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Mr M,
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 24, 2018,

The british/english looting poor hard working people's money

I told you that this british/english based company was dodgy and rubbish. From the very moment Kerry Dobbins sweet talked into making a deposit my instincts told me 'you are destined for doom'.

love making scammers idiots or what...hate the lot of them. NOt a single penny profit hit my bank account and these sexing idiots swallowed up all my hard earned money.

The website now says 'this page is currently unaavilable' - i wonder why??!!

Jan 16, 2018 - 1 Star i don't care if someone from the company is reading this but i believe they have scammed me; both my profit money and whole investment lost despite me telling them clears instructions in writing and over the phone - all ignored.

My hate red for this scammer company continues.

When i joined in Mid May 2017 i was assured from the following people that i can have a refund/withdrawal at ANY TIME but as you guessed... all lies:-

- Kerry Dobbins (lady who got me on board)
- Matthew Lord (my 1st account manager)
- Simon (in accounts)
- Jonathan Bishop (who said it will take up to 28 days
but should not take this long -
all lies)
- Jo Cooper (started off on a good note but then
very cleverly dodged my phone calls
when i demanded an explanation as
to why my account's profit
withdrawal had been rejected and
why both my accounts were trading
BIG amounts despite my instructions
- Stephen Moore (i asked why Jo Cooper is not
answering my requests for call
back? All Stephen told me 'i will be
your account manager' which shows
he was not answering my question
and defending Jo Cooper even
though i am the customer')

Stephen Moore than assured me over the phone that the earliest my funds can be liquidated is around December but commencing the new year i called them and said 'where is Stephen' in which i was told ' he is on leave'. Now you tell me how the hell am i meant to get my money back from these scammers?

After all the above two new member of staff called me and said money lost and 'you are welcome to deposit more money so we can recover your losses'.

In addition the above a lady in customer support told me that 'we are regulated' ...again all lies.

WHAT BLOODY FOOLS to tell me this!

*** i hope the above is enough to convince anyone not to trust this scammer company ***

Jan 14, 2018 - 1 Star Would you believe the my most recent acount manager is ignoring my emails and phone calls and did nto even tell me that he was going on long term leave.

Despite his promises of returning my money they were all lies!

Then two new account bedding idiot manager told me that i cannot have my money back due to 'market conditions'. stupid idiots.

Despite myself sending instrucitons in writing and via phone calls they destroyed my account and lied to me many times.

what made me laugh the most was the 5th and 6th new account manager guy told me 'you are always welcome to deposite more money to make up the loss'. i laughed and told him 'your stupid company has lost me all my money despite me telling you verbally and via email that i need my money back what makes you think i i will deposit any more'!!

This stupid account manager went quiet as he know he was in the wrong.

IN my whole life i have not seen a company as stupid, thick and unprofessional as LDN EXchange or London Option Exchange . HIGHLY RECOMMEND to stay away from this stupid sexed up company.

Jan 9, 2018 - 1 Star hey guys, i just got off the phone to a phallus in the accounting team and was told 'both my accounts have been drained of my money'. I then told him that my account manager promised me he will look after my account and will give me my money back. The John Thomas in accounting told me that my account manager is not back until next week.

I have demanded a refund but the coupling idiot told me over the phone 'market conditions'. I am still fighting with these coital idiots and told them that 'its your fault for trading massive amounts even though i advised them to i wanted a refund and to trade smaller amounts'.

I have now made an official complaint and is being investigated.

I hope after reading my 5th review that it is more than enough to convince anyone that this company is 'COPULATING UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNTRUSTYWORTHY.'

Jan 5, 2018 - 1 Star hi again guys!!

Its now been almost 8 months since joined this company run by the mainly british born idiots and i am yet to see any profit hit my bank account. I, myself, am british and am beginning to feel ashamed of being british due to this companies 'non gross performance'.

honestly, since i have joined this company since last year May 2017 i have not seen a single pound of profit hit bank account despite me being so NICE and POLITE to ldn exchange via phone and

Dec 28, 2017 - 1 Star Hello again ladies and gents,

this is now now my third review and would you believe the experience with LDNEXCHANGE has not got any better.

its been 7 1/2 months since i have joined this joker company and have not seen any profit hit my bank account. OMG!!! i wish i knew VEDIC ASTROLOGY so i could have predicted that joining this company would bring me 'no returns'!!

Honestly, i can think of so many word to describe this company but do not want to go there. Please, do not be fooled by their sweet talk. bloody 'thickheaded' idiots.

Dec 11, 2017 - 1 Star ***** Please read *****
Hello again guys, this bloody company is so unprofessional that they gave me no choice but to submit a SECOND review.

Basically, my Tier 5 account was built up to roughly £1500 then when i started noticing BIG amounts being traded i told my account manager 'Please, can you kindly change the size of the algorithm so it trades no more then £40-50' .
The reason i told him this is that it does not BLOW my account. He promised me that he will look into this, but, now, 5 weeks have gone by and no response from (email or phone call) him and now my account is sitting at £120. I wanted to withdraw some of the profit money so i can join my family on holiday and now i CANNOT AFFORD it due to their unprofessional nature.

Again, when i asked them 'nicely' as to why was this not investigated they told me 'well, its the way the markets work'. I then told them 'Sorry, i did give you enough notice to change the size of the algorithm'. Their response was unprofessional as ever.

I have a higher level account with these guys and have (which i regret) but my new account manager has assured me that he will make me some good profits before we depart as friends.

Please, look out for my third review ladies and gents.

Dec 1, 2017 - 2 Stars i hate their f*** guts!!!

they built up my account to £1500 then suddenly my acocunt started trading big amounts. I then demanded a explanation but got nothing. now, my account is £120.

please, for you sake do nto trust these people...they are highly unprofessional and fradulent.
United Kingdom,
Dec 1, 2017,
Registered user

I too had the misfortune of being contacted by LDNEXCHANGE. First they "hook" you up with a little money. Once you have "invested" then the specialist conman called Anthony Loyd will take over. Make no mistake, he is a specialist who will run rings round the average honest person, who even wanted me to sell my house and invest the money into his scheme.
Also the other conman called Matthew Lord was involved, and just like the previous victim they tell a pack of lies to ensure they get hold of your money. Once they bleed you dry they will not respond to your emails and call. They will encourage you to use credit or debit cards because they tell you "the money is protected", knowing very well that as they have not "stolen" your money there is no chance of claiming the money back.
Cornwall, United Kingdom,
Oct 30, 2017,
Registered user

I have not been able to withdraw funds having tried three times coming up with message "REFUSED" after waiting 30 days. They put on 2 trades without my authority, One for $2638 which went down and one for $3957 on 18/10/17 with expiry date of 29/12/17. I have tried to contact them by phone and e-mail. The phone is now unavailable and e-mail disconnected.
Daddy ,
United Kingdom,
Oct 9, 2017,

Karma isn’t pretty

Matthew Lord = Corey Fieldhouse (discoverable via Facebook)
Josh fieldhouse other hedge fund manager.
United Kingdom,
Aug 18, 2017,
Registered user

Being resolved

I did this review a long time ago before LDN Exchange offered to refund my money, I have asked for it not to be submitted as we are settling the matter. I will submit the payment details as soon as it becomes available

Jul 18, 2017 - 1 Star I received a call from a lady at London Option Exchange (Kerry Dobbins) she was lovely and promised me a guaranteed and safe return investment. So I fell for it and invested £2,500 on 16th May 2017 as I was given a 30 money back guarantee.
I was then appointed an account Manager (Matthew Lord) and a trader (Anthony Lloyd) Anthony pressured me into investing every last cent I had in order to access the most profitable and safe investment called the “Alpha fund” He said he invested £2m to have access to Dark Pool liquidity that I can’t ever access myself. Dark Pool liquidity shows where all the large investment banks are about to invest their money, so your investment will follow and you can’t lose. I was hesitant as I didn’t want to invest in something risky. Anthony said not to worry about the warnings of Options being risky – he had to put that on the website because of Regulations.
After several conversations, Matthew offered me another 30 days money back guarantee and said I could withdraw my money if I am unhappy with the service for any reason. Both Matthew and Anthony said if I was not happy after the 30 days, we could shake hands and walk away – no hard feelings. They also gave me examples of how they will give me my money back even after the 30 days and said “if your roof fell in or you crashed your car – you could just phone us and we will get you your money back. Anthony also offered to set up a dividend payment out of my profits into my banking account. All of this lead me to believe that I have a guarantee to get my money back and that it would be Anthony who would trade my account as he had 15 years’ experience as a JP Morgan hedge fund manager. He also said it was not Binary Options, but fixed return options that were better? I now think it’s a bot trading and that Anthony is a quants developer not a trader and has never worked as a hedge fund manager.
On 9 June I topped up my investment to reach almost £20,000, I basically used all my money I saved for a house deposit and also maxed out my credit card. Anthony knew this as I told him that this will ruin me if it didn’t work, but he re assured me my money is safe.
On 20 June (within my guarantee period) I tried to make a withdrawal as I over extended myself and needed to pay my credit card. I thought I would see if I can withdraw my money and start again at a lower level. The system rejected my withdrawal. I phoned Matthew and emailed him and didn’t get any responses as he was always on the other line. Eventually I got hold of him and he said I can’t make a withdrawal until I have met the turnover requirement of over half a million pounds! He said as I have accepted the bonus, I have to meet that requirement.
The bonus was disguised – the initial bonus was randomly added to my account and the second bonus was added by Anthony, but he said it was company funding and will allow my account to reach the requirements of the Alpha fund. No warning that my 30 day guarantee would be useless.
I started to investigate the company and found that they are unregulated and based in Marshal Islands. The actual company name is Trident Group LTD. and their registered address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960.
Be careful as they do not warn you about the “Corporate funding” aka bonus. They give a 30 guarantee that they do not honor. They say that if you are unhappy for any reason you could just withdraw your money and walk away, but I tried to do this 3 times and failed, although I followed all their rules and submitted my Anti Money Laundering documents. My trades were winning before the last £10,000 deposit and now they are losing. I wrote a ceased and desist instruction not to trade my money, but they have ignored it and continue to lose my money!

Jul 6, 2017 - 1 Star I got phoned out of the blue by a lovely lady called Kerry Dobbins, who promised to show me a system with a 4.5% guaranteed monthly return on my investment and no risk of losing my money. I didn't initially bite, She kept phoning and I thought as there was a no risk guarantee I will invest a small amount to see if this is as good as it sounded. I was put through to the Accounting department and they took my credit card details to take a payment of GBP2,500 on 16th May'2017.

The online system looked great., it appeared that it was making about a 75% success rate and only risking £25 of my capital on each trade. I then got bombarded by calls from Anthony Lord who said he was the hedge fund manager and had 15 years experience working for JP Morgan and now wants to help other also earn a lot of money.
Anthony pressured me to invest whatever I had left, so I paid them another £5,000 on my credit card as I didn't really have this money. I said to Anthony that I couldn't afford to lose this money as it is all I have plus some on my credit cards and their website says Options is risky. Anthony answered that the warning is only on the site as he has to put it on there for compliance, there is no risk and he will probably make about 10% per month or more. Anthony then kept talking to me and said he bought entry into Dark pool liquidity that enabled him to see what large investors are placing on the stock market and he is using this information to make his investors a lot of money. This information is only used on the Alpha account and in order to benefit from this very expensive system, you needed to invest at least £40,000, but if you can invest £20,000 he had an allocation of company funding to bring me up to £40,000. I didn't realise that this was bonus funding and that I would need to turn over £540,000 before I could withdraw any of my money. I said I needed 10 days to think about it and he said he will give me until the end of the week to get the money or lose the opportunity. He said don't worry if your roof falls in or you need a new car, you can just let me know and we can arrange a withdrawal. Also after 30 days if you don't like what I can do - we can just shake hands and walk away - little did I know that it meant walk away with my money. He said my money was safe as they used UK Card as a clearing house.
I then phoned him back and said I didn't want the company resources as it seems like it will be holding my funds captive and he was pressuring me. He then said pressure creates diamonds and we will just proceed to add the funding and that I should pay a 10% deposit of the remaining money that was required to bring the account to £20,000 what we will do - we add the funding on the account and you pay the rest. I felt bullied and afraid to do this but as the week ran out I could not say no to question "Can you live on £4,000 per month? He said I will get there soon with his alpha fund. Antony also said he only makes money when my trades win.
I made the £10,00 bank wire transfer on 9th June 2017 and then they went silent. I found Kerry Dobbins, who looks like she were doing modelling before and now she is a broker. Anthony Lord never worked for JP Morgan, but he has worked for various companies as a quant developer.

The lies started to unravel and I realised I had been caught! There were 4 trades per day on the system and it would take 2.5 years to turn over my deposit if thee trades kept winning.

- The system looks fake as it sometimes shows it has done 65 trades and other times that it has done 44 trades.
- Does the system trade or is it Anthony Lloyd using Dark pool liquidity?
- When I tried to do a withdrawal it was rejected
- My emails are now ignored and the account manager Matthew Lord is never available to take my call.
- I got hold of Matthew after phoning every hour on the hour - he got very aggressive when I said I needed some of my money and said I can't withdraw anything and I agreed to their T&Cs. The initial "company resources" or bonus was added to my account 2 weeks after my initial deposit without any warning. The second half I was pressured into with the understanding that I could with draw money if I needed it.
I go told they will set up a dividend payment for my profits to be paid to me monthly or quarterly - that was obviously untrue if they do not allow withdrawals.
- I checked and they are located in the Marshal Island, they aren't a registered broker and not regulated.

Please stay away from these people, they are very convincing and will keep your money with no way to withdraw it. They now have more than enough time to lose the money , shrug and say " we told you it was risky - sorry we have lost your money!
Abraham, United Kingdom,
Jul 13, 2017,

Initial encounter with them seems good and platform and processes appear legitimate. After a successful withdrawal I will invest further and monitor p

Very friendly and convincing conversations with account managers. for a small deposit I have experienced good daily returns in the first 10 days of trading the managed account they offer. I have had problems withdrawing funds which I want o do before investing further. AML documents must be uploaded before they can authorise withdrawals. Once this initial withdrawal has been successful I intend invest a larger sum with them and will be monitoring the progress.
I will keep this forum posted re the outcome.