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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

What is Tools Trades?

Tools Trades is a forex signals provider since its inception in 2012.

Apart from providing forex trading signals, Tools Trades also provides other financial information such as markets news, economic calendars etc.

Please read Tools Trades Reviews below and share your experiences using their services.

From at least as early as November 2020 until December 2022, a very large number of fake and suspicious reviews have come in for  These reviewers overlap between multiple companies, including:
May 2019-October 2020:  Large numbers of fake and suspicious positive reviews have been submitted for ToolsTrades.


Established: 2012
Contact:, +441224928451
3.388 • 71 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Tools Trades

London, United Kingdom,
Nov 10, 2020,
Registered user

Referral Broker does not pay on Request

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
ToolesTrades operates by referring to a broker. There are several, and the one chosen for me was GrahamAlpha a full client trading broker, does the trading. Sent them £18K, they made some profit, asked for withdrawal 4 weeks ago and heard nothing, after sending my international bank transfer details and registering with compliance. Looking at some of their referred brokers they all seem unregulated as is GrahamAlpha.
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Zunaira Ali
Rawalpindi, Pakistan,
Oct 26, 2020,
Registered user

They should upgrade the features of their website and application

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months should drop this feature in their website and App i.e. they have to verify the signal providers as our trading decisions are determined by a third party which needs to be legit. If this verification feature is absent from then it causes a zero-sum game and provide a freehand for scammers, so that they are able to manipulate users to take a bad signal service which eventually leads to loss. Otherwise, the website isn’t that much bad as it has some good features as well.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 24, 2020,
Registered user

They recommend shady brokers

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
They will give you free signals.
Then they will try to make you open account with regulated and non regulated brokers.
Then they become unreachable when you tell them that the brokers they recommend are not reliable.

Free signals will make you loose more money!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 12, 2020,
Registered user

Do not Trade On this !

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Do not trust this site.

I spoke to a guy called David, he told me to invest $250 in like 3 different companies, when I did , i tried to withdraw funds from 1 of the companies called GFXROYAL, they ended up being a scam website.

Anyway I was told that David would really help in getting my funds, it has been over 9 months, Nobody from Tools trades show any interest or want to help.

Guys I have read the reviews on this site, I am surprised that most of users have actual good things to say, The calls are not spot on.

I have proof, numerous emails and chat screenshots.
Danny Stievenson
Kumanovo, North Macedonia,
Sep 6, 2020,
Registered user

Could be better

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
At first, I was skeptical about joining, but I joined anyway. It was not bad at all. Definitely, not the best trading platform out there, but you can get some useful advice If you wanna invest in a long term plan.
Angel W
Toronto, Canada,
Sep 3, 2020,
Registered user

Very Confusing.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
It has a clean interface and yes customer service does show up right away, but you don't really know where to get started. You sign up and you immediately see the graph of today's market. I've heard others doing well with this site which is forex trading and trading signals, but it's very confusing for me. I'll write back again with a better review after I talk to support or something.
Jusuf Honić
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Sep 2, 2020,
Registered user

Bit confusing at first, but signals are spot on most of the time.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I took it upon myself to learn a high income skill and I chose trading. I came across whilst researching trading and after some getting used to, it's a good company. On first look it seemed like a scam but if you take into consideration that I knew nothing about trading back then, I looked at everything as a scam. Their site is a bit confusing at first but their signals are most of the time spot on. Of course that you can't wager your trades upon signals 100% of the time as signals can be prone to error, but their calls have provided me guidance that I need. The 24/7 customer servise is great and I'm looking forward to using it more often!
Scotland, United Kingdom,
Aug 7, 2020,
Registered user

Constant Harassment

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
This company has not stopped phoning,me even though I did not ask to be phoned, I simply viewed their website one time. I have asked them to remove me from their systems and they joked and laughed. I have had countless phone calls, texts and e-mails (even unsubscribed from their emails but still received them). The signals I seen when I first viewed the website looked confusing. I suspect they use fake identities too. As on live chat "John M." has the same profile picture as "Mike Stein". I would be suspicious about this company as if they have to lie about their identity then what else are they lying about? Avoid giving them your phone number at all costs as you will receive constant phone calls throughout the day.
kzn, South Africa,
Jul 29, 2020,
Registered user

by a intense hard sell over the the phone they got me to sign up with 24 o

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
After a very intense telephone conversation they convinced me to sign up with 24 options First red flag asked if i could get back to them ,they said it would not be possible as i would loose my place
A few days after i had paid my money was phoned by the account manager of 24 option and told that the 250 us i had was to little and would have to have a minimum balance of 2000 us if i wanted his assistance
Later decide to try and cancel and then the B.S.started they are now refusing to refund my money after numerous attempt's to supply them with the documents that they accepted to open my account are no longer acceptable
Singapore, Singapore,
Jul 22, 2020,
Registered user

Hard sell & Fake Trial Plan

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I contacted ToolTrades after reading online reviews about using its Forex Signal service. Its condition was for me to open several accounts (minimum deposit of USD$250.00/account) with their key broker partner, Capital. After some hard sell attempts by several of their salespeople, I stuck to my guns and said the Basic Plan of Seven signals per day (indefinitely) with one account was good enough for a start They tried to con me into opening more accounts after one week (by cutting off my signals) claiming that my Trial Plan was over. I got into it with them and proved that nowhere in their chat transcripts did it say it was Trial Plan with a 7-day limit to its signals. After threatening to go to Forex Peace Army and other Forex forums with my grievance, the 7-signal plan was reinstated as long as I had an account with Capital. Capital’s web trading interface just wasn’t working for me as I’m used to MT4. Also, I wanted to document my trading with MyFXBook and run additionaL EAs, which its account manager said I could not because I needed MT4 or MT5, which it does not have. So, on, Jul 22, 2020, I wrote to Capital to close the account and withdraw my full balance of US$274.77. That is when the runaround & dirty dancing began by Capital. I have documented emails of all I am stating here. First, it wanted a photo of me holding the Debit MasterCard I used to fund the account with only the first six and last four digits showing. When I sent it after cutting out the middle numbers as instructed, I was told that graphic editors could not be used on the photo, which was not relayed to me at the onset. After that was sorted out, next it insisted I show a card statement showing my Name and MasterCard number. My two Debit cards, Visa & MasterCard, are tagged to my savings bank account. I do not have separate statements for the savings bank account, Visa, and MasterCard. They are consolidated into one online statement. I forwarded that to Capital in three parts, the savings bank account with clear transactions involving my two cards, the statement showing settled card transactions (with the actual proof of deduction to Capital), and the Pending MasterCard Transactions done on the same day of writing the email. All were rejected now with the claim that my Name and MasterCard number were not together on a single document. I wrote back showing with pointed Red Arrows that they do appear right on top of my Pending Settlement page. Now that the game was up, it changed tack. Now I was told to initiate a withdrawal to my bank account. This was because when Capital attempted to refund my money back to my funding method through MasterCard, the transaction was rejected by the card issuer which also happens to be my bank. My bank denied this ever happened. So, I attempted to request for the withdrawal but when I logged in to do that, I had all the necessary info except for an IBAN number which is not used in my country or region. Proof of this is on my bank’s website with an explicit statement that all the Sender needs are a SWIFT Code and the beneficiary’s (me) details. I send the link to Capital. This went back and forth a few times and finally, it ended the matter by saying if I didn’t get a bank statement with 1) Name of my bank, 2) Swift code, 3) Account number, 4) My name as written on the bank account, together in one document, Capital would not initiate a withdrawal and will just close the matter holding my money indefinitely. I contacted my bank and forwarded this weird email request for which I was promised such a document within the next few days. The interesting point during the entire exchange is that I was reminded by Capital that if I didn’t get the documents it wanted, it will cancel my closure/withdrawal request. I forwarded Capital the email I sent my bank requesting for such a document and promised Capital that the regulatory bodies licensing it & all other Forex forums will hear of its underhanded tactics no matter what the outcome. Capital has since remained quiet and it seems I have lost my money forever. So, fellow traders, be cautious of ToolTrades and most definitely, be very, very careful of Capital. There must be some way to punish such fraudulent outfits from conning unwary traders! I will write to the regulatory bodies of Capital. I don't know if Forex Peace Army could do anything to help.
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