to extract more funds from me. I had to take my computer into be cleansed and when that happened they closed out all my open trades and I lost everything. They bank was able to claw back $20,000. It left me a total wreck and practically suicidal, I had to seek psychiatric help to deal with it. This company needs to be TOTALLY exposed and shut down. It happened so fast, but once I took a closer look all warning signs were there. They left me broken, but all I want now is for this company to CEASE to exist.
Perth , Australia,
Dec 7, 2017,

I have traded for a while with fm-fxm made some profit and lost some. But when I wanted to withdrawal my money it became a run around ID verification done but getting the senior accountant ( Jack Evans) to call for a vocal verification is impossible. Usual excuse tried to call no answer.
Send numerous emails asking where Is my money for over 2 months. Only to be charged for dortmant fee still being told my money was put through my credit which never was because it’s still in my trading account.
Just a question has anyone tried Fm-fx in the FPA court ?
Nov 26, 2017,
Registered user

Fm-fx are scammers and professional con men. A Quantum code advertisement for trade software arrived in my email and I was gullible enough to sign up. I deposited $250 AU dollars to open an account. My "broker"then pushed me to deposit a further $5000 from my credit card into a trade account. He used Team Viewer to look into my account. With his lying fake guidance on how to trade the money was gone within a couple of days. The company have all of my I.D as required it to open an account. ASIC have been informed and advised me Fm-fx are fraud. They had the cheek to ring my husband to try to get money from him after I lost my money. They could not answer when he asked if the trade platform was fake. Everything about them is FRAUD. Now I am taking out a bank loan to pay back the $5000 off my credit card. I have a face book website to help warn others. Please like and share it.
Lisa Ormsby
Nelson, New Zealand,
Sep 29, 2017,

Ripped off

I have waited weeks for my refund that was supposed to be refunded. just getting run around. will be going to forexpeacearmy. not happy.
Sep 20, 2017,
Registered user

FMFX is a scam

FMFX is a sophisticated scam. The scammers have set up an online Forex broking company and website that looks and feels authentic, but don’t let it fool you, it’s a SCAM. Apparently they have opened up the broking firm in Belize, but the people you will speak to are all Filipinos. The phone numbers they ring from are clearly VOIP-generated. The scam is as follows:
Once you register with FMFX, you will get a phone call within one minute of registering (never heard such a quick response – ALARM BELLS!). The phone number that rings you will have a +44 code implying that it is from the UK. With this first phone call, the FMFX operator will ask you to deposit $250 into the account, which is the minimum deposit in order to initiate the account. This is not unusual as most Forex broking companies require a minimum deposit ranging from $1 to $500. I made the initial deposit of $250 on 14 August 2017.
The second phone call from an FMFX operator is a few hours to a day after the $250 deposit is made. The call was from a person that called himself a “broker”. The person that rang me said he was “Elmer Bryant” (Anglo-Saxon name but the individual had a Filipino accent – ALARM BELLS!). He will ask you to install the MT4 trader and Team Viewer software on your computer so he can guide you through trades. He will then proceed to make a very quick trade. The trade will be open for a couple of minutes and will probably be a winner albeit only a few dollars. The broker will then insist that you deposit $10,000 into your FMFX account. Another give-away sign that it’s a scam is that the “broker” wanted to see my bank account details through Team Viewer. I never showed my online bank account, but was stupid enough to deposit $2,000 using my credit card. I probably would have traded some more with “Elmer” the “broker” if he hadn’t tried desperately to get $10,000 out of me. When I refused to do so, he got his “Supervisor” to talk to me and when I refused him, he got a supposed expert from New York to try and get me to deposit $10,000. All of these individuals were clearly using false Western names, but had Filipino accents and were clearly not the Western individuals they were pretending to be. I’ve carried out Forex trading with other brokers in the past and at this stage I became extremely suspicious about their intentions because they were desperate in trying to get more money than needed to trade, they clearly are not traders and know very little about forex trading strategies, risk management, leverages and fundamentals versus technical analysis.
At this stage, I became extremely alarmed that I made a very bad mistake with this Forex broker and immediately initiated a withdrawal of my $2,250 from the FMFX forex account. In order to do this I submitted person details (scanned copy of driver’s licence, passport, utility bill and credit card – all standard requests) through the FMFX document submission page on their website. I initiated withdrawal proceedings on 15 August 2017 and have been given a string of excuses for not giving me my funds. Among them I was told that they only allow $100 withdrawal at a time and that the broker needs to initiate the transfer. I managed to talk to the broker on several occasions and he claimed that would initiate the transfer but never did. I’m writing this note on 20 September 2017, more than a month after initiating my withdrawal and I still haven’t received my funds.
Through all this period the broker has continued to contact me, trying to get me to trade the funds in my account. This is curious because I’ve made it perfectly clear that I will not trade until I see my funds transferred into my bank account. On one occasion I severely abused “Elmer” over the phone for being a scam artist and a thief. I suspect that the Filipino call-centre receives their commission only through trading the funds in people accounts and they may even be under some pressure to do so. There are probably higher level scammers (Europeans, Russians or Middle Easterners) that have set up the Forex broking website and company. In the subsequent reviews I read on FMFX, everyone that trades with them through their so-called “brokers” has only ever lost all the funds through trading and no one has ever been able to withdraw any money from them. One individual was foolish enough to show the broker his online bank account and eventually lost all his money through the trading.
These people are NOT traders. FMFX is a scam!
Abram girgis
Oakhurst , Australia,
Sep 16, 2017,
Registered user

I have requested a withdrawal request for my money to be transferred into my commonwealth bank account and it has been over 7 days and no money was transferred back in my account my broker goes by the name of dae Anderson hasn't been replying to my messages through email and has promised me that my money would go back in my account and never did I have filed a transaction dispute from my bank and now waiting to hear back from them
Sep 12, 2017,
Registered user

FM-FX is a SCAM !!

FM-fx is a scam. I requested to withdraw the money, my documents has been verified & I received a email saying will credit back to my Credit card. But wait for almost a month still haven receive the money so I tried to contact live chat & she told me broker will contact me for the withdrawal. After a week still nobody call me.