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Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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Universal Fx Investment appears to be a HYIP.  The FPA warns all readers to avoid HYIP schemes.  CLICK HERE for more details about how HYIPs work.

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Murrieta, California, USA,
Mar 17, 2024,
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Scammed by UniversalFX Investment

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Universalfxinvestment.com website is no longer online! I invested in this project around December of 2023 and added 4 more additional accounts under my referral link. I checked the website to see if this multi account was possible and didn't find anywhere that said not to do it. In mid February 2024 I get an email from their support saying that I violated platform rules by having multiple accounts. I told them that I was allowed to have multiple accounts because their website didn't say not to. They wanted $1,000 to keep all my accounts active and not shut them down. I fought with them and started reporting them as a SCAM if they didn't re activate my accounts. They said NO! So I waited about 3 weeks later, I get another email from support telling me that the board of directors looked into my multi-account set up and did not violate any wrong doing with my accounts. So, they told me that for $200 (instead of the $1,000) the board of directors reduced the penalty down to $200. I told support that was not possible either as it was their mistake and that I didn't do any wrong doing with that, and it was not fair for me to pay that fee BS. Another two weeks went by and I got another email from their support telling me that for only $100 they would re establish my accounts back to normal. I said, wow! I really told him this: Have your grandma pay this fee cause I am not, and left it at that, a week later, their website is gone!!! SCAMMERS
Feb 21, 2018,


I got scammed by them as well, they switched from universalfxinvestments.com to universalfxinvestments.co I invested about 5k usd into them only because i trusted another investor which i believe now is part of the scam. Account looked legitimate and grew up to about $60,000 and still climbing. Then when i placed a withdrawal request, they said i had to pay the taxes on the account for them to release my funds. I approached the person who referred me and he showed me proof of withdrawal funds from the website to his crypto wallet so I went ahead and spent another 2k (which i called b.s. from the start but i had no real choice by that time). So I paid the 2k which now brings my total invested value to 7k. After 50+ phone calls to the company from USA to AUS and countless emails, they won't answer me back. STAY AWAY!!!
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