Updated: Aug 8, 2019
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BimCapital is a forex and binary broker. Bim Capital offers the bimcapital forex and binary trading platform. offers over 5 forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indies, cfds and digital option for your personal investment and trading options.

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1.143 · 4 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

south africa, South Africa,
Apr 12, 2018,

bimcapital is a big fat lie

BIM CAPITAL: Your money is not safe!!! thy always want you to put in more and more money but when you want to withdrew some of your makings thy come with stories and reinvest your money so that you can loose everything!!! thy also log in to your account with out your consent and with out you knowing about it. thy manipulate the system so that you can loos all your money and thy don't have to pay you. what thy did with me: I first insert $270 to the account where thy called me and asked to put in more at least a $1000 to make $2000 a day so i put in the extra amount with the next day to loos everything after thy called me and told me what the market is going to do and this is how I should invest. with my surprise the market did the exact opposite of what thy said and I lost about $850!! with the money that was left in the system I managed to make $2400 ON MY OWN!, every time thy called me and told me what the market is going to do, the opposite happened and not what thy said will happen!
after i managed to make the $2400 I put in an request to withdrew a $1000. thy immediately canceled the request and told me there is documents that is needed before thy can pay me (all my documents that was needed was already added when i completed the registration!!!) then before i could say anything thy invested my money again, against my will with big promise that i will make over $2000 in one day... after thy invested my money it went in to a positive only a little bit and from there I lost everything in one day!!! this system only steals your money and everyone that working there only wants you to loose money!!!
the so called "financial manager" that stole my money name is Antony Cooper.. he has an italian accent but has an american name... red flag right there!!! thy only want to steal your money!!!!! THIS IS ALL JUST A BIG FAT LIE!!!!!
Auckland, New Zealand,
Nov 13, 2017,
Registered user

Fraud !!! Money not returned back, as per commitment

AucklandNZD $356.21 was deducted from my account on 2nd October 2017. As per the Employee of BMI Capital ; Mr. Oliver Jones has committed to return my money back in a week but its now around a month but no money came into my account.
David Hensley,
Queensland , Australia,
Nov 10, 2017,

Oliver Jones at BIMCapital is providing great support for the growth of my account

Oliver Jones is the best account manager I've dealt with in the few years I've been trading. I started trading with BIM Capital a few months ago and have been pleasently surprised at the amount of effort OJ goes through to ensure I get the best signals. I started with a small account of $3K USD and within a month he'd proven his success rate and put an extra $1000 into my account. I very recently stepped up the account substantially, since then we've added $10K. No matter how busy he is, he always makes the time when I've asked for it. BIMCapital have a rather agressive client aquisition strategy as one would expect in a VERY competitive market with quite thirsty spreads however with the assistance and mentoring I am receiving I'm happy to stay.
Sofia , Bulgaria,
Nov 7, 2017,
Registered user

Oliver Jones is the best Account Manager, he helped me to make money online

Well I started with BIMCAPITAL 6 months ago. I was very scared of trading because I have never been good with computers. My account manager Oliver Jones pushed me on the first call to put 10 000$ and I believed him. When I put the money into the account I google BIMCAPITAL and saw a lot of negative reviews. So I panicked and I placed a withdraw. Then I received a phone call from Oliver...

Oliver asked me to make 1 trade that will make me $1000, so we can trade only with the profit. So I agreed and opened the position. To my surprise we made $1270, then Oliver helped me with the withdraw. I had to wait 7 working days to receive the money and I really did receive it. At the same time Oliver made me another $124.30 profit!!! So I made a withdraw of $1 394 and I received that money as well.

Oliver made a plan for me so I can retire earlier. I just needed to deposit 250 000$. So I made the deposit. We have been working for about 6 months now and I have been withdrawing the profits every month. I am so happy that I have such a great account manager, that i wanted to share my experience with everyone!!!

If you ever open an account at BIM Capital ask for Oliver he is the best!!!
Forex Peace Army
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