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Updated: Dec 30, 2023
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San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago,
Nov 26, 2019,
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Trading made understandable

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I was learning to trade with IML a while back, but between school and work, it was difficult. I struggled to get to a level that I would feel good about. Then someone told me to check out The Forex Scalpers. Kev, the mentor, let's you know upfront that work is involved, you're given a load of material and real-time videos to watch. You then become part of their group where both he and others he has trained share their knowledge with you about the markets. For the first time I can look at a chart and actually understand what is going on. I have paused on trading to read my "Candle-stick bible" to become solid in price action trading. But trust me when I say, they are the real deal, they teach you how to become profitable without dependence on them. I don't regret joining with them at all. Best decision I have ever made!
***I will update this review in a few months when I get to the level I'm aspiring to be!
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