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LondonOptionExchange.com Review

Updated: Nov 1, 2018
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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London, United Kingdom,
Sep 9, 2018,

This is a criminal organisation, plain and simple...

This is a criminal organisation, plain and simple.
Anybody who has lost money with these criminals should report it to Action Fraud: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/
I was contacted in 2016 by London Option Exchange and invested some money with them and am just in the same boat as everybody else.
Since Binary Options have become regulated by the FCA their website (www.londonoptionexchange.com) and trading platform has vanished off the internet. What does that tell you?
There are 2 more websites affiliated with the same organisation: Stratx Markets (www.stratxmarkets.com ) and Nexcap Index (www.nexcapindex.com) who not surprisingly have also vanished. They all have the registered trading address: Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960.
They are not registered in the UK and everybody who happenbed to invest with them have probably had their money siphoned through offshore shell companies.
All the scumbags working for these financial fradusters probably used fake aliases so tracing them would be difficult.
Take this as a lesson learned. Do not answer cold calls or invest with people who ring you out of the blue promising unrealistic returns.
And don’t be fooled by these ‘recovery’ calls that you may recieve telling you they can get your money back from them for a small fee. They are probably the same crims who are using your desperation to con you out of more of your money.
The more people who come forward and report these financial criminals to Action Fraud/Police the more chance they will be caught so if you have been scammed report it! http://www.actionfraud.police.uk
London, United Kingdom,
Aug 3, 2018,
Registered user

There is no way I can withdraw anything from that company, so what is the point even starting to trade.

I have been recruited by Denis A. Cameron on 27/7/2017 and he later passed me to Jenifer Daniels. She doubled my account and I asked for some small withdrawal and received £110 on 10/10/2017. My next manager was Steve Chambers. I asked for more withdrawal and I was told to wait till next year 2018 which will be better. So I asked for withdrawal on 12/1/2018 and still waiting. They told me that my manager Steve Chambers is in the hospital and I should call later. It repeated the same many times I called. Telephone was answered by Vlad Peters, Jake Stain and some female voice telling me the same thing. Since than there is nobody picking up phone calls and no answer for my emails. The withdrawal is still pending. I reduced my withdrawal recently to £600 hoping that it will be more acceptable, but no joy. They owe me £1580. Please tell me what to do.
Mr M,
London, United Kingdom,
Feb 14, 2018,

They are scammers and operating fraudulently unregulated

I too am suffering very badly since i had joined them last year May 2017...read my review further below.

Basically, they liars and mis advise client for their selfish benefit.

Someone low class SCUM british sounding person called Kerry Dobbins PROMISED me that 'Mr M, as you have not taken any bonus (CTS) you can have your refund at any time and should take no longer then a few working business days' SO, when i had tried it was immediately rejected without anything in writing or phone explanation.

Then the lies started to unravel and i released i had been conned and cheated. I was shocked that these people operating on English soil can be so low.

basically, if they have not told you already your deposit needs to be 'turned over' so many times before you are eligible for refund and this is what they do not tell you are they are unregulated and operating fraudulently.

I am currently going through their complaints procedure but as i do not have anything in writing i think they will win.

Dec 21, 2017 - 1 Star *** honest but BRUTAL review ***

I joined these guys in Mid may 2017 and the following happened:

Basically, my Tier 5 account was built up to roughly £1538 then when i started noticing BIG amounts being traded i told my account manager 'Please, can you kindly change the size of the algorithm so it trades no more then £40-50' .

The reason i told him this is that it does not BLOW my account. He promised me that he will look into this, but, now, 5 weeks have gone by and no response from (email or phone call) him and now my account is sitting at £123. I wanted to withdraw some of the profit money so i can join my family on holiday and now i CANNOT AFFORD it due to their unprofessional nature.

Again, when i asked them 'nicely' as to why was this not investigated they told me 'well, its the way the markets work'. I then told them 'Sorry, i did give you enough notice to change the size of the algorithm'. Their response was unprofessional as ever.

I have a higher level account with these guys and have (which i regret) but my new account manager has assured me that he will make me some good profits before we depart as friends.

Please, look out for my second review ladies and gents.
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 23, 2018,
Registered user

STEVE CHAMBERS, Would you trust money with this man,or Londonoptionexchange.com.

I started my Account here with Jennifer Daniels,she was honest,trustworthy,and very reliable,and I made good money with her.Then she got sick,and I think they fired her on her return.Now I'm stuck with Steve Chambers,and it's a completely different ball game now.My Account has been completely ignored for over 5 weeks now,phone calls and emails get no reply,and we're not exactly making money now.The lies and bull dust I am getting,are coming thick and fast,and the false promises,he even claims they are regulated.My Account only holds £2638,but I would dearly love it back,so does anybody have any bright ideas???
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 17, 2017,
Registered user

Scam company do not part with you money with this scam

This company scammed me out of £3000. They are all rude an uncooperative. Would not recommend this company to anyone as they are unregulated and will try anything to scam people out of their money. If they have called you simply hang up and don't entertain anything they say . Steer well clear.