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3.752 · 9 REVIEWS
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ZYX-Big-Broker.com is an imaginary online forex broker. ZYX Big Broker offers the ZYX MentalTrader remote psychic trading platform. ZYX-Big-Broker offers over 600 currency pairs, gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, oil, stock indexes, Bitcoin, bits of coins, livestock, and pirate treasure for your personal investment and trading options.

October 4, 2017:  ZYX Big Broker just acquired TVBBNA (The Very Big Broker of North America).  All TVBBNA clients have been transferred the ZYX Big Broker's North American division.


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ZYX-Big-Broker.com profile provided by ZYX Support, Sep 4, 2019

ZYX Big Fx Broker is the biggest and best broker in the world.

We are the only company to offer the MentalTrader platform. This allows you to trade from anywhere telepathically.

With our recent acquisitions of The Very Small Broker of Lichtenstein and The Medium Sized Broker of Japan, and the recent acquisition of The Very Big Broker of North America, our client base will exceed 100,000 active traders.

We offer the world's biggest and best forex things of every sort. Our exclusive time-link technology allows withdrawals to be processed before the client makes the request. In most cases, the money arrives in the client's bank account before they can finish filling out the withdrawal form.

3.752 · 9 REVIEWS
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Cynthia T.,
Oct 3, 2017,

Was good. Now it's great.

I've been with them for several years now. They've had a few problems in the past, bit their live support was friendly and helpful. Even better, live support has the ability to fix problems instead of telling me to wait for someone in charge to get back to me.

Over time, the number of problems decreased, and the speed of execution increased. I beta tested MentalTrader. It truly does allow trading at the speed of thought. The full release even supports placing SL and TP in less time than it takes to blink.

If they keep getting better, I'll need a way to give them more than 5 stars.
Farm Trader,
Nebraska, USA,
Oct 3, 2017,

Very Impressive so far

I've only been with them a few months.

The number of items they allow for trade is amazing. When they said livestock, I thought they were joking, but they've weren't. I've made some great profits trading their COW/PIG livestock pair.

I'm very impressed so far, so give them 4 stars. If they keep this up, I'll raise it to 5.
Johan the Trader,
Oct 3, 2017,


I was with The Very Small Broker of Liechtenstein for 2 years. It was pretty good, but could have been better. Then ZYX-Big-Broker bought them out. The new service is nothing short of fantastic! Add in the features offered by their MentalTrader platform, and I'm never even going to look at another broker.
Fact Man,
Mount Ego, Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands,
Oct 2, 2017,

My opinion is fact. All else is a lie.

Some of the reviews below agree with my experience. Those reviews are true. All the other reviews below are complete fakes. Anyone who disagrees with me is a liar.

The FPA should delete all the reviews that don't agree with what I think about the company.
Forex Peace Army
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If someone disagreed with you about their experiences with a cell phone provider, we hope you would realize that different people might have different experiences with a large company.  XYZ is a very big forex broker.

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ZYX Fan,
The City,, Palau,
Oct 2, 2017,

Very happy

I've been with ZYX for 8 months now. There were only a couple of small problems, Support fixed both of those within a few days. Withdrawals are smooth.

I'm a very happy customer.
Annoyed client,
French Polynesia,
Sep 26, 2017,

Where's my withdrawal?

All of my ID info was confirmed. I applied for a withdrawal 2 week ago. If I don't get my money soon, I'll leave a 1 star review.
Reply by ZYX Support submitted Sep 26, 2017:
We've had some issues for withdrawals being sent to your region. This has been cleared up and your money should arrive within the next 2 days. Please leave a followup review to let us know that it arrived.
Jack the Trader,
Somewhere, British Indian Ocean Territory,
Sep 26, 2017,

Needs improvement

Too much slippage. I tried to talk to online chat about it and there was a 30 minute wait for someone to talk to. That person didn't provide any helpful information.
Reply by ZYX Support submitted Sep 26, 2017:
Please let us know your trading account number and the date this happened. Then we can see what can be done to prevent this from happening again.
Bishop of Rome,
Holy See (Vatican City State),
Sep 26, 2017,

This broker is evil

Bad execution on all orders. Huge slippage against all trades. Withdrawal requests regularly disappear.

I'm going to issue an edict condemning this broker as a tool of evil.
Reply by ZYX Support submitted Sep 26, 2017:
We're sorry if you experienced any issues. Please give your account number so we can check for any problems with your account.
Mixed feelings,
Sep 26, 2017,

Mostly ok

Mostly ok. Execution faster than some and slower than others. Withdrawals happen, but slowly. 3 stars for now. I promise I'll leave a followup review later, but probably I won't.
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of,
Sep 26, 2017,

ZYX provides impossibly good trading conditions.

ZYX Fx Broker is a divine gift to all forex traders who are smart enough to open an account with them. They offer negative spreads, positive swap rates both ways, execution happens before you can finish pressing the button. Every trade has at least 3 pips positive slippage on both entry and exit.