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Out of business
Updated: Apr 13, 2022
XLRTrade is a forex broker. XLRTrade.com offers the MetaTrader 4 forex trading top platform. XLRTrade.com offers over 100 forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, cfds, commodities and precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.
January 2, 2018:  Italy's CONSOB has issued a warning against XLRTrade and its parent company Nostro Technology, LTD.  CLICK HERE to verify.
XLRTrade is owned by Nostro Partnership lp.

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

Out of business

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Apr 12, 2018,
Registered user

I demand that “XLRTRADE” would withdraw all my funds in amount of $9.000,00 EURO from my trading account No: 161228. (Attached)

The withdrawal process is misleading and far from been transparent, before withdrawing any money from the trading platform of “XLRTRADE”, the company requests a waiver to be signed by the customer Although, in the T&C displayed on the company's website states that a form needs to be signed before withdrawal and not a waiver as the company demands. In my case, I rejected to waive my rights and the agreement was modified on my demand!

Moreover, the company for some reason has a policy that it withdraws the profit and the initial deposit in separate transactions. Despite the T&C agreement that states that, all funds will be transferred to the initial account.

August 2017, I submitted more than one withdrawal request that is pending until this day.
Excluding the main currency of 3500 euros, they were all canceled one by one.

Taking in consideration everything mentioned above, I have no other choice but to make the conclusion that “XLRTRADE” is a scam.
Sergei Evlogiev
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Feb 18, 2018,
Registered user

XLR Trade is a fake broker

Hereby, I want to report an investment fraud in the amount of € 295 814. After I was approached by phone by a stranger claiming to be a trader, I was persuaded to open a trading account with XLR Trade, which happened on 06.04.2017. The first trader I was working with, Alex Ivanov, after one month of trading with XLR Trade, persuaded me to transfer additional € 3017. I made this transfer to the bank account he has given me thinking that this account is the account of XLR Trade but it turned out that I have transfered the money to a fake third firm. In the period from opening of the account until the date of the last money transfer on 17.11.2017, I have deposited a total sum of €79 200. In October 2017, after one month of persuation by the financial department, I accepted the following conditions of a cash back trading - I was offered to close 10 positions at 0 loss and in exchange I had to deposit additional €50 000 and to generate a trading volume of 200 lots. I deposited the sum and traded 200 lots as requested by them. After that, they requested that I trade another 200 lots, I did this as well but the firm wanted that I trade another 100 lots. After trading 500 lots, I tried to withdraw some of my funds without having any open positions, but received only € 5000 back. Numerous withdrawal requests that followed were ignnored. The last request made on 05.12.2017 in the amount of € 5000 is pending until this day. I have tried many times to contact the firm but they do not answer my emails. I made a formal complaint to their "complaint department" but the email was invalid. I sent the complaint to the financial department and to the Owner,Iuliia Davydenko, but did not receive any response. I talked to their financial department by phone, and was offered the option of receving € 50 000 back and in exchange to close my account and to forsake the rest of the money. I rejected this offer. Since then, I have not heard from the firm.
Jan 27, 2018,
Registered user


XLR TRADE is a fake broker. I was scammed by Italian office (phone 011 0121588 email sc@xlrtrade.com). Unfortunately some month ago I didn’t know anything about trading on line, so I fell into their trap.

July 2017: I opened an account (n. 161408) with XLR TRADE; the first trades, that my account manager suggested me, were successful, so he invited me to deposit more and more money. Unfortunately I accomplished.

August 2017: my account manager made me perform very hazardous trades that quickly went to loss; he told me to deposit more money to avoid closing my trades with a final loss. This time I didn’t accomplish and I closed all my trades.

September 2017: I decided not to trade any more. I asked for the withdrawal of my residual funds (20.000 EUR) on my trade account.
September – December 2017: my withdrawal request was pending for authorization for four months. I send many mails (sc@xlrtrade.com and support@xlrtrade.com ) and I made many phone calls in vain: nobody answered my mails and my phone calls (they were always busy or on meeting) and nobody explain me why my request had not been authorized.

January 2018: suddenly on 2018-01-08 I received a mail from XLR support where they write: “Dear client, we cannot complete your WD request due to not having the required amount of money in your account to withdrawal. We have closed your withdrawal request.”
I checked my account and I discovered that three trades (BTCJPY) were opened on 2018-01-04 and closed on 2018-01-05 with an overall loss of 45.997,45 euro. Of course I never performed that trades. The only explanation is that someone of XLR knew my account password and operated on my trade account without my knowledge.

So, at the end of this story, I lost all my funds and I have no hope to recover my money.

I think XRL TRADE is a scam, a very dangerous scam.
Russia, Russian Federation,
Oct 17, 2017,

my trading account 158808
I made a deposit using a bank card
earned a profit of 885 euros.
the initial deposit of the broker with a long delay returned, but to withdraw money from the profit - refuses.
The broker has not responded to my numerous letters for more than a month.
The same situation my colleague (trading account 160364) sum more than 550 dollars.
It's scammers. I do not recommend them