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Updated: Dec 30, 2023
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richards bay, South Africa,
Jan 29, 2019,

The real deal

As a trader with ± 7 years “experience” in the forex and commodities markets, I was heading nowhere fast. I had literally spent thousands on education and so-called mentorships from well-known industry leaders. In October of last year (2018), I attended the “Round The Clock Traders” conference webinars where numerous presenters gave presentations and eventual sales pitches of their trading offers. I was focused on EOD price action trading and thought that I knew what it was all about and just needed to hone my strategies taught by two of the price action gurus in their membership sites, then I would have consistent profits.

Well, how wrong could I be thinking that by finding another course, mentor, strategy, etc. I would improve my results. It was at this stage that midway through the webinars along came Rishi Patel from Master The Markets who was not selling anything and more importantly was showing actual LIVE trading and REAL broker accounts and talking price action in terms NONE of the gurus had used over my 7-year long journey. NOBODY in all my 7 years was prepared to provide actual broker accounts and real live trading to prove their claims.

To cut a long story short I managed to sign up to the mentorship offered by MTM at the end of October 2018 and already I have had exponential learning and in only a few trades recouped ± 28% of my initial outlay. These guys are very professional with no BS and in the first time in 7 years, I can actually say that when I go to bed each night after placing a trade, that I sleep soundly, knowing that I have a superior strategy/edge in the market. I now understand the trader’s psychology teachings can only come when you have a robust, specifically quantified and tested system to apply to market conditions. There is NO second guessing, flexible application or messing around with so-called rules as with other teachings to date. This is the real deal and I wish I had found MTM years ago before I wasted countless hours on “education” and thousands that I could have put to better use.
Leicester, United Kingdom,
Jan 28, 2019,

Traders Basecamp is fantastic, Master the Markets honesty is great.

I recently went on the Master the Markets Traders Basecamp and found it extremely informative and useful, I not only learnt how to trade but also learnt how to manage my risk which is vital when trading forex.

The 2 day course was fantastic and their transparency was key to me trusting in their business. Rishi and Thiru were both amazing and gave me the guidance and support I needed with not only the technical aspects, but giving me the confidence to set a trade on my own.

I'm confident the tools they have given me will enable me to break the time and money link to create a better future for myself. For those sitting on the fence whether they should go on the Traders Basecamp, I would definitely recommend it.