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Updated: Sep 30, 2022
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Out of business

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Weekend Golfer
NE Eng, United Kingdom,
Sep 24, 2017,
Registered user

SW1 Options - Beware and stay well away!!

I invested in SW1Options back in October 2016. Initial investment was £2000 and the trading platform and information i received at the time all appeared fine.
Was contacted again in January 2017 and advised to make a further investment of £5000 and was give all the patter about increased benefits from more trades per week and account being managed by more specialised account manager. Again all seemed reasonable and i could see the balance on my account increasing with a strike rate around 80% most months.
Problems started in March/April 2017 when there appeared to be no communication(not responding to emails and difficult to get anyone to speak to on the phone). Plenty of excuses given i.e. taken over by new management, BT sorting out all the phone lines and internet etc.
To provoke a response i requested a withdrawal from my account, but response several weeks later came and was informed that if i wanted to remain a UK customer i would have to pay an additional fee of £10,000, otherwise, as a small time investor, my account would be transferred to be managed from Romania. Against my better judgement and on the promises that i would immediately be able to withdraw from my account, i paid. Feel a bit of a mug and things went downhill rapidly from there.
Was then asked to pay a bonus fee, again on the promises that i could immediately withdraw from my account, the balance was showing at £68,000 on the online platform. Stupidly paid and still was unable to withdraw. Next excuse i was given was that if I paid a "liquidation" fee to close my account, i would secure the full balance of my account and this would be returned to me. You guess it, still waiting and not been able to contact anyone by phone and no replies to any emails.
People i have spoken to in SW1 Options are (although i very much doubt if this is their real names) are:
Daniel Parris - Account Manager
David Johnston - Head of Compliance
Timothy Pinnock - Assistant Director
Michelle Williams - Head of Administration
The new Company Director is listed as Valentine Lupu who resisted on Companies House in February 2017.
I have been taken for a complete ride by these people, fraudsters, scammers and i would say gangsters - please don't follow in my footsteps, as you will lose everything.
Now starting the painful process to see if anything can be retrieved - would settle for not getting any money back and having all of the above locked away for a very long time!.
Essex, United Kingdom,
Sep 1, 2017,
Registered user

Stay away from this company your financial health depends on it

I invested with this company started with £1000 received a bonus of £500 over the last 18 months I have added a further £15000 and now they will not release any money back to me without a payment of £3100 as a release fee, they use a 10% of account balance to get to the £3100. I have already paid a escrow release fee of £3900 6 months ago for a £14000 withdrawal that I didn't receive.
I was told today by Daniel Parris of SW1 that to give me back my money would breach terms and conditions and also as they are regulated by the gaming commission it is against their rules. THIS IS WRONG AS THEY ARE NOT REGISTERED WITH ANYONE. I spoke to the gaming commission and was told that if a client wants his money back no one would ever have to pay anything to receive it.
Billy Whiz
North East, United Kingdom,
Aug 15, 2017,
Registered user

SW1 Options pester you to invest, once they have your money it is nearly impossible to contact them. Even with a Court Judgement which states they sh

I invested in Binary Options company SW1 Options Ltd. The balance is $38,648 and I applied for a withdrawal. They have refused.
I have since received judgement in the small claims court for the withdrawal sum of £10,000 plus £410 costs. Payment to be made immediately.
I have sent several emails asking for their proposals, they are ignored. One of their office phone numbers is dead to incoming calls but is still used to call out from, and the main number never gets answered. I have a mobile number for my account manager, if that is answered he hands it to someone else. That person asks me to deposit an additional £6,000 and then they will allow me to liquidate the account. I repeated I want their proposal to settle the court judgement, he just laughed.

SW1 Options operate an 0203 tel no. which I cannot trace to a location, they operate a PO Box No. where mail is forwarded on, therefore making it almost impossible for me to trace where they work from.
The names of the people I have recently dealt with are:-
Daniel Parris my Account Manager
Gerald Gimes another Account Manage
Timothy Pinnock another Account Manager
Heather general admin
Although I have not had any contact with this person, he is the owner of the company,
Nicholas Alexander Hart. (DOB June 1989) He resigned as director in Feb. 2017 but is still active in the company. His previous address was Flat 3, 887-891 London Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 3LL
New Director Valantine Lupu, Correspondence address: Flat 14, 11a Flint Close, London, United Kingdom, E15 4QT
SW1 contact details are as follows:-
Telephone Nos. 0203 514 7878, 0203 514 8770, Mobile 07377 080688
PO Box Address: Suite H0238, 269 Kingston Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 3NW
Registered Address: Cambridge House 27 Cambridge Park, Wanstead, London, England, E11 2PU
N A Hart uses the above as a correspondence address.
They had a bank account with Nat West, name SW1 Options, Sort Code: 60 24 77, Acc No. 28371062, it has been emptied and closed.
I know of 8 others who cannot make contact nor get their money out of SW1. They change their Terms and Conditions without a controlled revision, therefore the client does not know until they impose some NEW condition on you. The new withdrawal Ts&Cs state all circumstances are unique and as such you must contact your Account manager. Therefore the withdrawal conditions are totally at his discretion and you are not allowed a withdrawal.