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3.439 · 6 REVIEWS
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Spectre is a forex broker. Spectre offers the Spectre forex trading platform. Spectre.ai offers over 5 forex currency pairs, digital option, bonds, ETFs, equities, cfds, commodities, cryptocurrencies and stocks for your personal investment and trading options.


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Spectre.ai profile provided by OliverSpectre, Apr 22, 2020

Spectre.ai is a financial online trading platform that allows traders to trade in a high frequency with low risk in the financial markets. By utilizing cutting-edge, crowd-sourced technology, Spectre.ai matches traders against an embedded liquidity pool or other traders on the Spectre trading platform. 24 hour liquidity and zero-opportunity for fraud is ensured in this unique model!


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3.439 · 6 REVIEWS
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ISSIA, Cote D'ivoire,
Oct 8, 2020,
Registered user

not honest

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

i use MT2trading to place my trades on spectrum.ai. i noticed that when i want to win there always an error. and when it will lose, it passes. in addition you can make a deposit via credit card but no withdrawal and this is the same with skrill and neteller. in this case disabled them for now ... when I try to leave, it asks me to withdraw my money via a crypto wallet. I do not trust. I have never been so betrayed. besides there are huge withdrawal fees for the withdrawals. very bad broker
Oslo, Norway,
Aug 18, 2020,
Registered user

Spectre.ai honest and fraud free platform

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I have traded with many brokers but spectre.ai is only one broker there was not any problem to withdraw my fund, it is instant withdraw, no one is calling you to put more money into your account, i have won twice weekly contest on spectre and got 1000usd each time in my account and i withdraw this without any problem. I reccomend spectre to any one who want to trade forex because it is the best and fraudfree broker
Leeuwarden, Netherlands,
Jun 26, 2020,
Registered user

One of the best decentralized FX/Binary brokers right now, but not perfect.

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I was asked by Spectre employee to write a review here, as I was the first winner of the newly introduced Spectre Incentive Program, which is a weekly bonus of 1000$ for the trader with the highest volume of the week.

I've been trading on Spectre for a while now, and I'm positive about a lot of things.
The things I personally like about Spectre are;
- Decentralized broker
- Excellent customer service
- Look and feel of the platform
- Ways to deposit, I choose Uphold
- The EPIC indexes + high payouts

The Traders Bay is also a nice addition to the site, but I don't use it very often.
Before Spectre.ai, I traded on Stockpair.com. When I compare the two, Spectre is the clear winner, but one thing Stockpair had that Spectre does not have is KiKo trades, which I was a huge fan of.
KiKo stands for ''Knock in/Knock out'' and enabled traders to enter a trade without a time limit. For more info, google it. If Spectre could introduce this feature as well it would make me very happy.

Other feedback/negative points I can think of are:
- More expiry time options (2 min especially, or anything between 1h and a day, etc)
- Connection with the platform is not always stable and fast.
- More Analytics information besides profit and win %.
- No option to toggle drawn lines off and on.

My conclusion it that Spectre.ai is definitely worth a try. I recommend using a demo account first to get familiar with the platform first.
If you want to take a look, I'll post my personal referral link down below;


I'm not an affiliate of Spectre.ai.
Colima, Mexico,
May 9, 2020,
Registered user

2 years of trading and withdrawing my profits without any problem!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Spectre.ai is one of the very few trusted and safe brokers out there! if not the only one left!!!

I started trading in 2014 and i have tried a lot of brokers since then! If you have traded since then, some of this names will ring the bell; 24Option, Topoption, Anyoptoin, EZtrade, etc... A mined territory! There were a very few decent ones back then, like Optiontrade, but its out of business now, or HighLow, until they sent me an email notifying me that i could no longer trade with them!

In the long run, if you are profitable, the broker starts playing games with you, and you end up with your hard earned money being locked up. This is not the case with Spectre.ai, i have been trading on their platform since April 2018 and i have always been able to get my withdrawals fast and hassle free.

Trading is difficult enough, you should not be worrying if you will be able to get your profits or not! So choosing a good and reliable broker is one of the most important decisions you will have to make!

I have witness how Spectre.ai has evolve in a very positive way, their trading platform has been updated and improved in this 2 years and its a very nice environment for traders from newbies to expierenced ones. As a mentioned before, the peace of mind you get on every end of month when you withdrawal your profits.... its priceless!!

Some highlights about Spectre.ai:

- They have a very wide range of expiries: from 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, up to End of Day expiry.

-You can settle your charts and indicators right on their platform, so if you are new in trading, you dont need to know how to use mt4 or tradingview or any other charting solution. You have all the tools right there; indicators, you can draw horizontal lines for S/R levels, trend lines, Fibonacci, etc.

- Payouts are on average 73% - 75% for minor FX pairs, on major pairs they are higher, up to 83%. They have a trading instrument called EPIC, that one you can trade it also on weekends, so its 24/ 7 and depending on the expiry you choose, you can get from 90% up to 100% payout!

- You have a free demo account, if you are new, this is very helpful to get familiar with the platform or practice your strategy before going live. You can use it for as long as you want!

- There is an education section where they teach you some strategies, and you can setup alerts On or Off for those strategies. This education includes the phsycology part, which i think is the most important thing and most difficult to master.

- Minimum trade size is $1 and max trade size is $500 usd. You can double this up to $1000 usd if you enable an "enhancement" on your "Traders Bay". This has been added recently to the platform, and i like it a lot. You can activate perks for your trading, like higher payouts or doubling your max trade size, and it will deduct a small amount of aprox $0.1 or $1 from your balance (depending on the enhancement you activate) for each day. You can switch this On or Off at your convenience.

- The trading interface is simple and intuitive

-They have added more and more deposit / withdrawal methods; Neteller, Skrill, Fasapay, UnionPay, Advcash, credit and debit card. You can also deposit with Ethereum, but your balance on the platform will always be in USD. I made my first deposit with Eth and have been withdrawaing back to my personal ETH wallet address since then. I live in Mexico, so its convinient for me to send the ETH to a local crypto exchange and then make a wire transfre to my bank account. For me that way is easier, faster and cheap. But people from other regions may find proably Neteller / Skrill better, or other option. I also like Neteller, i have also used it in the past, unfortunatelly their Net+ prepaid mastercard will no longer be supported in Mexico.

- Support is good, you can contact their support through chat on their website or through email, and the reply is fairly fast. When i have needed to contact them for any question, the attention i have received has always been good.

For new traders or profitable / expierenced traders who are thinking about quiting because you have been cheated over and over again... im pointing you on the right direction, dont look elsewhere, try Spectre.ai and you wont regret it!
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Ipswich, United Kingdom,
Oct 12, 2018,
Registered user

Entry below the price (?!)

Why prices are much different than MT4. This i can understand. My last week one of trade was opened much lower below the price candle and the support give ma a shit. Many trades are open on the bad price when one day happened it:


skype: przemyslawszwed
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london, United Kingdom,
Sep 10, 2018,
Registered user

My experience with Spectre.ai

Just wanted to inform everyone who is trading bins or used to trade bins before ESMA went all 1984 on us that there are still a few good places around to trade safely. I shut my accounts with IQ option and binary.com after facing some issues with withdrawals and entry prices, respectively there. Not saying they are scam but just my experience was less than optimal last year.

I traded for about 3 weeks on a demo account at the new broker "Spectre" and finally mustered up the courage to take the leap again into binaries or what they call "Smart Options". The "Smart" comes from the bit that some of their wallets allow you to trade against a smart contract on the blockchain (ETH btw not btc for those crypto gurus here) so it kind of removes the middle man. Been trading there have made a grand total of 1,347 euros (if you adjust for the fx on eur/eth prices). Here are the pros and cons:

- No account managers, haven't ever received any phone call to deposit or any irritating emails asking me to trade.
- Support, this used to be quite slow a few months ago. I had to wait 2 days sometimes 3 to receive a response but now they have someone on all the time in the live chat so i get my queries tended to quickly
- Can trade at night, all other binary brokers just stop trading after 8 or 9, so this is a big plus
- Trading with the wallet account is awesome. Its a pain to setup cause you need to hook up your metamask or mew to spectre but once you do it you get your wins instantly after the transaction is confirmed on the block! SUPER feature no more withdrawals and i dont need to send deposits. For me this is a big plus. Downside here is the minimum trade size is like eur50 because of gas prices. They should get that sorted.
- Very short expiries, only broker ive been able to trade 10 second expiries. High Low offers 30 second as their lowest.
- No deposits, i love this feature if you can go through the hassle of hooking up your meta with spectre then you dont need to deposit, you just lock up capital per trade until the trade wins and if it does you get paid immediately, if you lose your bet goes to the smart contract wallet

- User interface could be way better, looks a bit faded and dated
- More assets would be good
- Setup of account takes a while with all the RM which is good but for moderate traders like me i dont need all that fancy stuff just to trade binaries
- Spread at night on 5m and on 10 and 30 second trades of a few pips. Its small but still some spread, would be great if none was there. Good that they show it though openly through the difference between the indicated entry and spot.
- No dutch support would be good if you had that. I know there is a big dutch community that misses trading binary and being part dutch myself would like to see that :)
- no mobile app, thats a big negative

Overall it is one of the more unique and pleasant experiences i have had with a broker and on support they are very professional drone like ha ha. I can post my account details and screenshots if anyone wants proof or any other information.
I am also not an affiliate.
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