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Updated: Feb 19, 2018
1.606 · 86 REVIEWS
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1.606 · 86 REVIEWS
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Toronto, Canada,
Feb 17, 2018,
Registered user

Should you TRUST questrade?? Think it over - read my review.

Judge for yourself - Questrade exited my same day trade WITHOUT calling me saying it was going against me! Questrade created a HUGE 14K USD loss for me a couple of hours after the position was filled. I had to call them! Now they closed my TFSA to cover that loss. Will YOU trade with Questrade?! You have to decide. It's really hard to make that back and there's no guarantee I will ever.
Toronto, Canada,
Feb 27, 2015,

DO NOT believe any of their promotional bonuses. Or read the very fine print including print hidden in the Q&A. It's ridiculous how they lose customer trust and loyalty over small sums of money this way. After addressing this with a client representative, when they refused the sign up bonus, they agreed to a poor compensation of two free trades. Of course, that never actually happened and once again was a lie...
B.C., Canada,
Apr 17, 2014,

I worked through this company several years ago- closed my account without much hassle. I closed it , because it was tough trading that fall, and felt it wasn't worth continuing with Forex.
The staff were good, but wait times were long at times.
Interactive brokers has a better platform, fast and reliable - it's where I'm now trading.
Rex McCarthy,
Medicine Hat, Canada,
Mar 2, 2014,

Tried to open an account, was told I need Google chrome to download documents. Got Chrome, could not login. Read reviews here and cancelled my set up before it was a train wreck. Thank you so much guys for saving me a whole bunch of trouble. Rex
ontario, Canada,
Jun 18, 2013,

I shared the same frustration as I'm reading on this site. It was brutal getting an account set up, They keep blocking me from making trades, I haven't been able to get on to close my account, customer is terrible...some speak poor English...so hard to communicate with them.
New Brunswick, Canada,
Apr 9, 2013,

I pulled out over a year ago with fear of Penson the company holding the money when not invested. They went bankrupt in Jan 2013. Scary. had difficulty grtting accounts set up and as much getting money out at the end. Customet service extremely bad on all fronts.
Never again. And they won a Best managed Canadian company award. I ask who voted for that?
Toronto, Canada,
Feb 22, 2013,

Wanted to jump on a stock ASAP......then found out once I fund my account there is a "waiting period" of 1-2 business days (which included a weekend) before I can do anything. No fee* account really does have fees - to the tune of $80 per year. Read the fine print. Cancelled account - then wait 3-5 business days for money back. Now I know how they make their money......off other peoples. Very disapointed. Thanks for nothing Questrade!
, Canada,
Feb 22, 2013,

Terrible mistakes and customer service. They have a hide charges, and cant explain those charges. This is the way how they making money. Stay away!!!

Tim H,
Vancouver, Canada,
Feb 19, 2013,

Not a good experience at all. They just wasted 2 weeks around account creation and verification which basically means, slow response. Scary start. I want out!
Toronto, Canada,
Feb 17, 2013,

Terrible mistake to join Questrade. have a few registered accounts. Will be moving it shortly. Just not worth it. Bad, Bad experience. Stay away