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Updated: Aug 1, 2019
3.405 · 7 REVIEWS
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3.405 · 7 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Harold, United Kingdom,
Jul 31, 2019,

Thank You, thank You, Thank you

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

After being scammed a sum in the six figures. I was getting no where fast and could not get any of my money back. I tried for over a year to no avail.
Once I contacted mychargeback the ball started to move.
After 2 months I got a small portion of my money back. The broker then started calling to negotiate a settlement on the rest of the fund, which I was able to recover. I don't really understand what Mychargeback did and had said to the broker, but it was apparent to me they put a scare to them. thank you again
brockworth, United Kingdom,
Jul 2, 2019,

mystery solved

Service use: Other

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I cannot stop wonder, how this bunch of amateurs managed to get so many positive reviews. here is my experience.

I was scammed by a signal provider, who received payments from the brokers for bringing in new customers. I have lost 1 year worth of salary and I wanted it back.

I contacted MyChargeBack in good faith beginning of February, yet still not sign of my money neither any signs of any actual work done from their side. They are lying to me since day one. for example: I was told: 'we know best forex team, we can deal with them', however I find out after the payment, that they do not deal with signal providers, only brokers. They also told me: 'this is a straightforward case and it will take up to 2 months' or 'we WILL get your money back'.

Right after the payment of their fee, I suspected, that this is not leading anywhere and I have tried to get it back. they have not even got a chance to open my file yet. However they were acting like toddler throwing out toys from the pram - they hang up the phone on me saying, that they 'will see what they can do'.

It was a mistake to fall in for their marketing talks afterwards. Which by the way included 'what do you want now, Silvia?' when I was trying to ask questions.

After filling the third questionnaire in matter of 3 months (each time after I have chased them for an update), I have realised, that they actually does not even know what case they are on.

First step was to send out a 'poor mother of two loosing her life savings' kind of email to the brokers. this letter was sent from the 'legal department' to me FULL of grammar mistakes!!! I was furious as it took them 3 months to advise me about first step. and then this?

Yesterday, I had a call with my case handler who and he filled for me a form on the broker's website to launch a complaint as they did not replied to my first email of complaint. He asked me details, that they already have got on my file (if there is any at all) in order to fill the form. nothing else, just those details.

Even thou I have got a WRITTEN proof, that the signal provider was in contact with the broker and they have altered my account without my consent, there is nothing that this company can actually do for me.

During the process I was never updated, I did not know what is going on or what are the next steps.

02/07 update to the response of the MyChargeBack

I am not sure what exactly they mean by striving. Probably not lying to me about everybody being in a meeting when I call in to get an update... One of the brokers replied to me weeks ago and MyChargeBack have not done a thing. When I have asked about it yesterday, they were like...oh, we will let you know...and for the question, when? the answer was in 2 weeks time...so what exactly they have done since they knew Vantage's position? NOTHING.

Once you have payed the their fee, that is it.

02/07 saga continues:
I have been contacted by their 'customer satisfaction department' and I have been offered a full refund for their services and I quote here: 'Please note that Section 4 obliges you to remove your Trustpilot review in its entirety before payment will be made'.

Another one just confirming the previous and the means, how they received such good reviews: 'Since you signed a legally-binding contract that obliged you to pay a retainer, we are under no obligation to refund you anything. It is our right, therefore, to include in this agreement a quid-pro-quo that you will remove the review you posted on Trustpilot in exchange for the refund.'
Makerua, New Zealand,
Jun 26, 2019,

Do not trust mychargeback

Service use: Other

Length of use: 0-3 Months

Don't trust this company as they are not honest/transparent/. I contacted them and was told it would be $1200 US to file a case which is fine but I said I needed time to consider if I was going to proceed with the case and I would let them know my decision. I was told this was a New York based company and they are working from an office in New York. On checking the time in New York it was 3.30 am which is of concern.
A few days later another call from them saying had I made a decision because we should get started now, no I have not and I find you very pushy not unlike the company that scammed me to which the reply was I will leave it for a month and get back to you.

To days later they call again, oh has it been a month already I asked? No but we just wanted to check in with you, to which I replied I told you I needed time to decide.
Oh and what I'd the time in New York? To which he replied we are not in New York we are in Israel which is a huge red flag.

There are many things that don't add up about this company .
I have posted a review on trust pilot which they have had removed because they didn't like the honesty I relayed
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Dec 18, 2018,
Registered user

My Charge Back is a team of professionals – they know how to navigate the charge back procedure and helped me a lot!

I don't know what Cearbhal's case involved, but mine was quite complicated. Right from the start My Charge Back told me that they can't guarantee 100% success in getting my money back but they will guarantee 100% effort in trying to do so. They were modest. They gave me 200%, if not more. My bank gave me 0%, which was the problem. My Charge Back had to appeal my bank's decision on my case directly to the banking ombudsman, who ruled in my favor. And then the bank still wouldn't budge. My Charge Back spent hours in phone calls with them fighting on my behalf and ultimately it made a difference. I have never seen such dedication to a customer. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who requires a professional fund recovery service.
Ireland, Ireland,
Dec 9, 2018,
Registered user

Have been using mychargeback to recover funds. Lot of promise starting off but poor service. Letters promised by certain dates that fail to materialize feel as if I have been had again. They took their fee and poor service since.
Josh Brolin,
Dallas, TX, USA,
Aug 18, 2018,


Great to see that you're soliciting feedback concerning MyChargeBack. I was hoodwinked by a binary options site. I had made several deposits, finally reaching $35,250, and seemed to be making a nice profit until I decided to make a withdrawal. An hour after notifying my account manager I suddenly lost everything (or so I thought). At that point, I realized I was scammed. After languishing in depression for a few days I started to surf the internet to see what I could find and came across MyChargeBack's site. I struck up the courage and spoke with them and to make a long story short they successfully recovered all of the money I had deposited. Awesome. If you've been hit by a scam like I was, these are the people to go to.
Nysted, Denmark,
Aug 8, 2018,
Registered user

I highly recommend this company. Rank high above other professionals. Specific and targetted advice.

Fantastic support after being scammed by broker. My case is still pending yet already I can say that the quality of advice I have been given is far better than I expected. They have provided me with the exact formulation I need as a tool to maneuver the difficult legal process positively in my favor. MyChargeBack.com have also shown they are able to navigate easily through a large quantity of information that I provided - home in on precisely the information that can be used in a master card dispute case and in addition even supplemented some information which was missing to fill in any gaps that I was unaware how to access. I recommend potential users of MyChargeBack contact them before undertaking any activity whatsoever to recuperate their funds as there are pitfalls and traps that can exclude you from the right to claim compensation if you unknowingly have selected the incorrect wording. Their services are tailored to cope with a variety of scenarios and they are absolutely eligible as a sparring partner in these difficult circumstances. MyChargeBack does require a deposit so very small investors might prefer to settle for perusing their website which is filled with useful information. Thank you MyChargeBack.com for all your help